Is iCloud Email Not Working? – Here’s What To Do

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iCloud email not working

While email could seem archaic, millions of communications are exchanged through it every day. Apple’s iCloud service provides an email account and email sending and receiving capabilities. However, you may sometimes be unable to send an email. You may receive an error iCloud email not working. 

This may turn out to be a tough time for you. The reason is, that it is difficult to survive in the current times wherein timely emails are given high consideration. Thus any form of iCloud email not working problem cannot be ignored. 

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Why does iCloud Email Not Working?

Different problems give rise to iCloud email not working. They are as follows:


1. Problems with iCloud Addresses

Apple cannot verify the legitimacy of an email address on other domains. You can’t send an email to an address ending with,, or if that address does not exist. Additionally, your app may not indicate which address is wrong, necessitating some background research on your side. 


2. An Email to Too Many Recipients 

Apple does restrict you to a maximum of 500 recipients for every email. Hence, on exceeding the limit, you may come across the iCloud email problem.


3. Messages Sent to Too Many Recipients

You’re also restricted to 1,000 recipients. A time restriction of a 24-hour period and 1,000 email messages exists. Non-unique message recipients will do. Several recordings will occur over various messages. It does not matter whether you send 10 messages to 100 individuals or 1,000 messages to one person.


4. Huge Size of the Attachment 

The total size of an email message, including text and attachments, cannot exceed the ridiculously tiny number of 20MB. This is as per Apple’s documentation. You may activate Mail Drop in Apple Mail. It utilizes iCloud to store temporary files up to 5GB in size per message.

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Steps to Fix iCloud Email Problems

  1. Verify the speed of your Internet connection. 
  2. Restart your smartphone’s or device’s iCloud program and verify that you can receive emails.
  3. You will be unable to send or receive emails if your email account is unavailable.
  4. If you see that the name of your account is darkened, your account may have gone offline.
  5. Switch it to internet mode and verify that you are receiving emails through iCloud.
  6. Now, check to see whether the problem with iCloud mail not getting emails have been addressed.
  7. If the problem continues, go to the Mailbox and click the Take All Accounts Online button.
  8. You will have to check out the Mail menu, then from there, choose Preferences.
  9. Select the Accounts tab and from the displayed list, select your iCloud account.
  10. Select the Advanced tab and double-check your configuration.
  11. Ascertain that the port number is configured to 993. Choose Use SSL now.
  12. Choose Password as the Authorization type
  13. If you’re using an Apple device to sign in to your iCloud mail account, go to the official iCloud website. Choose Settings.
  14. Opt for iCloud. Next, on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, switch on Mail.
  15. On your smartphone, open the Settings program.
  16. Browse the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars folders. Select Fetch New Data and enable Push.
  17. Now, write an email and send it to your personal iCloud to verify that it was received. To resolve the problem if you have several iCloud mail accounts, switch on Push for an account. Confirm that Push is enabled for your primary iCloud account.


iCloud Email Not Working with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch 

If you are facing issues while sending or receiving emails on Apple devices, follow the below suggestions.

  • Verify the strength of your Internet connection. Safari on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch should open an country).
  • You should also check if you can access emails from your iCloud email account from a Mac or PC. For the same, visit
  • Check your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s settings for Mail. Turn on mail by going to Settings; then your name and go to iCloud.
  • Ascertain that fresh data is automatically sent to your device. Activate Push on iOS 14 or later. You can accomplish the same by tapping Settings. Go to Mail, then Accounts, and finally, Fetch New Data. Enable the Push option on iOS 13 or earlier by tapping Settings; Passwords & Accounts, and then the Fetch New Data.
  • Send yourself an email to verify that the Push option is functioning properly.
  • Click your iCloud account in Fetch New Data and toggle on Push. The push option can work with a single account at a time.
  • Restart your device.
  • If you continue to have the problems of iCloud email not working, disable the settings, and restart your device. Then, enable them again.

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iCloud Mail is not Available on

If you are unable to access iCloud mail through, the following steps may help:

  • iCloud Mail is available on for iPad, Mac, and PC. Instead, on an iPhone, utilize the Mail app.
  • Ascertain that your browser is current. If you’re using Safari, make sure you’re on the most recent version.
  • Clear the cache of your browser. Select Safari. Then, Preferences in Safari. Navigate to the Advanced tab. Close Preferences by selecting the “Show Develop menu in the menu bar.” Select “Empty Caches” from the Develop menu. For instructions specific to your browser, see its help menu.
  • For information about accessing iCloud Mail from a different Internet connection or location, contact your Internet service provider (ISP). Certain internet settings, whether intended or accidental, may block accessibility to iCloud Mail.



You will be unable to receive new emails when you fail to access your iCloud mail account. To be precise, you may come across an error such as an iCloud email not working. The primary causes for the same are related to iCloud addresses and invalid credentials. The iCloud email problems may also be because of a large attachment size; internet settings among others. Learn how to resolve the issues.

If you are still facing an iCloud email not working error, you can contact our iCloud email support experts 24×7.

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