Hotmail Not Working? Try These Working Solutions

Hotmail Not Working? Try These Working Solutions

Email is an amazing source of communication for personal and professional conversation. When it comes to the best email service, Hotmail is considered to be the most trusted email service provider across the globe. Launched by Microsoft, Hotmail lets people send and receive emails in a secure environment.

Hotmail has millions of active users. It is the most preferred choice of users worldwide, although, just like any other email service, Hotmail is also prone to technical problems. Many users have reported that their “Hotmail not working” or stopped working and they are unable to receive the emails. This situation can be very annoying, but you can easily get out of it with some simple fixtures. 

So, If your Hotmail is not working, keep reading and find easy solutions. In this post, we are going to discuss some simple troubleshooting guidelines that can help you to fix Hotmail not working on your device.

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Hotmail not working


Why is Hotmail Not Working? 

If you are wondering why Hotmail is not working, then you must know that there could be different causes behind the problem. Below mentioned are some possible reasons due to which your Hotmail may stop functioning.

  • Server down the error.
  • Network connectivity issues.
  • Incompatibility of Hotmail with a web browser.
  • The Hotmail account is hacked by intruders.
  • Incorrect login details.
  • Cache or cookies.
  • Incorrect configuration.

So, these are some possible reasons due to which you may face Hotmail not working problems while trying to send, or waiting for any mail. Now, let’s proceed next and find the simple steps to fix the issue.

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How to Troubleshoot  Hotmail Not Working Issue?

To resolve the Hotmail not working issue, you can proceed with the guidelines mentioned below. These are some simple troubleshooting steps that can help you to get rid of the problem:


1. Check the Server Status

First of all, you must check the server status. You cannot send or receive the email if the server is down. So, if your Hotmail is not working due to a “server down” problem, you need to wait for a while and then try again.


2. Troubleshoot the Web Browser

The outdated or corrupted web browsers can be the reason that your Hotmail is not working. To fix it, you need to troubleshoot the web browsers. Below are some easy instructions to fix browser related problems:

  1. Delete the browsing history.
  2. Clear the cookies and cache.
  3. Reset the web browser.


3. Check Network Settings

If your device is not connected to the internet, you may encounter Hotmail not working. Thus, it is recommended to check the internet connection. Your internet must be working fine to send or receive emails. If something is wrong with the connectivity, reboot the computer and modem. Wait for a few minutes and try to send the email again.


4. Enter the Correct Username & Password

Many times users enter the incorrect username or password accidentally into which they are unable to access their Hotmail account. So, check and make sure that you enter the correct details. If you do not remember the password, you can reset that by providing the right information about your Hotmail account.

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Still, Hotmail Not Working? Check Following Factors

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions, but still Hotmail not working, then you must check for the points below to fix the concern:

  • You may not send or receive emails on Hotmail if you have set the email filter. So, check and remove it to continue sending emails.
  • You may have set email forwarding to some other email address due to which you are unable to send or receive email. Thus, disable the email forwarding to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Check whether you have blocked any email address as this could also be the reason you are not receiving the emails. Unblock the email address to continue using the services.


The Last Words

Hopefully,  after following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to fix Hotmail not working on your device. Once your problem is resolved, you can continue sending or receiving emails on your Hotmail account.

But, if you are still having trouble using Hotmail services,  contact experts. The Hotmail support team is available to help you with the best solution to fix the problem. Your problem will be resolved by qualified and certified experts working hard day and night to make sure that customers have the best mailing experience with Hotmail.

So, contact the professionals today and find the best possible solution to fix the problem instantly. You can call the professionals at a toll-free number, or connect through live chat and email for instant help. 


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