Comcast Email Hacked? Try These 5 Solution To Recover It!

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Comcast Email Hacked

In today’s digital era, emails act as a primary source of communication between individuals. It can be said that an email id is a person’s digital address. It’s needed if you want any online service. Thus, you should take steps to protect it using a strong password. Comcast is widely known in the emailing world. The email service provider offers incredible security functionalities. Thus, the chances of security breaches are quite low in its email. However, hacking is one of those issues that nearly every web platform faces. The same is true for Comcast. Its users have, in the past, and till now, faced Comcast email hacked problem.

But the email service gives a very effective recovery procedure to retain your compromised email account. The article will lay down some recovery steps you can follow when you find that your account is hacked.

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How to Find If Comcast Email Hacked

Typically, less secure accounts become the target of hackers. Such accounts provide hackers with an easy chance to create an email breach. They monitor the activities of such accounts and wait for that one opportunity that will give them a chance to hack the account. Hackers are very smart, so the account user will not even get a hint of their Comcast email account hacked. However, there are still certain ways by which you can identify if your account is hacked or not. They are given below.

  1. If you find emails in the ‘Sent’ or ‘Outbox’ folder that you have not sent, it means your account is hacked.
  2. Review all the latest activities in your email account. Do you see an uncommon IP address in these activities? If yes, then you need to become extra alert.
  3. See for any unrecognizable emails in your inbox. If you find them, the chances are that your account has been under a hacking attack.
  4. Check the recovery information of the account. If you see changed information, it increases the likelihood of your account being hacked.

Does any of the things above sound too familiar? If so, then you need to take immediate steps to recover hacked Comcast email account.

What to Do When You Find Your Comcast Email Hacked?

The kind of difficulty you face when trying to retrieve your account depends on what changes the hackers have made. If you are attempting to restore or recover your account at an initial stage, you’ll find the recovery process to be easy. Given below are various methods you can use for fixing this problem.

1. Change the Password of Your Email

Check your password. Is it unchanged? If yes, then that’s good news. You still have a chance to recover your Comcast email account. All you have to do is change your account password. When making a new password, ensure that it is a strong one and is able to protect your account from further such security breaches.

2. Go Through the Process of Account Recovery

Comcast provides its users with a password recovery process. It’s effective to deal with various email problems like lost account credentials, hacked accounts, or forgotten passwords. Follow the steps below for this process.

  • Navigate to the Xfinity login page.
  • From the ‘Forgot Xfinity ID or Password,’ tap on ‘Password.’

Go Through the Process of Account Recovery

  • Input your Xfinity email address, mobile number, or user id to find your email account. Then, tap ‘Continue.’

Go Through the Process of Account Recovery - 2

  • Input the CAPTCHA that you see on the subsequent screen.

Go Through the Process of Account Recovery - 3

  • Give an answer to the security question, confirm the email address or verify the phone number to prove your account authority.
  • If you choose a phone number or an email address for identity verification, you’ll get a verification code on your mobile or email. Input this code on the page of password resetting.
  • Adhere to the instructions you see on the screen to reset or create a new Comcast email account password.

3. Reconfigure the Security Question and Their Answers

After resetting the password, the next step is to alter the security questions and change the recovery data. It will not have you encountering the Comcast email account hacked problem again. Change the security questions because the hackers are aware of their answers. They can hack the account again if you do not change the questions and update their answers.

4. Change Backup Email Address

If hackers have taken control of your backup mail, they can request to send the password to the email address and hack the account again. So, you need to modify it as well as its password.

After you perform these changes, your account regains security. But to eliminate any chances of similar situations in the future, follow the precautionary points listed below.

  1. Don’t sign in to your email account on unsecured Wi-Fi networks in public.
  2. When visiting a website, use the safe ‘https’ address.
  3. Don’t open any mail that you think is suspicious. Delete it without opening it.
  4. Ensure that you are using robust malware protection software.
  5. If you have different accounts, they should have different passwords.

5. Change Password of Other Related Services

Have you used the same email address for any other service? If so, you should start making immediate changes. Modify the password of all these related accounts. It will keep you on the same side and will prevent any hacking incidents.

Summing Up

It can be disturbing to know about your Comcast email hacked. But instead of wasting time, you should start implementing the various measures explained above. After identifying your hacked account, change the password of your email. Then, implement the process of account recovery by visiting the Xfinity login page. Change the security questions and update their answers.

Also, change your backup email address. If you are unable to implement the different methods described above, get in touch with the Comcast customer support team. You’ll certainly be able to resolve all email problems.

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