Way to fix Hotmail Email Login Issue

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Hotmail email login issue

Whenever trying to enter the username and password of your Hotmail to sing-in and access its service and feature, the Hotmail Email Login Issue may appear and prevent you from using the account. There are several reasons behind the occurrence of this problem, could be internet speed is slow, the server is down, or the wrong login credential. It is very essential to find out the actual cause of confronting this login issue as only then you will be applicable to cope-up easily and effort-freely. In this blog, we describe every important needed information about the Hotmail login issue so once you walk through it you can fix the problem quickly.

hotmail login issue

Why Hotmail Email Login Issue Occurs?

Before start eradicating the Hotmail Login Issue, we first need to discuss the factors causing this problem. Here are multiple reasons you have to give glance at them:

  • Invalid username or password of your Hotmail account
  • Due to the browser’s cookies, or cache file
  • If having a Java script issue
  • Maybe the web browser you are using for login is out-of-date
  • The server is not responding
  • Network connectivity issue
  • Poor connection of the internet

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Effectual Way To Fix Hotmail Email Login Issue

Now, let’s move to its troubleshooting tricks. The list of different fixing methods is listed below. So, without wasting your time, keep following them one by one. Continue the fixing job until your Hotmail Email Login Issue gets resolved from the root. Let’s begin the process:

Method 1: Check the Password Of Hotmail Account

In case you are unable to sign-in to your Hotmail, the very first step you should take to deal with this problem is checking the password and ensuring that it is correctly inserted into the Password field. Follow the steps noted underneath to do such things in a more efficient manner:

  • Before entering the password, make sure the caps-lock key is not ‘ON’ on your keyboard
  • As it is known to everybody that the password of any mail account is case-sensitive, so carefully typing it into the field
  • You may also first type your real password on the notepad and then copy it from there and paste it into Hotmail sign-in page

If yet can’t sign-in to Hotmail and feeling blue because of this, then instead of wagging off with such a problematic situation, keep continuing following the next provided solution. Maybe the next one helpful for you!

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Method 2: Reset Hotmail Password

When trying to sing-in into a Hotmail account, you may receive any of the following error messages on the screen:

  • Invalid Username or Password
  • The Password was changed a while ago

In this situation, you must create a new password because anyone might have changed your Hotmail account password. Go through the guidelines provided underneath to reset or change your password:

  • Open any web browser on your operating device and then visit the outlook.com site
  • Go to the Sing-in page by clicking on the “sign-in” button available on the top menu
  • Afterward, enter your Outlook / Hotmail email address and press the “Next” button
  • Now, tap on the “forgot password” link
  • In the next window, you can choose the recovery method as per your preference and then click on the “Next” button
  • In the next step, you will receive a verification code on the selected recovery option. You need to enter that code and tap the “Verify” button
  • In the end, you can see a form to create a new password. Just, follow the on-screen guide and finally be able to create a strong password for your Hotmail

Use the current password that is right now created by you to sign in to your Hotmail account. If you still face Hotmail mail Login Issue, go ahead with the next solution to fix it.

Method 3: Check The Server Status

A couple of times Hotmail Login Issuetake place due to server problems. When the Hotmail server is under maintenance by the admin, the server may get down for the time being and hence not allowed to log in to your account during that period. You will have to wait a while or hours until the maintenance gets done and everything is working fine. Once you see the server status is up, you can freely access the Hotmail Email account.

Continue following the next method if this is also not helpful.

Method 4: Check The Autofill Settings on your Browser

If you have been accessing your Hotmail account through the auto-sign-in feature, then after facing Hotmail Email Login Issue you should immediately check the autofill settings first. Most probably, you have updated the auto-fill settings with the wrong email address or password. So, open an incognito window on your browser and attempt to sign in there by manually typing login credentials. If your Hotmail account gets accessible without any error issue, then it means the problem was with the autofill feature. You need to update the autofill settings to terminate the problem.

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Method 5: Clear Cookies or Cache Files

If you are unable to successfully sign-in to the Hotmail account, then maybe junk files are stored in your browser. That’s why; you have to clean the cookies and cache files from your web browser and then try to load the Hotmail login page.

Method 6: Configure the Account Server Settings

If the incoming and outgoing server settings of your Hotmail account are incorrectly configured, then there is a possibility of a Hotmail Email Login Issue. To exterminate this login problem, check the account configuration settings and ensure they are set appropriately. Here is the server address for Hotmail, have a glimpse:

  • Map-Server- imap.hotmail.com
  • Port no- 993
  • POP server – pop.hotmail.com
  • Port no – 995
  • SMTP server- smtp.hotmail.com
  • Port no- 465 or 25

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Dial the 24/7 Helpline Number For One-Stop Solution

If you can’t still sign-in to your Hotmail account and experiencing a Hotmail mail Login Issue, then contact Hotmail email support tech-geeks. They will lend a hand to get the problem solved in an instant and effective manner. The technicians have immense experience in tackling such a login problem for your email account. Unite with them as fast as you can and obtain reliable and doorstep solutions.

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