Office 365 SMTP Settings on MS Office [How-to Guide]

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Office 365 SMTP settings

Microsoft Office 365 has successfully established itself as a leading emailing service across the world. To start sending an email one needs to perform MS Office 365 SMTP settings while to fetch an email IMAP or POP settings need to be performed.

To get started with the email configuration process you will need to use Microsoft Outlook and follow the instructions in this guide. Just sending an email won’t let you use MS Outlook optimally, that’s why we have added complementary steps of setting up POP and IMAP. Let’s get started with the Office 365 Outlook settings first.

Office 365 SMTP settings

Here are MS Office 365 SMTP Settings

The following are the MS office 365 SMTP settings that you may enter to start sending emails. Here SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The details are given here.

  • Server address –
  • Username – your complete Office 365 address.
  • Password – your correct Office 365 password.
  • Port number – 587.
  • TLS protocol – On.
  • Authentication – Yes, required.
  • Encryption – STARTTLS.
  • Sending limits – 10,000 emails a day.

Where to fill these Office 365 SMTP settings? 

Keep these details handy and use some simple steps to fill in these settings.

  • First of all, open the Outlook email app.
  • Go to the Toolbar.
  • Navigate to the Settings option.
  • Click Mail and then choose POP and IMAP.
  • Now click More Settings.
  • Click Outgoing Server to set up the SMTP settings.

What is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)? 

Now as you are done with setting up SMTP for Office, you must or might not be knowing about what SMTP is. As mentioned in the heading SMTP is an abbreviation for simple mail transfer protocol. It is used to send emails from one server to another and most of the email systems around use SMTP as a communication protocol. SMTP works in conjunction with the Mail Transfer Agent so as to deliver the emails to the desired mailbox.

Is Office 365 SMTP settings enough? 

MS office SMTP settings are enough if you require to send an email only, but how to configure Office for incoming emails? Well, that’s pretty simple and you just have to perform POP or IMAP server settings. Here are the steps that you may follow to configure Office to start fetching emails.

  • Open the MS Outlook app.
  • Navigate to the toolbar and click the Settings option. Click the mail icon. Click POP and IMAP.
  • Now enter the following details under your preferred protocol.

IMAP server settings (Incoming emails)

  • Server address –
  • Username – your complete Office 365 address.
  • Password – your correct Office 365 password.
  • Port number – 993.
  • TLS protocol – On.
  • Authentication – Yes, required.
  • Encryption – SSL/TLS.

POP server settings (Incoming emails)

  • Server address –
  • Username – your complete Office 365 address.
  • Password – your correct Office 365 password.
  • Port number – 995.
  •  TLS protocol – On.
  • Authentication – Yes, required.
  • Encryption – SSL/TLS.

Office 365 SMTP settings errors

While performing Office 365 Outlook settings you might have a face-off with some specific errors. In order to get apart from the situation, you must know how to fix those errors. Here are some of the most common error messages, their reasons, and troubleshooting fixes.

Error 1. 

  • The connection timed out.
  • Couldn’t connect to
  • Testing connections can take a while.

Reason for error 1- These errors usually mean that the required ports are blocked in the firewall on your system and need to be fixed.

Error 1 troubleshooting – To get them resolved you must contact the hosting company. Ask them to verify and unblock the required port i.e, 587, 993, and 995 for TCP connections.

Error 2.

  • Unknown username or password – Login Failure

Reason for error 2 – this error simply means that your office 36395 couldn’t recognize the username and password. There could be a possibility of entering an incorrect email ID or password.

Error 2 troubleshooting – To fix it you must double-check the username and password. While re-entering the Outlook email ID and password, keep the caps lock key in Off mode.

Couldn’t set up SMTP settings on Office 365? Call the email experts 

After following this how-to guide, you should be able to complete the MS office 365 SMTP settings including POP and IMAP to fetch emails. With that, your office 365 will be up and you will be able to start sending and receiving an email. However, in case you are still finding trouble with SMTP, POP, or IMAP settings then you must get in touch with email support experts. They are the ones with expertise in fixing Office 365 server settings. Have a word with them today!

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