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Outlook is one of the most popular email service providing platform solely managed and owned by Microsoft. You also must be using the Outlook mail service in your household and corporate set-up as well. One of the easiest and efficient in use, it is having users in millions. The software which was earlier created for personal conversations has now turned into one of the most common professional email service platforms. You can send files or documents of all kinds such as PDFs, Microsoft Documents, Images, Audios, Videos, GIFs, Mail Attachments, Website Links, etc. Personalization & Customization can also be done by the user as per his own requirements. You can send and received N Number of mails throughout a single day. Outlook email not working caused by many way and you should know how to get perfect solution.

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But, what to do in the situation when your Outlook mail service has stopped working and you won’t be able to send and receive the emails. You also must have gone through the same situation and that’s why you are here to find out the resolution to the problem of Outlook email not working. This article is written to solve the same problem. If you are facing trouble in your Outlook mail service then you have chosen the right article to read to find out the resolution to your problem.

But first of all, we need to identify the various reasons that can lead to the problem of Outlook email not working. The reasons can be many and out of them, we have shared few in the list below

Reason Behind The Outlook email not working or stopped working

  • Outlook Mailbox storage limit has been completely exhausted and there is no more space available for new mails to send and receive.
  • The user has forgotten the login credentials of his Outlook Mail Account and that’s why he is not able to log in back again.
  • The Outlook mailbox is filled with unnecessary junk and spam emails.
  • The anti-virus or the malware protection software pre-installed in the user’s system is creating a sort of firewall resulting into the outlook mail is not responding properly.
  • The outlook mail service application / software is not up to date and requires up-gradations in the software or re-installation.
  • Web Browser’s add-ons and plug-ins are either become obsolete or irrelevant, thus, creating hindrance in between.
  • Web Browser installed in the system is filled with cache and cookies.
  • The Outlook mail site server is down or crashed for the time being.

Whatever is your operating system or the version of the outlook software, the problem can arise anywhere but the major reasons behind the problem in most of the case are the ones that are slated above.

So now comes the question that how to troubleshoot your outlook mail service so that it can start working again properly. We have listed a few essential steps according to your outlook software version and your operating system. Implement them and your outlook will be fine.

Outlook 2019 – 2016 – 2013 – 2010

For troubleshooting the Outlook versions 2019 – 2016 – 2013 – 2010, follow the below mentioned steps –

Step 1 – First of all, you need to make sure that the internet connection is upright and your system is connected with it at required internet speed.

Step 2 – Check the message displaying on the bottom right corner of your outlook mailbox. If it is saying that you are disconnected, trying to connect, working offline or you are not connected to the internet mail server, then this means that the Outlook is not connected with the internet.

Step 3 – In the third step, the user is required to click on the Work Offline option in the preference group column. This will allow you to see that in the bottom right corner, Connected is reflecting. This means that now you are connected with your mail server.

Step 4 – Click on the Send / Receive button in the Send / Receive group tab.

Step 5 – Close and Re-Open your Outlook Mailbox and you can see that you are now able to send and receive the mails. Try to send one test mail to boost the confirmation.

Follow these steps and your Outlook mailbox will start working again.

Outlook For MAC 2016 or MAC 2011

For troubleshooting the Outlook versions on MAC 2016 or MAC 2011, follow the below mentioned steps –

Step 1 – Open the Outlook Mailbox in your system.

Step 2 – Click on the TOOLS Option

Step 3 – Now in the third step, click on the ACCOUNTS Option appearing on the screen.

Step 4 – In the Fourth step, the user is required to select the email account that he wants to troubleshoot. The email account will be reflecting on the left side of the screen in the ACCOUNTS BOX.

Step 5 – In the next step, inside the Outgoing Server, the user is required to click on the MORE OPTIONS tab.

Step 6 – Choose the authentication type and provide the inputs for both the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Step 7 – In the final step, submit the inputs provided and click on OK and then restart your outlook software.

Follow these steps and your Outlook mailbox will start working again.

Add-on may be a cause

Other Ways to Consider for troubleshooting the Outlook Mail Not Working are below –

  • Outlook Email Service Site Crashed / Server Down – There is a huge possibility that the Outlook Email services site is down or crashed for the time being. The reasons can be many. Maybe too much website load or update is being done from the Outlook’s end regarding adding or removing any feature in it. To identify whether the site is crashed or not, click on the given link on Google and the following screen will appear https://downdetector.com/status/outlook/
  • Update Outlook Email Application / Software – Update the Outlook Email service software installed in the system. The same should be done over the mobile phone devices also, whether Android or iOS. Timely updates are been provided by the Outlook to its users and the same should be installed on a timely basis.

If any of the above mentioned steps won’t work for you and you are still in the same situation and looking forward to the professional and expert help, then you should contact with the Outlook Email Support Team. They will solve your query diligently and in a professional manner. Your problem with Outlook Email Not Working will be resolved.


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