How to Configure Aim Mail settings for IMAP and SMTP

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AIM mail settings

Looking for an alternative to Gmail or Hotmail? What about AIM Mail? You heard it right! We are talking about AIM mail which is one of the AOL web-based email services. You can use AOL mail from its web interface and even from any other email client like Microsoft Mail or Outlook. If you are new to AIM Mail and looking for someone to help you with the setup procedure then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll help you configure AIM Mail settings whether you want to set it up as an IMAP account or a POP account. Keep on reading the guide till the end to get answers for all your AIM Mail related queries.

AIM mail settings

How To Configure AIM Mail IMAP Settings?

Setting up your AIM email as an IMAP account is as simple as setting up any other account. Although, due to the fact it’s a manual setup, you would need to give a little more attention to it. Follow the steps carefully and as mentioned to set up your AIM Mail account. These steps are general and you can use it to set up your AIM Mail account in any third-party email client that includes Windows Mail, Outlook, Mozilla, iOS Mail, OS X Mail, etc. Before you get started, make sure your email client supports IMAP accounts.

  1. Launch your Mail application and navigate the Add Account option.
  2. Click to Add a new account and select Other as your Mail brand.
  3. Choose Manual setup and enter your account credential wherever asked.
  4. Remember, you need to enter your email address in the Username field, your public name in the Name field, and the account password in the Password section.
  5. Choose an IMAP account as your account type.
  6. When you reach the Account settings page, you need to enter the AIM Mail IMAP and SMTP fields.
  7. Enter in the Incoming Mail Server option.
  8. Set the Port number at 993 and select SSL/TLS in the encryption method.
  9. Also enter your AIM Mail login name, email address, and account password wherever needed.
  10. Enable authentication using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) for both IMAP and SMTP settings.

Once you are done with AIM IMAP settings, next you’ll need to enter AIM Mail SMTP settings. Enter the settings as described below:

  1. Enter in the Outgoing Mail Server option and set port at 465.
  2. Other settings such as encryption methods etc will stay the same as IMAP.
  3. Set Encryption Method as SSL/TLS and provide your AIM Mail account credentials again.
  4. Also, don’t forget to enable SPA authentication.

Follow your on-screen prompts and finish AIM email settings. At last, after you submit your email settings, your email client will verify your account. If the account verification turns out to be successful you can access your AIM Mail from your device.

IMAP vs POP, Which One You Should Choose?

Usually, people set up their accounts as IMAP only because it is more useful than POP. In IMAP your emails are stored on email servers which makes you to access them across all your devices. However, if you’ll go for POP, you can only access your Mail from one device, and once deleted from there, there are deleted once and for all. Another benefit of IMAP over POP is that you can also restore your emails if deleted mistakenly. If you’ve made up your mind to go with the POP account type then no one can stop you but we hope you thought about it properly. It’s not like POP is not useful at all. It can be helpful to you if you want your Mails to stay private, stored on a secretive device. Also, when using a POP account, you won’t have to worry about your limited cloud storage. As the emails are only stored on your device, it takes your device storage and you can save as much as your device storage allows you to. Moreover, all your email would be available offline so you won’t require an internet connection all the time to access your emails.

How To Configure AIM Mail POP Settings?

Need help configuring AIM Mail POP settings? You’ve come to the right place. Follow the below steps to set up your AIM email settings using POP. The process of setting up AIM Mail using POP is as similar to setting it up using IMAP. You’ll just need to enter the AIM Mail POP setting instead of the IMAP settings.

  1. Launch the email client or Mail app where you want to set up your AIM Mail account.
  2. Select Add a new account and choose others when asked to enter which Mail you are setting up.
  3. Go for Manual Setup and choose POP as your account type.
  4. Enter your AIM Mail credential i.e. your account name, email address, and password. Make sure you don’t make any typing mistakes while entering these details.
  5. On the POP Account Settings page, enter in the incoming mail server field.
  6. Enable SSL/TLS encryption and SPA authentication.
  7. The set POP port at 995.
  8. After finishing with the POP incoming Mail server settings, enter AIM Mail SMTP settings as mentioned in the above section.

Follow the same procedure and settings for the outgoing mail server as mentioned in the Configure AIM Mail IMAP Settings and finish the setup. Once your email client verifies your account settings, you can start using your AIM Mail account right away. If the verification fails, try following the same procedure but make sure you enter AIM Mail settings correctly. If you can’t configure these settings on your own, you can also contact AIM Mail email support for assistance. We’ll help you with the setup as well as any other issue that you are facing with the email. Don’t hesitate and give us a call right away. You can also use our Live chat feature to have a one-on-one chat with our certified techs.

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