How to Stop Receiving Duplicate Emails in Gmail

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Receiving Duplicate Emails In Gmail

Receiving the same e-mail several times is one of the most irritating things. I’m not just talking about one e-mail here; I’m talking about all of your e-mails, and not just twice, but many times. The most frequent set up errors that lead to receiving duplicate emails in Gmail are discussed in this article, as well as how to avoid them in the future.

A divide-and-conquer technique is the most effective way to avoid and delete Gmail duplicates. As a result, this article is divided into two sections: how to avoid receiving duplicate emails in Gmail and how to stop receiving duplicate emails in Gmail.

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Reasons for Receiving Duplicate Emails in Gmail

Receiving Duplicate Emails in Gmail can arise for a variety of reasons, including phone synchronization, recovering Exchange public folders from backups, and misconfigured Gmail rules, among others. The first step in eradicating them is to prevent them from happening again.


How to Avoid Receiving Duplicate Emails in Gmail

There are a few things you may do to avoid receiving duplicate emails.

Start by double-checking your Rules to ensure that no copies are being sent to the Inbox and that all of your rules finish in “Stop Processing” actions.

Then look in the task manager to make sure just one instance of Gmail is running. Two Gmail.exe instances operating at the same time might result in two messages arriving at the same time. Then you’ll have to figure out why two Gmail instances were operating in the first place and creating the issue of receiving duplicate emails in Gmail.

You may also delete/remove all of your e-mail accounts and then rebuild them. For some folks, this worked.

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How to Fix Receiving Duplicate Emails in Gmail

When you download emails from a POP3 mail server, the mail server has no way of knowing which emails you have already downloaded. Gmail is the only one that keeps track of this information. The following are the ways to fix them:


1. By Using Different SMTP server

Even though this isn’t conventional behavior for an SMTP server, there isn’t an option inside Gmail to turn off storing a copy of all transmitted items when utilizing their SMTP server.

If you don’t want your Sent Items to be automatically saved in Gmail, you can use the SMTP server of your Internet service provider (ISP) instead of Gmail’s SMTP server.

Because you’re sending from a @gmail address but not a Gmail server, there’s a larger chance that messages may be tagged as spam by the receiver. Some ISPs will not let you send over their SMTP servers unless you use one of their addresses.


2. By Using Filter

  1. To begin, log in to Gmail and select Create Filter.
  2. Then paste the email address for which duplicates should be removed in the In filter area. To eliminate duplicates from Gmail, click the Filter option.
  3. Emails with the appropriate ID will be moved to a separate folder.
  4. Finally, pick all of them and remove them.


3. By Modifying the IMAP settings

  1. To begin, go to your computer and log into your Gmail account.
  2. Locate the gear symbol in the upper-right corner.
  3. After that, go to the Inbox tab.
  4. The select default option in the inbox area
  5. Go to the Categories section and choose the Primary checkbox.
  6. Please uncheck the option to show in IMAP in the label option.
  7. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the screen and press the Save Changes button.

The problem should be solved once you’ve completed the instructions above.

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Final Words

After reading this complete article, you now know how to stop receiving duplicate emails in Gmail. You also spoke about the cause of the problem and how to address it. And we think that you are now competent enough to deal with the issue by yourself and we are glad to help you to gain the knowledge to fix this issue. Still, if you are facing this issue, you can contact our Gmail support team 24×7.

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