Best Way to fix MSN Email Login Issue

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MSN Email Login Issue

If you are also suffering from the frequent problem of MSN Email Login Issue then for sure you have reached the right place and the right blog post. This article has covered up each and everything relating to this issue. MSN is a very old and very popular internet-based email service that has surely created a very big impact on the email service industry all over the world. But since this is a technical man-made software, it can also misbehave plenty number of times. In this article, you will get to know the very probable reasons behind the email login issue with the MSN and also the best and easiest to implement solutions to this problem. So just read it from tip to toe and get your solution.

msn login issue

MSN is one of the most popular internet-based email services having millions of users worldwide. There is hardly anything that you can’t do with the use of the MSN Email service. Having come into use for both personal and professional conversations, it has clearly captured the market with ease. It came into the market as a dial-up connection service in the year 1995, but later it has attached amazing services like email services, web browsing services, messenger services, etc., and much more.

Amazing Features Of MSN Email Service

We have elaborated on some of the basic features of the MSN Email Service. Please have a look –

  • No account expiration for more than 270 days if the user is not done.
  • Came up with the attached security firewall settings allowing the users to remain away from unnecessary junk and spam emails.
  • 24*7 available customer support and help the team for resolving all the technical and other glitches.
  • Free of cost Webroot Anti–Virus Spyware program.
  • Having the ability to add more than one user or secondary user in the same email account.
  • It basically provides unlimited storage capacity which starts at 10 GB / Per User / Per Email Account but it keeps on growing as per the usage rate.
  • Having the accessibility to get used on any available device whether phone or personal computer.

But, as we have mentioned earlier also that even with these amazing features, it can also deteriorate many times and requires some minor fixes in its configuration settings.

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Probable Reasons Behind MSN Email Login Issue

We have listed some of the very common login issues that the user may face with the MSN Email Service. They are as follows –

  • Use of wrong login credentials by the MSN Email Account user. The login credentials might have deteriorated or get obsolete as well. The user also might have forgotten the account login password resulting in such an issue.
  • The account might have been configured with the wrong configuration settings for both incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • There can be a very big chance that the MSN Email service site might be having a server down or crashed issue.
  • The anti-virus pre-installed in the system might be creating a sort of firewall which ultimately leading to login issues with the MSN Email account.
  • You might be using the MSN Email Services at a very slow internet speed or continuously interrupted speed.
  • The use of Un-Updated MSN Email Software / Applications is also one of the major causes behind the MSN Email Login Issue.
  • The web browser used for availing the MSN Email Service is filled with cache and cookies.

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5 Easiest Methods To Solve MSN Login Issues

Now it’s time to provide the user with the most effective and easiest-to-implement ways to solve the login issue. Here they are in the points below –

  1. MSN Email Configuration Settings – Do check whether the MSN Email Configuration Settings for both the Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server is correct or not. Update them as per the below inputs
For Incoming ( IMAP ) Mail Server Settings
  • Account Type – IMAP
  • Username
  • Password
  • Server Hostname –
  • Server Port – 993
  • Required Authentication – Yes ( Username & Password )
  • SSL / TLS – Yes
For Outgoing ( SMTP ) Mail Server Settings
  • Account Type – SMTP
  • Username
  • Password
  • Server Hostname –
  • Server Port – 587
  • Required Authentication – Yes ( Username & Password )
  • SSL / TLS – Yes

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  1. MSN Email Server Issues – There might be a huge chance that the server of the MSN Email service is temporarily down or crashed for the time being. The communications regarding the same is always been made by the MSN Email service team. The notification either can be published over the site or a mail regarding the same has also been sent to the users.
  2. Reset Account Password and other Login Credentials – The reason behind the MSN mail Login Issue problem can majorly be the issue with the user’s login account login password. Change your password and then re-login to your account. Always follow the key points remember regarding the safety of your account password. It must not be disclosed in front of anyone.
  3. Update or Re-Install the MSN Email Software / Application – Not only the MSN Email service but almost each and every other email service provider releases timely updates and new versions regarding their email software and applications. The same must be downloaded and installed in the system for avoiding any email-related breakage. The updates must be downloaded from the trusted source only and proper due diligence must be given while installing them.

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Contact To The Customer Support And Help Team

In case, anything stated above nothing works for you and you are still seeking some professional and expert help, then you must contact customer support and help the team of MSN Email Service. With the availability of MSN email support experts and Professionals under one roof, they will solve your problem diligently without consuming much of your precious time. Surely you won’t be getting disappointed after contacting them.

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