This article is created to explain the solution of the email login issue and all the related topics around it. There is no doubt about the rich features and functions of the Mac but however, it is also a digital device that may encounter some of the other technical issues. Well, need not worry, as the company’s priority is to provide a smooth platform without any hurdle. Let’s begin. login issue

There are multiple issues the users face like failing to send emails, unable to receive emails, login issues in Mac, and many others. Apply the solutions described in this article to fix email problems on

One of the most common issues the users have complaint is the Login issue in Even, I am an iOS user and have faced this issue before. But, there is a solution that you must follow and apply it accordingly.


Common email login issue

Here are some usual problems that the email platform faces. First, check out these and then go for the troubleshooting steps. Stick to this article and go with the flow.

  1. Unable to get emails on my iPhone
  2. Email not working on iPhone
  3. Unable to send the emails
  4. Failing to receive the emails
  5. Message prompt of incorrect username and password
  6. Can’t send emails on iPhone?
  7. Email not working on the system


Most Usual Causes of Email Issues

There are multiple reasons that may tend to cause the email login issue. But, the positive part is that the causes are easily fixable:

  1. An incorrector expired email password
  2. Wrong account settings (port number, server address)
  3. Bad functioning of the email app


5 Tricks to Resolve Email Login Issue

Here are 5 steps that you can follow to resolve the email issue:

  1. First check the email account password
  2. Ensure you have mentioned the correct username
  3. Govern the account type
  4. Verify the email server connection settings
  5. Resolve poor functioning of the email app


Brief solution to the email Problem

Go through the solution to the email problem in brief. Users must follow the steps carefully as per mentioned as it has been mentioned after huge research. Read carefully and apply:


STEP 1: Verify the email account password

Before you press enter on the Login option, re-check the password you have entered is correct or not. At times, users have previously changed their account password but are mentioning the old password. Thus, this will prompt the wrong password and create a email login issue. Therefore, enter the new password you have created. Also, logging in via web browser can explain to you whether the issue exists at the account level or to the app level.

If you are not able to log in via web browser then chances are you are tying the wrong password. In this case, you will have to reset the password.

Tip: You can save the password in the password manager and mention the password hint. This way, you will not be able to forget.


STEP 2: Check your email account username

 Your username could be either an email address or any name or something different. Whenever you try to log in your account try to mention the correct username. The users will not be able to login if they mention the correct password but not the username. Both the credentials should be correct then only you will be allowed to successfully log in to your email account. Also, logging in through the web browser can notify you whether the issue exists at the account level or to the app level.


STEP 3: Know the email account type

There are various types of accounts that have been developed but here are some common account types included:

  • IMAP
  • Exchange
  • POP3

Popular platforms of email like Gmail and Apple receive email via IMAP protocol. Many internet services providers use outdated POP3 protocols for the Exchange server. But, in recent times with development in technologies, IMAP is accepted to be the best protocol that has various advantages over others.

 If we think about sending an email, SMTP is a commonly used protocol (unless you use Exchange server). To know the account type you are having, follow the below steps:

On macOS

  1. Launch Mail
  2. Navigate to Mail Preferences
  3. Then, go to Accounts and check they Account type below the Account name

On Ios

  1. Go to Settings app and then navigate to Accounts & Password
  2. Tap on account that you need to verify
  3. The account type will be visible on top of the screen


Step 4: Verify Email Server Connection Settings

On your account type, you need to verify the incoming server settings. However, if you are able to receive the mail but having trouble in sending the mail then you should check outgoing server. Both macOS and iOS are meant to manage the server connection settings for almost all account types. But, for Exchange accounts, macOS can only be pointed. In case you have an operating system of the older version. If the OS can’t determine the actual settings automatically, you will have to alter the settings manually.


Technical Assistance Team

Was your email login issue resolved with the above steps? If not, then you need to connect to the expert professionals. You need to share your issue or at which point you got stuck in between. Once you share your problem you will be reverted with the solutions instantly. Apply the solution as per the expert’s guidance. You will easily be able to fix the issue without any loophole.

There are three modes the customer can connect with the expert:

Live Chat: Clients can connect with the experts via live chat. In this mode, users can share details and also will be able to chat with them.

Via Telephone: Users can contact the technical team via the phone number provided. The users can share the issue and experts will guide the solution on ongoing calls. The service is available all round the clock, 24*7.

Email: Customers can compose an email in which they can explain their issue in detail with entire information. Our email support experts will revert you with the solutions that will get rid of your problem permanently.


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