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reset Centurylink email password

Centurylink Email Account sometimes needs to reset or change and it is a very easy task to do. When it comes to changing your account password, it is always recommended that you must change the same once between 45 to 60 Days. You also must be having a CenturyLink Email account and look forward to identifying the ways by which you can reset Centurylink email password account. Maybe you just forgot your account password or simply want to change it because of security reasons. This article will help you in all the scenarios where you can change or update your email account password. The only thing that you need to do is to look at the ways to reset in this article and then apply the same to get your account password recovered.

Understanding The Mechanism of Reset Password

Password recovery and changing mechanism for the Centurylink email account is very easy and can be done by anyone even through his own efforts.CenturyLink Webmail Services is offered by the firm named Centurylink which is headquartered in Louisiana and is a Global Technological MNC. Deal in multiple types of Products and Services such as communication services, network services, security services, cloud solutions services, voice services, etc. has truly unique features. Webmail Services are also part of Centurylink products and service lines. Being a very old registered firm, it has upgraded its product and services account to present market needs.

To Reset Centurylink Email Password

Below are the easiest 2 ways by which the user can reset the account login password.

Method 1 – Through Mobile Number

Centurylink Email Account password setting and recovery is one of the easiest when comparing the same with the other email service providers. Because of such easiness, any user with limited technical knowledge can also Change or Reset Centurylink Email PasswordThe user only needs to follow the below-laid steps –

Step 1 – The very first thing that the user of the Centurylink Email account requires to do for changing the password is to visit the official account login and signing page of the Centurylink email service. Just open the web browser, mention the official site link, navigate thoroughly and then reach the account login and signing page of the Centurylink email service.

Step 2 – After reaching the account login and signing page of the Centurylink email service, the next thing that the user of the Centurylink email account requires to do is to click on the Centurylink Account Sign–In Option. It will be available at the top–right corner of the site.

Step 3 – When the user clicks on the account sign-in option, the new window will open where the user of the Centurylink Email account is required to mention his/her account’s mailing address or login ID in the provided or designated column. After mentioning your account ID, reach the password mentioning column.

Step 4– Now since you have forgotten your password or just want to reset your password, maybe for security reasons, you need to click on the FORGOT PASSWORD option. The same option will be mentioned below in the password input column. Click on it and move to the next step.

Step 5– When you click on the FORGOT PASSWORD option, a new window will appear where you need to mention any alternate mobile number to receive the password setting or changing link. Provide the alternate mobile number in the provided column and then click the OK tab to receive the email changing link on the same mobile number.

After Proceeding Above Steps Just Go Through Bellow

Step 6– Check the link that you have received over the alternate mobile number that you provided in the previous step. Click on the link and allow the verification to be done. Do not press the refresh or close button in between the process. It will ask you to enter the verification code, just mention the same in the correct format in the designated column.

Step 7– After completing the verification process, click on the OK Tab and proceed to the next step.

Step 8– In the next step, the password reset and correction link will be given and here you need to provide the new password. Just mention the same.

Step 9 – After putting your new Centurylink email account login password, you need to confirm the same by putting the exact password in the Confirm Password Column.

Step 10– When each and everything has been put into the right and designated place, you just need to click on the Submit tab.

After you click on the submit tab, your account password will get changed, and to confirm the same, do a quick re-login to your Centurylink Email account with the new login credentials.

Method 2 – Through CenturyLink Homepage

This is the easiest method to Reset Centurylink Password out of both methods. Just reach the homepage of Centurylink Website and follow the below steps –

Step 1 – In the first step, reach the Centurylink Homepage

Step 2– In the next step, click on the MY CENTURYLINK Option

Step 3 – After you click on the My Centurylink Option, a drop-down will appear and there you just need to click on the Change Email Password Option out of all the options.

Step 4– When you click on the change Email Password Option, a new password-changing window will open, and there you will be required to provide the three very easy inputs.

  • In the First Column, you need to provide the existing password of your Centurylink Email Account. After putting the same, move to the next column.
  • The second column will ask you to provide a new account login password for your Centurylink Email Account.
  • The third column will just ask you to re-enter the new password that you have entered in the previous column.

Step 5– After giving inputs in all three columns, just click on the Submit / OK Tab.

After you click on the submit tab, your account password will get changed, and to confirm the same, do a quick re-login to your Centurylink Email account with the new login credentials.

Key Points To Remember

  • Never share your password with anyone as the same will secure your account from any theft of important information.
  • The password that you create must be having a mix of characters such as alphabets, numeric, and special characters as this will make your password much strong and difficult to break and crack.
  • It must not be very easy to guess and don’t include your name in the password.

You will receive confirmation that your account password has been reset. Follow these ways to quickly Reset Centurylink Email Password for your email account. Keep updating the same password on time to time basis. If you are facing problems continuously then you can contact our centurylink email support team to resolve the issues.

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