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Bellsouth is an American telecommunication establishment which has a database of millions of customers across the globe. They provide wireless services, internet access, cable and digital television, to name a few. They also have great BellSouth technical support.

When it comes to the best email service providers, Bellsouth has made it to the cut and it is known for its amazing features. They also keep the security of the users their priority therefore it is totally secure to send or receive emails.

Bellsouth lets you modify the homepage by visiting without any hassle and you can also organize your contacts in a streamlined way.

Always stay updated with the latest weather report, sports news, current affairs and what not! If this wasn’t enough, it also grants you access to concerts, movies and so much more.

There might be few things where you could get stuck but don’t worry as no matter what your query is, Bellsouth email customer service is here to solve it.

Take help from Bellsouth email support to create a Bellsouth email account!

Bellsouth email account has a lot of pros. If you don’t have an account and want to create one then Bellsouth email support is here to help you out.

  • All you need to do is follow the steps stated below:
  • Go to your email provider and open the options and select ‘set up a mail account
  • You will see ‘Display Name’. Enter the name that you would like to display which will be shown to the recipients
  • Click on next and fill the email ID. This will be your email name along with
  • Once you do it, set your incoming mail server to ‘POP3’
  • Under the incoming and outgoing mail server tab, fill in ‘’
  • Choose next and enter the account name which is the same as your display name so don’t get confused
  • Finally, enter the password and then click on next then finish. Your email account is ready to use!

Bellsouth email support is always here to assist you if you require help at any step.


Get in touch with Bellsouth email support number to use Bellsouth email on Internet Explorer

Even though Internet Explorer is outdated, there are people who use it because they find it convenient. If you have any trouble with accessing the Bellsouth email on Internet Explorer then you can simply dial Bellsouth email support number to know what to do.

  • You can also follow the methods stated below to resolve the problem:
  • Visit Bellsouth’s official website and enter your mail ID. Click on delete in the next screen
  • It will ask you to confirm it, you may click on it
  • After that navigate to the internet option and select the general option
  • Go to the browsing history and look for ‘temporary internet files’. Make sure you delete the saved password, temporary files as well as history
  • Once you do it, try to login again

This should solve your issue. If you are still unable to login then just dial the Bellsouth email support number and let the experts handle the rest for you.

All you need to know about email contacts from Bellsouth support number!

If you are new to Bellsouth email and want to add contacts then you can get assistance by dialing Bellsouth support number. In order to add a new account, you can open ‘Contacts’ and then proceed to ‘add an account’ and enter the information in the respective fields.

If you want to send an email that is already a part of your contact list then just select that contact and click on ‘Send’. You can see your contact list by clicking on ‘view contact’.

If you want to edit a contact in the Bellsouth account then you can choose the name, open their contact card and click on ‘edit’ to make the preferred changes and then save it.

If you want to add an image to the contact then you can edit it and select an image and upload it from your system

If you want to create a group then select ‘my groups’ and then click on ‘New’ and enter the name that you would like to keep of the group. You can add the members as per your preference. You can also share a message with your group members by adding the name of your group in the ‘To’ section. You can also change the name by going to ‘Rename’.

If you would like to import contacts then you can click on ‘More’ and then go to ‘Import’. Select the file with .vcf and you can add it easily.

If you want to export a contact then go to the contacts section and click on ‘More’. You will see ‘Export all’ which will have your contacts. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.

You can dial the Bellsouth support phone number for more information.

Bellsouth customer support is here to help you fix error 550

The error 550 is usually associated with the recipient’s email ID and might occur if they are not verified. Bellsouth customer support will tell you how to fix it and what causes error 550.

You might face it when there is an authentication issue or some problem with SMTP. The email is blocked by the SMTP server as a part of the security measure. To fix it, open the email program and enable SMTP authentication by going to ‘my server wants authentication’. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

If you do a typo error in the email address section then it will result in error 550 as well. Make sure you confirm the email ID to whom you are sharing the mail with in order to avoid this error. Make it a point to not inculcate any special characters in the mail ID otherwise it is going to complicate it and won’t get approval from the server.

You should also check all the spellings before shooting out the mail. If there is any server error then you will get this issue as well.

Bellsouth customer support is available round the clock to help you out. Don’t think twice before contacting us.

Bellsouth email has been disabled temporarily? Know what to do from Bellsouth customer support number

It could be really frustrating if you have important work to do but you get locked out of your Bellsouth’s account too without knowing the reason behind it. Don’t panic as Bellsouth customer support number is here to tell you why and how to fix it.

Reasons behind your account suspension could be:

  • Entering the password over and over again or a wrong username
  • Exceeding the size limit
  • An increase in the number of spam mails in the folder
  • Hacker trying to break in your account
  • Incorrect incoming or outgoing server settings

Ways to get your account back:

  • You can visit the official website and go to ‘locked account’ menu then navigate to the sign in helper. Fill in your mail ID and contact number to get a link with the help of which you will be able to reset the password. Follow the steps and gain access to your account in a flash.
  • If you have maxed out the limit of entering your password then you will get locked out. To unblock your account, you can visit the SBCGLOBAL email server and generate new cookies which will refresh the login credentials and you can have your account back without waiting for 12 hours or so.
  • If the above two methods don’t work in your favor then you can delete the server or POP settings or deny access to the third party software. You can also try to login to your account by using a different browser

These steps are surely going to help you to get access to your account without waiting for it. If you need any assistance then call on Bellsouth customer support number and the experts will help you out.

Know the Bellsouth server settings by dialing Bellsouth customer support phone number

In order to get access to your Bellsouth email via different email providers, you will be asked to enter the server settings. You can get to know them by contacting Bellsouth customer support phone number and they have been listed below as well.

Bellsouth email settings | Outgoing Server | SMTP

  • Outgoing/ SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Username: Your email ID
  • SMTP Password: Your password associated with the above mail
  • SMTP Port Number: 465
  • Bellsouth SMTP Security: SSL/ TLS

Bellsouth email settings | Incoming Server | IMAP

  • Incoming Server:
  • IMAP Username: Your mail ID
  • IMAP Password: Your password associated to the above mail
  • Bellsouth IMAP Port Number: 993

Bellsouth email settings | POP Server

  • POP Server:
  • POP Username: Your email address
  • POP Password: Your password
  • POP Port Number: 995
  • POP Security: SSL

Once you have configured the Bellsouth email using the settings mentioned above, you will face no issues in sending or receiving emails. If you face any trouble then feel free to dial the Bellsouth customer support phone number.

Are you unable to login to Bellsouth account? Bellsouth email customer service number is here to save the day!

There could be a wide range of possibilities due to which you might not be able to login to your Bellsouth account. However, no matter what the reason is, a call to Bellsouth email customer service number will provide you the best possible solution. Some of the solutions have been listed below:

  • • If you have forgotten your password then you can simply reset it by clicking on ‘Forgot Password?’ and then follow the on screen instructions. You can also visit the password recovery page and recover it with the help of security questions or sending a code to your alternative email ID or contact number.
  • • At times, the cookies and cache saved in your web browser might stop you from logging in your account. You can go to the settings of your browser and delete the cache and cookies and try to sign in again in your Bellsouth account.
  • • At times, when you use an outdated version of the browser, you won’t be able to get access to your account even if the password is correct. Check for an update, install it and then try to sign in.
  • • If you have a third party software or a plugin then disable it as they might be corrupted and cause an issue in your web browser. Always make it a point to use genuine plugins or add ons and then try to login again.

If your issue doesn’t get resolved by following the steps mentioned above then all you need to do is dial the Bellsouth email customer service number and your issue will be addressed in no time.

Know how to reset Bellsouth password from Bellsouth email customer support!

Resetting the password could be a solution to a number of problems when it comes to the Bellsouth account. Bellsouth email customer support is here to guide you in resetting your password in some simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of AT&T and go to the homepage
  • Click on sign in and in the next window, choose ‘forgot password’ which will lead you to the account recovery tab
  • Enter your user ID and last name in the verification option and enter the captcha before hitting continue to prove that you are a human
  • Verify that the account belongs to you in the next tab
  • You will come across two options, i.e. to receive a temporary password or to answer the security questions. Answer the one which is most suitable for you and click to continue
  • If you choose to go with the temporary password then you can enter the alternative ID and enter the code.

You will be able to set up a new password in no time. However, if you need any assistance then feel free to connect with Bellsouth email customer support.

Bellsouth email customer support number | Learn how to set up an additional email account

If you want an additional email account then you can do it pretty easily. You can connect with Bellsouth email customer support number to learn how to do it or just follow some steps. When you will open the Bellsouth email editor page, you will get a number of options. They will be:

  • Forward mail to a different email service
  • Change password
  • See old searches
  • Change spam action or filtering
  • Check disk size and quota
  • Obtain a license key
  • Create a password for Bellsouth app
  • Create an additional email

Select ‘create an additional email’ and then follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your account with the help of your credentials
  • Go to ‘Additional email setup’ and select it
  • See whether there is an email quota available for an alternative account. You won’t be able to have a new mail ID if you have added in the past
  • You can fill in a new password and username in the respective field and make sure they don’t match the ones associated with your old account
  • Click on ‘Ok’ after verifying the details and it’s done!

Feel free to call on Bellsouth email customer support number if you need more help.

Complete guide to updating the security program on Mozilla Browser from Bellsouth technical support

If you wish to update the security program on Mozilla Browser then Bellsouth technical support is here to assist you.

Firstly, set up a password for the Bellsouth email app on the Mozilla program and you will see an option which says ‘get email message’ on the screen. If it fails to display then wait for a couple of seconds and then try again.

Before creating the password, note that it is only going to work on the app and not on the browser. Navigate to the drop down option and select ‘tools’. A new window will pop up in which you are supposed to select ‘Security’ and then find ‘show saved password’.

Delete all the pre-stored details and open the ‘SMTP’ option from where you have to remove everything. Enter your main account’s password from where you will be able to edit the settings of your other account. You can choose to save the password and use the alternative account with an updated security system.

If you need any assistance from the experts then feel free to contact Bellsouth technical support and the reps will help you with the best of their knowledge.

Bellsouth email account hacked? Know what to do by contacting the Bellsouth technical support number

An email account is highly personal and it has all sorts of confidential details and it could be a really bad sign if it gets hacked. If you suspect that your account has been hacked then know what to do by dialing the Bellsouth technical support number. For the starters, you can try the steps mentioned below from your end to safeguard your account:

  • You can start by changing the password associated with your email account and make sure it is a strong one which won’t be easy to crack. Don’t use things like your date of birth of year of the anniversary as they are relevantly easier to guess.
  • If you think that there is something wrong with your laptop/desktop then you can update the antivirus software. Once you have the latest version, run a full scan on the system and delete the virus if the system detects it.
  • If you think that there is an error from Bellsouth’s side then there is not too much that you can do to fix it. You can get in touch to know more

If you want to know more ways to enhance the safety of your account then dial Bellsouth technical support number.