Gmail Notifications Not Working? Let’s Fix the Problem!

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Gmail Notifications Not Working


Today it’s hard to find even a single person who does not have a Gmail account. After all, it’s only through it that everyone accesses their work-related asks or communicates important messages. You can use it from your web browsers like Edge or Chrome or from a mobile app. But when you find Gmail notifications not working, it can have the potential to ruin your entire day. In such a scenario, you must know how to troubleshoot the problem. So, in this article, you’ll find the reasons and fixes that will come in handy when you face the issue of the notification in your Gmail.

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Why Are Gmail Notifications Not Working?

Various reasons can hinder you from receiving Gmail alerts. Here are the major causes of push notifications not working.

  • You have an outdated Gmail application.
  • The Gmail application is misconfigured.
  • The notification setting is switched off.
  • A system bug can also cause this issue. 
  • Label syncing settings on Android devices can prevent Gmail from sending you alerts.

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Resolutions for the Gmail Notifications Not Working Issue on Browser

Irrespective of the cause, you can follow a series of troubleshooting techniques. But before that, check that you have sufficient storage available.


1. Switch on Desktop Notifications for New Messages

You need to make some small tweaks to your Gmail settings to enable Gmail alerts. It will signal the browser to accept push notifications. 

  • Choose the ‘Settings gear.‘ Now, from the dropdown, choose ‘See all settings.’
  • Choose the ‘General‘ tab. 
  • Go down to the section of ‘Desktop Notifications.’
  • Select one of the three options to present there. Then, choose ‘Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail.’
  • If you are prompted to confirm that the web browser should accept notifications, choose ‘Yes‘ or ‘Allow.’
  • Go to the bottom, and choose ‘Save changes.’


2. Give Permission to Gmail to Send Notifications in Google Chrome

On finding notifications not working in Gmail, you must ensure that Gmail has the requisite permission to send alerts in Google Chrome. Follow these steps to grant permission to Gmail. 

  • Open the Gmail tab in the browser. Tap the Lock icon on the address bar’s left side. 
  • Now, ensure that the ‘Notifications‘ option shows ‘Allow‘ next to it.
  • If you aren’t able to view the Notifications option, tap ‘Site Settings.’
  • You’ll be redirected to Chrome’s settings for Gmail, wherein you can view different permissions. Locate ‘Notifications‘ and choose ‘Allow‘ from the box beside it.
  • You must also use the ‘Clear data‘ and ‘Reset permissions‘ buttons. It will reset all the Gmail permissions in the Chrome browser. 

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Solutions for Gmail Notifications Not Working on Android 

You might access your Gmail on the go through its app on your Android phone. So, it can feel quite frustrating when you don’t receive alerts of incoming messages. Here is the troubleshooting for Gmail push notifications not working on Android devices.


1. Adjust the settings in the Gmail App

Firstly, you need to adjust certain settings within the Gmail app. Open it on your phone and follow these stepwise instructions.

  • Touch the ‘Menu‘ button in the top-left part.
  • Hit ‘Settings.’
  • Next, tap the account whose notification settings you want to fix. 
  • Tap ‘Notifications.’
  • Now, tap ‘All‘ on the screen that appears.
  • Tap ‘Inbox Notifications‘ on the ‘Account‘ screen.
  • Tap to check the box beside the kind of alerts you want to get.
  • Repeat these steps for all the other email accounts in your Gmail application.


2. Disable Power-Saving Mode

Are your Gmail notifications not working since the Android 11 update on Oneplus? Try disabling the power-saving mode to fix the problem.

  • Hit the ‘Settings‘ icon on the home screen.
  • Next, touch the ‘Battery‘ option on the ‘Settings‘ screen.
  • Now on the ‘Battery‘ screen, tap ‘Battery saver.’


3. Reset App Permissions and Reboot

Another good way to fix this problem after the Android 11 update is to reset app permissions. It’s highly likely that an app that’s connected to it is resulting in this issue.

  • Go to ‘Settings.’
  • From there, choose ‘Apps & Notifications.’
  • Then select ‘See all apps.’
  • Now choose thee three dots, followed by ‘Reset app preferences.’
  • Reboot your device.
  • You should also check that you’ve enabled Gmail notifications.


4. Enable Gmail Sync in Your Phone Settings

If sync is not enabled, Gmail won’t refresh on its own. So, you’ll notice Gmail push notifications not working in the Android phone app. 

  • Open the Gmail application, and click the hamburger icon. 
  • Click ‘Settings‘ followed by clicking on the problematic account. 
  • Click on the three vertical dots present on the screen’s top-right corner. Then click ‘Manage accounts.’
  • Click on your email provider. 
  • Now, enable the ‘Gmail Sync‘ option by toggling the switch to ON. 
  • Restart your device, and check if the notifications are working.

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Solutions for Gmail Notifications Not Working on iPhone

There are various techniques you can apply when you find notifications not working in Gmail on iPhone 13. Try out these fixes.


1. Enable Push Notifications on iPhone

Enabling push notifications on iPhone is similar to that on Android. To enable them, follow these steps.

  • Open the Gmail app, and go to ‘Settings.’
  • Now, choose the account you want to enable the notification settings of. 
  • Go to ‘Notifications‘ and choose ‘All emails.’
  • Navigate to the device’s settings and see if the Gmail app is enabled in the ‘Notifications‘ section. 


2. Enable Fetch New Data

You can enable Fetch if you find push notifications not appearing. But remember that having a quicker fetch can affect your iPhone’s battery. 

  • Open ‘Settings‘ and click ‘Passwords & Account.’
  • Now tap ‘Fetch New Data.’
  • Tap on a specific email account and choose ‘Fetch.’
  • Now tap the ‘Back‘ button and set the time interval of fetch.


3. Re-Add Gmail Account

Sometimes, corrupt files can result in Gmail notifications not working on iPhones. You can re-add your Gmail account to purge them.

  • Tap the ‘Profile‘ icon and choose ‘Manage accounts on this device.’
  • You will see a blue toggle button. Enable it to receive notifications. Tap ‘Remove from this device‘ and abide by the instructions.


4. Reinstall Gmail App

Unlike a browser, you cannot clear the cache and data of specific apps on your iPhone. But uninstalling and reinstalling the application can help you do that. Follow these points to reinstall Gmail app so you can start receiving notifications.

  • Press and hold the Gmail application to choose ‘Remove App.’
  • Go to the app store to install the application again.
  • After re-installing Gmail, you will be asked to allow notifications when you open it. You must allow it.


Final Thoughts

In the modern digital world of today, email exchange constitutes an important part of daily work. So, when you find Gmail notifications not working, it can hamper your workflow. Follow the series of troubleshooting described in the article to fix this problem effectively. If you want speedy resolutions, feel free to connect with expert Gmail support services.

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