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roadrunner email settings

Roadrunner has maintained its top rank in providing email services. In any field, be it professional or personal people have opted Roadrunner over other email service providers. If you are looking for the Roadrunner email settings procedure, read this article thoroughly, and get your new account.

Guidelines to Setup Roadrunner Email Account 

Use the given flowchart to alter email settings and also create an email account through Roadrunner

  • Open Roadrunner app and click ‘My accounts’
  • Choose ‘Add Account’ option
  • Select the ‘Email’ icon from the ‘Set-up accounts’ menu
  • Next, type your complete Roadrunner email address that is followed by ‘@—’ the domain name.
  • Note: Each character is in lower case.
  • Then, mention the Roadrunner password in the provided space.
  • After that, skip the ‘Automatically configure account’ option.
  • Tap ‘Next’
  • Your phone will be linked to the email server. Once, email account set up process goes correctly, ‘Success!’ will flash on the screen.
  • Bravo! Your Roadrunner email setup is complete. In case, you want to cross-check the setup, try it by sending and receiving the emails.


Steps for Roadrunner Email Settings with POP3

A lot of people find it difficult to setup a Roadrunner email with a POP3 setting. Therefore, we have penned down the easy formulated way to Roadrunner email login:

  • Navigate to the home page and click ‘Settings’
  • Now, click on Add Accounts
  • Then, fill the required field with correct credentials (name, email, password, and description)
  • Hint: In the description type Roadrunner
  • Once mention, it will get verified
  • Next, you need to type server information. Choose incoming server
  • In incoming server, select Roadrunner email setting POP3
  • Next, fill the asked questions:
  • Hostname:
  • Username: full Roadrunner email address
  • Password: Roadrunner password
  • Then, click ‘Submit’
  • Now, you need to mention outgoing server setting details
  • Hostname:
  • Username: full Roadrunner email address
  • Password: Roadrunner password
  • Then, select under the main server
  • Next, a new page of SSL and server port will appear. Fill this:
  • SSL: None
  • Server port:25
  • Click ‘Done’ and leave the current page
  • You will land to Advanced Settings Page
  • Type the given details:
  • SSL: None
  • Server port:
  • Lastly, click ‘Done’
  • Clicking on this, you will be redirected to the previous page.


    Steps to Configure Roadrunner Email on Android Phone for POP3 Server

    • Take our Android device, open email application
    • Tap ‘Next’
    • In Account type option mention POP3 Settings
    • Next, type RR Credentials in email login
    • Lastly, configure for RR mail for smooth email exchange


    How to Setup Roadrunner Email on iPhone?

    Use the following steps to change Roadrunner mail settings on iPhone:

    • Choose ‘Settings’ on the iPhone or iPad.
    • Next, choose mail, contacts, and calendars
    • If you are already a Roadrunner user, choose your existing RR email address. But, if you are new, create a new one, click on ‘Add account’
    • Tap ‘Other’
    • Click ‘Add mail account’ and fill the required information (name, address, password, etc.)
    • Hit on ‘Next’
    • Next, select ‘Pop’ and fill (incoming and outgoing mail)server form in the following way:
        • Incoming mails server host:
        • Username: enter your username with the extension ‘’
        • Password: enter your password
        • Server port: 110 (if required)
        • Secure server: off
        • Outgoing mail server host:
        • Username: enter your username with the extension ‘’
        • Password: enter your password
        • Enter port 587 (if required) and set a secure server to off.
        • Click ‘Save’

    Technical Issues That May Occur

    • File attachment Issues
    • The problem in Sign in
    • Issues related to sending and receiving emails
    • What are the ways to reset the Roadrunner password?
    • How to manage contacts in the Roadrunner email account?

    Furthermore, if you face any kind of Roadrunner email settings issue and need instant email support, connect with the technical professionals.  They are available all round the clock to assist their customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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