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Juno – A Prominent Email Service Provider Company

Juno online service is a US-based internet service provider, which is a subsidiary of United Online. The company originated as a free email service and expanded its offerings at a later stage. The other prominent subsidiaries of United Online are NetZero and BlueLight Internet services. Founded in 1996 by three friends Charles Ardai, Brian Marsh, Clifford Tse, the Juno email became popular due to free access to email service, instant messaging, Juno games, lice news, RSS feeds, videos, weather updates, and so on…

Juno Email Support – The One Stop Solution to Eliminate Juno Email Issues

Despite all the excellent features, Juno can also undergo various problems, which requires users to take help from Juno email support, the best and reliable service to overcome all the challenges. With prompt service, you don’t have to suffer a delay in business dealings or face an issue to communicate an important message to the team.

Some of the significant issues that Juno users face are webmail login issues, can’t send or receive a message, issue while attaching the files, Juno email setup problem, Juno email password reset or recovery issues, and other Juno email errors. Once you contact the Juno email support number, all your worries will vanish, and you will get an overhauled Juno webmail, ready to send/receive an email. The experts on the other side of the call will provide you the most straightforward troubleshooting process to eliminate any issue within the shortest possible time.

Why should you contact Juno email support?

Apart from the prompt services, you get a plethora of other support from Juno email experts. You simply have to dial the Juno email support phone number, sit back and relax. Our email support executives will take care of the issues you face while operating the Juno email services. Here is a list of errors that our Juno experts have resolved in the past for esteemed customers.

  1. We make you learn how to create an account with Juno email.
  2. We help you recover or reset the hacked Juno email account.
  3. We help you install the latest updates in your Juno email account.
  4. Our experts can help you set up SMTP/POP/IMAP in the Juno email.
  5. You can troubleshoot an email send or receive errors in Juno mail with our help.
  6. Problems logging in to your email account can be easily fixed with our pro-tip.
  7. You can quickly set up a new Juno account with our expert’s help.
  8. Even if you frequently receive a spam email in your inbox or vice-versa, our Juno email support will always suggest the best ways to fix the issue.
  9. You can set up your Juno email account on Android or iPhone.
  10. Have you forgotten the Juno email password? Don’t worry! We can recover or reset it in no time.
  11. Is your Juno email not working? Or is it not responding the way it should be? No worries! We are here to assist you and eliminate the real reason behind the problem.
  12. Are you facing trouble while attaching an email? We will suggest you the exclusive tips to free up some space and mitigate the issue.
  13. If your Juno email takes too much time to open, our team is ready to provide you with the best solution to quicken up the process.
  14. If your Juno email faces configuration issues or problems synchronizing, we will provide you the best fix.

Terminating all these issues are not a challenge for our team. Moreover, our 24 X 7 available Juno email support number provides us an opportunity to stay in touch with users. Once you dial the number, you get a prompt response from our experts with a lesser waiting time. While talking to the experts, you need to describe the problem and answer a few questions that our experts will ask to clarify the issues, and whoosh, you get a solution within a few minutes. We believe not only in prompt response but also in providing the exact answer to the problem.

Juno Support

Take help from Juno email customer service to reset or recover your email password

Juno provides an excellent service to connect the users. The email service provider has broken the monotony of some of the prominent email services. It offers highly intuitive email services that are easy to use/navigate, and even a novice user won’t find difficulty operating Juno. Besides, whoever needs the assistance, Juno email customer service is ready to offer timely help.

To open an account, you will need to visit the website and get yourself registered using your name and choosing an email ID. If you already have an account but forgot the password, it simple to recover or reset. Here are quick steps to get the password.

  1. Visit Juno’s official webmail address, i.e.,
  2. Now go to the My Account section.
  3. Enter your member ID and Zip/Postal code; skip the zip code if not provided earlier.
  4. After that, click over the Next button.
  5. After a while, your Juno account ownership will be verified.
  6. Once the verification completes, you will see an option to reset the Juno email password or recover the Juno email account password.

Recovering the Juno email password means retrieving the forgotten email password. You can contact the Juno email customer service phone number to know how to change the Juno email password without going to the forgotten password option.

Use Juno Email Technical Support to set up an email on Android or iPhone

Apart from receiving an email on Juno webmail, you can get the mails on your Android or iPhone device. Wondering how? It just requires simple steps and a bit of patience to set up an email on your handheld device. The following are the quick steps to set up the Juno email. You should contact the Juno email technical support phone number if you cannot understand any of these steps. Our helpline number is always ready to assist you.

Juno email setup on iPhone

  1. Firstly, open the web browser and navigate to the Juno official website.
  2. Now, you have to sign in to your Juno email account.
  3. Move your cursor to the top-right corner of the page and click Settings.
  4. Now click Pop Email and select the “On-POP my mail to my desktop/smartphone.”
  5. Now sign out of Juno email.
  6. On your iPhone, click the Settings icon.
  7. Enter the email address at the given field box, and your email address should end with
  8. In the incoming mail server – 110 (POP)
  9. In the outgoing mail server – 587 (SMTP).
  10. Also, turn off the SSL setting for incoming or outgoing email.

Juno email setup on Android device

Apart from iPhone, the Juno email technical support team can help you set up an email on the Android device as well. Here are the elaborated steps to proceed.

  1. Tap the Mail icon on your Android device.
  2. Now click POP/IMAP for the Juno email provider.
  3. Here, you will have to enter the Juno email address and password.
  4. Now click Next to proceed.
  5. In the POP email server, enter
  6. Enter POP port 995 in the POP server and select SSL as the security type.
  7. In the SMTP email server, type
  8. Now enter SMTP server port as 465.
  9. Click Save settings to confirm the selection.
  10. After completing these steps, now you have to click on Mail, Contact, and Calendars to sync them with the email.
  11. Furthermore, click Add Account > Other > Add a mail account.
  12. Now enter your name, email address, password with Juno in the description field.
  13. Click Next > select Juno
  14. On the next screen, edit the settings for your email ID.
  15. Change the hostname to
  16. Click the Advanced tab.
  17. In the POP server field, enter 110, go back and click SMTP and choose it as a Primary Server. Select 587 in the SMTP server port field.

Facing Juno email login issues? Choose Juno email help for prompt assistance

Sometimes, the users face trouble while logging in to their Juno email account. To eradicate the issues, users will have to follow a series of steps to resolve the error. Moreover, the Juno email customer care suggests the following quick steps to help resolve email login issues.

  1. Ensure the device you are using to log in to your Juno email account connects securely to the internet.
  2. Make sure to use the correct email address and password while logging in to your Juno email account.
  3. The password is case-sensitive, so ensure to turn off the caps lock key while logging in to your Juno email.
  4. Verify the email settings are correct or contact the Juno email help for further assistance and know more about configuring the email correctly.
  5. In case you cannot log into Juno at all, then verify the cable and connectors are secured correctly at their place.
  6. Check the modem for any issues or replace it if needed.
  7. If you still cannot fix the problem, you should click Troubleshoot on the top of the email to resolve the issue.
  8. Once you click the troubleshoot button, you will have to choose either Juno Dial-up or Juno DSL tab, depending on how you choose to connect to the internet.

Are you still facing error logging into your Juno email? Consider contacting the Juno help phone number, a dedicated 24 X 7 helpline to talk to the technical team for the right assistance at the right time. Get your issues resolved directly from the experts by dialing the Juno support number now.

Don’t wait for the issue to escalate. Dial the Juno email support number now!