AOL Desktop Won’t Open? Try These Troubleshooting Fixes

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AOL Desktop Won't Open

In this digital age, everyone wants things to happen at a fast pace. It is why various technologies are developed to aid humans complete everyday tasks quickly. AOL Desktop Gold is one such excellent software that provides protected web browsing services while keeping your security intact. But sometimes, users find their AOL Desktop won’t open.

As it’s a technical product, so it is not immune to some glitches. But it does interrupt the daily workflow in some way or the other. Don’t worry when you find your Desktop Gold not opening. You can resolve the issue by knowing about its causes and then implementing suitable fixes.


Why AOL Desktop Won’t Open?

There’s not a single reason behind such a situation. A myriad of causes can result in the Desktop Gold not opening. Find them out below.

  1. Faulty installation of your AOL Desktop Gold application.
  2. Corrupt software files.
  3. AOL Gold is not compatible with some files installed on your computer.
  4. A malware or virus has disrupted the application.
  5. A damaged hard disk can also result in this problem.


Ways to Fix AOL Desktop Won’t Open Problem

When you perform the various troubleshooting techniques that you read below, it will allow you to fix your AOL Desktop Gold. Go through the instructions carefully.

  1. Scan your computer with the aid of an antivirus. Delete any file that is found suspicious by the virus scan.
  2. Ensure that your computer is fulfilling all the system needs for proper installation of AOL Desktop Gold.
  3. Clear all files that are incompatible with the device. 
  4. Check whether you have a strong internet connection.
  5. If there’s an update available, you should update the AOL Desktop Gold software.
  6. Delete all browser cache by navigating to the browser settings. 

If you have attempted all the methods listed above but still that your AOL Gold won’t open then it’s best to reinstall this software from the official site. For it, follow the steps below. 


Steps to Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold Software 

Reinstalling AOL Desktop from its official site will likely resolve the issues you face in this program. Follow these steps for correctly reinstalling the software.

  1. Choose the option of ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ and navigate to ‘Uninstall the program.’
  2. From the trusted AOL website, start downloading the AOL Desktop software.
  3. After the download is complete, upgrade the software by fixing the file you have downloaded. 
  4. Finally, reboot your system after you are done with the installation process.


What to Do When AOL Desktop Gold Doesn’t Respond?

Sometimes, users report AOL Desktop Gold not responding. It doesn’t respond to any commands that the users give it. This problem can arise due to various factors. But you can quickly fix this issue. Follow the troubleshooting methods given below.


1. Quit the Program

Whenever you find that this software is not responding, you should quit it and then restart it. 

Windows users should follow the process given below.

  1. Hit the keys of Ctrl + Alt + Delete together.
  2. Tap the ‘Process’ tab.
  3. Choose your AOL Desktop app. Tap on ‘End program.’
  4. A pop window will appear. Tap on ‘End program.’
  5. Now reopen the program.

Mac users should follow the process given below.

  1. Right-tap the AOL Desktop icon in the task manager.
  2. Tap on ‘Force quit.’


2. Check Your Device Compatibility for AOL

You will certainly find that AOL Desktop Gold won’t open if your device isn’t compatible with it. Many people use old computers having less hardware than what is needed by this application. So, you need to upgrade the hardware to run the AOL Desktop Gold program seamlessly on your system. If your hardware is not upgraded, the program will not run or will keep giving you error messages.

For installing this software on your system, you must ensure that it has the following prerequisites.

  1. A 266MHZ processor or a processor quicker than it.
  2. A RAM of 1 GB. 
  3. 512 free storage on your hard drive.
  4. Windows 7 version or Mac operating system 10.0.0.


3. Get Rid of the Virus from Your System

If there is a virus in your computer, then it will run lethargically. It will also display the AOL Gold stopped working message if you try to launch the software. If this is the scenario, you must scan your device with good anti-malware. There is likely a virus present. It is what makes the application unresponsive.


4. Look at the General Settings

When you perform a Windows update, specific changes are made to your device’s settings. Due to them, the smooth functioning of the AOL Desktop Gold can get hindered. So, it is important for you to check whether there are any changes made in the settings which can disturb the operation of AOL. If there are changes, restore the settings to when AOL was functioning properly. 


5. Inspect the Add-ons

It may be that there are some add-ons that have been installed on your device. These add-ons are incompatible with the AOL Desktop Gold software. So, the best measure is to disable the add-ons and then perform a scan of your computer system. 


6. Download and Run the Updated Install File

Are you encountering an error message that AOL Gold won’t open? Adhere to the steps below for downloading AOL Gold and running an updated install file. 

  1. Navigate to the AOL website and start downloading the updated install file. 
  2. Launch the file and run it on your device. 
  3. Navigate to the AOL icon and launch Desktop Gold after you run the installer.


Final Words

Now, whenever you find AOL Desktop won’t open, you know what to do. Quit the program and then reopen it. After that, check if your device is compatible with AOL. Get rid of the virus from your system by scanning it with an anti-malware program. Disable all add-ons from your system. Get expert AOL technical support if you still find the program not responding or opening.


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