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Hotmail, being the best email service provider offers not only the top-notch services to the e-mail-clients but also it holds the entire computing experience itself. Hotmail account is been set up for making communication with others, sharing and editing Office docs, configuring with Outlook, and bringing electronic communication in one place. However, with the use of SkyDrive, you can even share photos up to 10 GB and perform its provided activities in a worry-free manner as it has an advanced spam protection feature based on Smart Screen technology. It has astounding features comprising connection-time filtering, content filtering, block list and safe list preferences, and time-traveling filters. Well, to avail of its benefits, take Hotmail Support as it is good to start on Hotmail with sign-in for Microsoft and Windows Live.

Call At Hotmail Support Number To Create Hotmail Account

In today’s technological world, many people are still using a Hotmail email address as it's no longer possible to create a new Hotmail account. However, a Microsoft Outlook account provides the same general experience and email services that made Hotmail a popular choice among users. When you put a ring at Hotmail Support Number, you will get an effectual idea about Microsoft Outlook email account set up. Furthermore, you will be able to create a Microsoft Outlook account by directly visiting the Outlook website. See the guidelines noted underneath to get the Hotmail account configured in no time:

  • First and foremost, you are suggested to open any web browser on your computer system and then visit the official site of Microsoft Outlook
  • The next thing you should do is to give a click on the link “Create account” which is on the top-right side of the page
  • Next step you should take is, type your preferred email name into the “New email” text field in the middle of the page
  • Then after have to generate a strong password with the combination of letters and numbers and type it into the “Create Password” text field that is below the “New email” field
  • Afterward, uncheck the option stating “Send me promotional emails from Microsoft” as it is not necessary to receive product offers from Microsoft
  • Now, click “Next”
  • After that, enter your first and last name into the “First Name” and “Last Name” text field simultaneously
  • And then tap the “Next” blue button
  • Next, select the country and region by clicking on the “Country/Region” drop-down box
  • Provide your date of birth and then tap “Next”
  • Mention your phone number into the desired box to get the verification code for your account security
  • Enter the access code that you receive in your mobile phone and then tap “Next”

Your Hotmail account is now been created and you will be taken to the Outlook tutorial for more information.


Avail Blue-Chip Hotmail Customer Service To Protect Hotmail Account

In the internet world, it is becoming very easy to hack someone’s account. Therefore, once your Hotmail account has been created with the above guide, make sure it is protected from hackers. If you notice any unusual or informal activities is been done in your Hotmail account, grab Hotmail Customer Service for your better help and support. It is the third-party tech-support company that uses remote access technology in order to provide you quality assistance related to your problem.

There could be several reasons because of which your Hotmail account will be at risk. Some are noted below:

  • Phishing Scams
  • Insecure internet connection
  • Unsafe computers
  • And some annoying error can also lead to your account getting hacked

Unable To Change Hotmail Password? Obtain Hotmail Customer Support

Hotmail is having a password changing facility so if your account is suspected of hacking, change the password soon with the help of the below-mentioned guide:

If you want to export a contact then go to the contacts section and click on ‘More’. You will see ‘Export all’ which will have your contacts. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.

You can dial the Bellsouth support phone number for more information.

  • Go to the Hotmail website on your PC
  • Log in to your account with the credentials incorrect form
  • Click on your profile picture located on the upper right corner
  • Select the “Account Settings” option from the drop-down menu
  • Doing so will gonna be redirected to the 'Account Settings' page. Choose the 'Security & password' option from the left side menu
  • You will be asked for verification before you enter into the sensitive info zone. A text message will be sent to one of your recovery options (email id or phone) which are containing a security code. You can select the recovery option first
  • Then, enter the received security code into the text field
  • Once the verification process gets done by your side, you will be able to click on the “Change your password” link
  • There you have to enter your current password first and then create a new one with the combination of alphanumeric keys along with special characters
  • Once you have created a strong password, you can further use the same password for all services where you use your Microsoft account such as Skype, SkyDrive, etc.

You can give us a ring on Hotmail Customer Support Number if your Hotmail account is yet not protected against the intruders. As soon as you contact us you can safeguard your information as early as possible.

Take Reliable Hotmail Tech Support For Account Safety Purpose

Anybody can be a victim of getting their account hacked. So, to avoid getting into such trouble, follow the below statements:

  • Always generate a long password with using special characters, well it is understood that a long password is quite difficult to remember and hence can forget it anytime if you are not a regular user. That’s why it is advisable to note-down the long created in the Notepad and save it in your PC.
  • Don’t answer the security question correctly. You may answer a question accurately and that may be linked to somewhere in your Facebook or any of your other profiles. The best method is just to choose an answer that does not relate to the question directly.
  • Time to time check and monitor your email account and if you find any doubtful activity there change your password instantly.
  • Change your password every 72 days for the assurance of account security. This will keep your license information more secure. Hotmail will remind you every 72 days to change or reset passwords if you enable them.
  • Remember this last point that you should avoid public computer or cyber cafe to open your email account. Usually, hackers take help from there to hack any account. These computers are not protected from viruses or threats.

Deal With Hotmail Issues Hands-freely Via Hotmail Support Phone Number

For non-tech or the person who has the less technical knowledge, we are offering the Hotmail Support Phone Number to take help for their related problems. While accessing the email account, it might be possible to get stuck at some point due to unknown technical errors. Due to not enough skilled, you may not fix those errors on your own and hence need an instant guide for that.

Technical Assistance For Hotmail Issues Are At Hotmail Helpline

There are various annoying problematic hurdles that can be experienced while using a Hotmail account. And when you dial Hotmail Customer Service Number your problem will be fixed soon. A glimpse of the Hotmail Errors that are being assisted by us:

  • Can’t send/receive mails or messages
  • The send mails are in the Spam folder
  • Files are not attached while composing mail
  • Forgot or lost password
  • Server down issue
  • Unable to sign-in without any reasonable reason

Why To Choose Hotmail Customer Service Number?

Hotmail Tech Support Phone Number is an affordable and comparatively much more convenient as well as the fastest way of the problem-solving portfolio. Hotmail issues are being dealt with by well-qualified and highly talented as well as a professional team of techies. Although, there are numerous service providers from third parties they are not trustworthy and reasonable. So, if you really want to get long term service perfectly worked out of your Hotmail issues, can frequently choose us. A one-top solution will always obtain as we are immensely experienced.