ATT Email Not Working? Here’s What You Should Do

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ATT Email Not Working

AT&T is a highly popular email service provider. The company is known globally for its safe and feature-packed email services. But no email service can truly be free from every error. It is not only the case with AT&T but with several other services like Yahoo and Gmail. Every once in a while, people receive a not-so-pleasant surprise as they encounter some or the other error. With regards to AT&T, one commonly reported problem is that of ATT email not working. People who want to send urgent mail are unable to perform this function due to this problem. But the error also has a solution. In this guide, you’ll find all the effective fixes.

Problems Behind ATT Email Not Working & Their Solutions

There are various kinds of errors that users face concerning their ATT email. These errors, along with their troubleshooting steps, are given below.

1. Cannot Sign In to ATT Email Account

Solution:- One of the most common AT&T email not working errors pertains to login issues. If you are facing it, then you need to follow the right steps to log in correctly. For it,

  1. Input your username.
  2. Fill in your password.
  3. Tap’ Sign in.’

While doing these steps, ensure that you are inputting accurate details. Check that you have a good internet connection. It’s how you will be able to log in easily.

2. AT&T Email Account not Working with Outlook

Solution:- Have you set up your account with Outlook? In such a case, when facing problems with the AT&T email, you need to see whether you have typed in the right outgoing and incoming mail server settings. If you encounter your AT&T not operating correctly with Outlook, you should use Outlook in Safe Mode. Another way is to type in the right configuration settings. Read on to know the correct mail server settings for both IMAP and POP3.


  1. is the incoming mail server.
  2. is the outgoing mail server.


  1. is the incoming mail server.
  2. is the outgoing mail server.

Keep in mind that if you have any antivirus installed, it can disturb your email account. In this situation, you should try to disable it temporarily and see if you are still facing this error.

3. Email Programs or Application Problems

Solution:- If you haven’t upgraded your email security through an email program or app, then you will certainly face problems like email not working. Do the following:

  1. First, check that you have an uninterrupted internet connection so you can get updates.
  2. See that the outbox folder doesn’t have any mail.
  3. If you are encountering error codes while working with the email service, fix them immediately.
  4. Ensure that the AT&T server is not down in your place.
  5. Configure the right ATT email settings.

4. AT&T Email is not Functioning on Your iPhone

Solution:- You can easily access the email services wherever you are when you use your AT&T account on the iPhone. However, sometimes users report that ATT email is not working on the iPhone. If you are encountering the same problems, then the steps below are for you.

  • See whether your iPhone is connected to a good network.
  • Remove the AT&T account and re-add it. For doing it, follow the instructions below.
    1. Navigate to the section of ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Mail Contact and Calendar.’
    2. Click ‘Add Account’ and then click ‘Others.’
    3. After clicking on ‘Add mail account’ input the needed information.
    4. Choose ‘IMAP’ and input the needed details for the incoming mail server.
    5. Now, for the outgoing mail server, select ‘SMTP’ and input the needed information.
    6. Save all changes and start your iPhone again.

5. AT&T Password Doesn’t Work

Solution:- Did you just find out that your AT&T password isn’t working as it should? It means that either you’ve forgotten it or it has been hacked. It commonly results in the AT&T email not working. Reset your ATT email password with the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the login page of AT&T.
  2. Tap the link of ‘Forgot Password.’
  3. Next, input your user ID, last name, and then fill in the CAPTCHA.
  4. Tap ‘Continue.’
  5. Choose the ‘Security Question’ and answer it. You can also choose ‘Temporary Password’ and get the code on your mobile number or mail address.
  6. Follow the points you see on your screen to finish the password recovery process.

6. Cannot Send or Receive Emails

Solution:- Many people aren’t able to send emails from their AT&T account. If you too face this problem, you need to ensure that you are not committing the mistakes below.

  1. Ensure that you aren’t exceeding the maximum size limit of email attachments.
  2. Ensure that you aren’t typing the wrong email address of your recipient.
  3. And, ensure that you have not mistakenly blocked the recipient.

If you aren’t able to receive emails, then pay attention to the points below.

  1. Login to your account on another web browser.
  2. In case you’ve created any filters for your account, delete all those filters. Then, request your sender to send you the email again.
  3. Delete all the cookies and cache on the browser. Then sign in again. You also have the choice to reset the browser.

Final Words

Now you know the exact measures to take on finding your ATT email not working. However, it’s possible that even after you implement the varied techniques explained above, the problem will persist. You don’t need to feel panicked at that moment. Contact the AT&T email support team as soon as possible. The support professionals are there to guide and assist you in resolving all problems related to ATT email. They are only a phone call away.

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