Thinking or our professional wok without the use of Gmail Software is very close to seeing a nightmare in the daytime. I mean, there is nothing that you can do without it. The use of Mails for having a professional conversation with the clients and local staff in the world is very common in nature from a very long time. It was developed by keeping in mind that it will come into use for personal conversations but, timely progress and business requirements has turned this software into professional software. You can send files/documents of all kinds such as PDFs, Microsoft Documents, Images, Audios, Videos, GIFs, Mail Attachments, Website Links, etc. Personalization & Customization can also be done by the user as per his own requirements. You can send and received N number of mails throughout a single day. It is a very efficient Email Service and also very fast in use. Gmail not working problem can be caused by many ways.

gmail not working

There are many Email service providers available such as Roadrunner Email, Yahoo Mail, Rediff Mail, Hotmail, etc. Google Mail or Gmail is also one of them. One of the most popular and easy to use, Gmail’s service are been used worldwide. But, what to do in the case where Gmail Not Working and you won’t be able to send and received further new mails.

Gmail can be set up on all the devices having any operating system. Its set – up is very easy to do but, there are few things still very complicated such as Inputs for Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server. The set – up process remains the same irrespective of whatever operating system your device runs on.

Ways To Fix Gmail Not Working Problem

We have listed below some of the ways by which you can also fix your Gmail Not Working issue easily even through your own efforts. Please have a look –

Method 1 – Down Detector / Google Dashboard –

One of the major reasons behind the Gmail service is not working properly is the server or site down for the time being. It has been observed that due to high traffic load, sometimes the server of Gmail gets down or crashed and this all will result into the Gmail Not Working properly. Here in this situation, in order to find out the real reason, the user can do below mentioned things –

  • The Gmail user is required to click on the mentioned link in order to find out whether the Gmail services are down or crashed or not. The link is after clicking on the given link, the user will reach to the Google Dashboard where the time, date, reason behind the Gmail Not Working will be mentioned and this will also reflect the proposed time by which Gmail’s services will get back to normal.
  • Another site is also available providing the same sort of results to the user regarding the working of the Gmail. The link to the site is
  • Reach to the official Gmail site in order to find out whether any notification regarding the service down or crashed has been published by the Gmail or not for the audience.

Method 2 – Remove – Add The Gmail Account –

Removing and Re-Adding your Gmail account from the Gmail Software / Application can also be an life changing step. In the easier form, you can say that this is a Nuclear Option. One of the safest but at the same time most feasible, the Gmail can start working again normally. The user is only needed to remove the account from the Gmail account tab. Simply click on the account you are having trouble with and then re-add the same account. Re-adding here means login again with the correct login credentials. While re-adding the account, the user can also update the login credentials and the account password. Keep updating the password and other login credentials for your email account from time to time basis. This will boost the security feature of your email account.

Method 3 – Update Gmail Application / Software –

One of the major reasons behind your Gmail Not Working can be the not up to date Gmail Application / Software. The Gmail typically releases the application update from time to time basis. It keeps adding on the new features in the application and also removes the unnecessary ones. The user will get to avail these features only when he/she update the application. There can be many number of updates provided by the Gmail. If user doesn’t keep the software updates then obviously the Gmail application will misbehave and won’t function properly. Updates are free of cost and available for everyone. Gmail never charges a single penny. Each and every function is free of cost. So it all depends on the user that how he perceives this. The updates are very important and should be done timely.

Method 4 – Account SYNC Issue –

Some of the user might not be aware of this, but one of the most observed reasons behind Gmail Not Working has been the issue with the Account Sync. Here in this situation, the user keeps on receiving the ACCOUNT SYNC ERROR on his device. To resolve this issue, follow these few steps –

  • Update the Gmail Application / Software from the trusted source such as Gmail site. For mobile phone users, update the same from Play Store or iTunes.
  • Reboot / Re-Start your device.
  • Check and correct the Gmail software configuration settings for both the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Check that whether the internet connection is upright or not.
  • Remove the unnecessary and Junk / Spam mails from your mailbox

Method 5 – Contact Gmail Support Team –

If any of the above mentioned ways to troubleshoot won’t work for you and you are still looking for the more reliable solution to your problem then you must contact with the Gmail Customer Support and Help Team. You can write to them or you can also call them at the toll-free customer care number. This method of resolution will allow you to have expert and professional help from the Google team. The customer support team is available 24*7 for grievance and query handling.

These are one of the highest rated and easy to implement methods to solve your problem of Gmail Not Working. Implement them. Solve Your Problem. Start Mailing…!!!


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