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AOL mail is considered the best email service for its features and functions. It has been used by millions of people across the world. However, at times being used by various people at the same time can create issues, and thus, your screen will be flashed with AOL email not working. Well, this problem can arise on any digital platform. But, AOL keeps customer satisfaction at its priority. Thus, all those AOL users who are coming across such an issue can go through this article.

Major Problems Under AOL Email Not Working Issue?

Here are the issues under AOL email not working issue:

  • AOL Mail Down
  • Sign-in Problem in AOL
  • Issue in the appearance of Image while sending emails
  • The issue in the third-party email application
  • Failure in sending email from AOL
  • Image not appearing in mail recipient


How to Fix AOL Email Not Working Issue?

Here we have mentioned the solutions for each AOL email not working issue:


1. AOL Mail Down

  1. Restart your computer before you access your AOL account
  2. Choose a different browser to access your account
  3. Remove the cache, cookies, and the history of your browser
  4. Disable the unwanted pop-up blocking
  5. Ensure your Anti-virus is not restricting


2. AOL Mail Sign in Problem

  1. Re-check the credentials of your account. 
  2. If you have forgotten your account password, then you need to reset the AOL mail password.
  3. For this, navigate to
  4. Now, type your username and click on Next.
  5. Now, click on ‘I forgot password’
  6. Next, you will need to verify as correct owner by choosing either option:
    • Verify via Recovery Phone number
    • Check via Recovery Email Address
    • Verify via Answering Security Question


3. Unable to Send Mail via AOL Account

  • Make sure there is good internet connectivity
  • Next, try to log out of your AOL mail account and again sign in
  • Now, use another web browser of the latest version
  • Some chances are there of web browser’s pop-up blocker. It may prevent AOL from sending an email. Thus, disable it before sending an email
  • Clean your web browser i.e. remove all cache, history, cookies
  • Anti-virus installed can also be the reason for not allowing to send email


4. Image Fails to Appear on Recipient Mail

If you want the solution to recover the image that appears on the recipient’s mail then read the following points:  

  • Cross-check that your Mail Settings Page has enabled TEXT/HTML
  • Prior to sending the image, ensure you download and then attach it to the mail


5. AOL Mail Not Working on Third-party

Is AOL email not working on the third-party application? Resolve with the following steps:

Access with Updated Password

Make sure you input your updated password in the email client.

Check IMAP or POP Settings

If you are failing to access email in your AOL mail account, then you need to cross-verify POP or IMAP settings are correct or not

Update Email Client  Application

In case you are using the older version of the email client then you should change and use the latest version.


Wrapping Up

So, all these above-mentioned are the most common AOL email not working problems. If you are facing some other external issue or you are failing to understand the step, try to connect with the senior experts. They will assist you in fixing solutions instantly as they have years of experience. At times, there arise external technical faults that the user cannot resolve without experts’ help.

In that situation, the user should contact them immediately to fix the AOL email not working issue at an early stage. The professionals will guide you in non-technical language to make it comfortable for you to understand. Furthermore, there is no time limit. You are free to contact with email support team at any time, 24*7.

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