Is Earthlink Email Not Working? – Here’s The Fix

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Earthlink email not working

Earthlink is a Webmail service that is mainly curated for mobile operating devices. This allows the user to readily check the mail from any web-enabled phone without configured software. The users can directly send or receive messages and access their personal accounts. However, being a digital platform there may arise some or other glitches. Recently, iPhone users have complained that Earthlink email not working smoothly.  If you are also coming across such a situation, then this article is for you. Walkthrough this article and know the resolving solutions.


Major Reasons Behind Earthlink Email Not Working

There can be various assumptions regarding the Earthlink email not working issue but here are two major reasons:

  1. The Earthlink Webmail might be facing temporary outrage
  2. The user has been blocked temporarily from reaching webmail due to a system malware infection


Effective Ways to Fix Earthlink Email Not Working on iPhone

Here are simple and effective ways to resolve the Earthlink Email not working issue. Have a look at the following steps:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your iPhone
  2. Now, tap on the ‘Settings’ option
  3. Thereafter, move your cursor downwards and tap on ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendar’
  4. Now, click on Hosting account
  5. Then, you have to configure ‘Incoming Server Settings
  6. Next, move your cursor to the ‘Advanced’ button
  7. After that, you have entered ‘Hostname’, ‘Username’, and ‘Password’ as asked
  8. Make sure the ‘Use SSL’ option is off (will turn gray)
  9. Then, enter 110 as ‘Incoming server port’
  10. Next, configure ‘Outgoing Server Setting’
  11. Just scroll down and tap on the ‘Outgoing server settings’ option
  12. Next, tap on the ‘Primary Server’ name
  13. Then enter ‘Hostname’, ‘Username’, and ‘Password’ in the required field
  14. Enter the ‘Use SSL’ option is off (will turn gray)
  15. Enter 110 as the Outgoing server port
  16. Lastly, tap the ‘Done’ button once the server setting gets finished


Common Troubleshooting Tip to Fix Earthlink Email Not Working

Here are some common tips that you can apply to get rid of the Earthlink not working issue:

  1. At times, the server gets slow. In this case, wait for a few minutes and try again
  2. There can be an Earthlink network issue. Thus, search for any outrage
  3. Ensure the browser is enabled with cookies
  4. Clean the browser’s temporary files


Technical Assistance Team

Did you follow the instructions to resolve the Earthlink Not Working issue? Was it not successful? Well, then there is a step solution that will surely help you resolve your problem. For this, you have to get in touch with our email support professional experts. They are highly experienced and know how to tackle the issues instantly. You simply have to share your current issue and ask them for their fixes. At times, there are some external technical faults that may restrict your Earthlink email from working. Thus, the experts will quickly let you know the solution and also the cause behind it. Apply the steps accordingly to get rid of the issue. The service is accessible all round the clock, 24*7.

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