How To Fix If Windows Live Mail Not Working?

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Windows Live Mail Not Working

Many users worldwide report Windows Live Mail not working on their systems. It can turn out to be a huge issue for those who are using Windows Live Mail as their email client. A year ago, Microsoft stopped extending support for Windows Live Mail.

However, it was an extensively used email client, and many people didn’t like the preinstalled mail app in Windows 10. So, Microsoft decided to work with the outdated but functional Windows Live Mail client. It’s the reason why many people find themselves facing various errors while using this email client.

In this article, you’ll find some effective fixes for when Windows Live Mail does not function in Windows 10.

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Why is Windows Live Mail not Working?

There are various reasons why this email client stops functioning. Below are some common causes of this problem.

  • The graphics card driver clashing with Windows 10 is a significant cause. It usually occurs after the update.
  • Corrupt Windows Live Mail cache.
  • Your system’s disk is full and is out of memory. It hinders Windows Live Mail from installing correctly.
  • Security software on your device is interfering with Windows Live Mail.

Fixes for Windows Live Mail Not Working Issue

You can employ several fixes and make your Windows Live Mail work again. So whenever you face Windows Live Mail errors, follow these measures.

Solution 1. Run Your Mail as an Admin in Windows Compatibility Mode

It’s an easy way to fix different problems with Windows Live Mail. To run Windows Live Mail as an admin, follow these points:

  • Firstly, navigate to ‘C: Program FilesWindows Live Mail.’
  • Now right-tap the file ‘wlmail.exe‘ and open ‘Properties.’
  • Now choose the ‘Compatibility‘ tab.
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Run this program in compatibility mode from the drop-down. Then select ‘Windows 7.’
  • Now tick the checkbox ‘Run this program as an administrator.’
  • Verify the changes and restart the email client.

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Solution 2. End Wlmail.Exe and Restart the Email Client

Another good measure to use when you find Windows Live email not working is to end Wlmail.Exe. After that, restart Windows Live email.

  • Begin the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Escape.
  • Locate ‘wlmail.exe‘ and right-tap it. Then choose ‘End Task.’
  • Now restart Windows Live Mail and see whether it is working or not.

Solution 3. Delete Windows Live Mail Cache

A corrupt Windows Live Mail cache is another reason why the mail can stop working. You can delete the cache by going through these steps.

  • Hit the Windows key + R. Then input ‘%localappdata%.’ Hit ‘OK.’
  • Double-tap on Microsoft inside the ‘Local Folder.’
  • Now, double-tap on Windows Live to launch it.
  • Find the .cache folder. Right-tap it and choose ‘Delete.’
  • When the folder gets deleted, ensure to clear the ‘Recycle Bin.’

Solution 4. Repair Installation

Many people had reported this method to be one of the most effective ones when their Windows Live Mail stopped working. You can execute the repair installation by following these steps.

  • Type control in the Windows search bar. Open ‘Control Panel.’
  • In the ‘Category view,’ choose ‘Uninstall a program.’
  • Double-tap on ‘Windows Essentials 2012.’ Tap ‘Repair all Windows Essential Programs.’ Wait for some time till this process ends.
  • Now, start your system again and see for changes.

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Solution 5. Fix the Authentication Error 0X800CCC0B

Although a lot of email service providers don’t need authentication for all outgoing mail, at times, Windows Live Mail needs it. When you receive one of the common Windows Live Mail errors, namely error code 0X800CCC0B, it shows that your email service provider needs authentication. Fixing this error is not difficult. Just follow these points to enable authentication.

  • Launch ‘Windows Live Mail and tap ‘Accounts.’
  • Now choose the email account where you are getting the authentication error. Then tap ‘Properties.’
  • The email account properties will display. Hit the ‘Server‘ tab and tick the checkbox that reads ‘My server requires authentication.’ It is below the section of ‘Outgoing Mail Server.’ Click ‘OK.’
  • This action will enable outgoing and incoming email authentication. You’ll not face this problem again.

Solution 6. Disable the Antivirus in Your System

A major cause of Windows Live Mail not working is the antivirus in your system. Often, the security software blocks specific applications from operating. So, you must check that you have added Windows Live Mail to the list of exceptions in the security software in your system. If the application is not blocked by the antivirus, you can resolve the issue by disabling the antivirus.

There are some antivirus tools that are incompatible with older software. So, if you are finding that your Windows Live Mail is not functioning, remove or disable the antivirus. It’s highly likely that this action will solve the problem.

When the problem gets fixed, you can switch to a different security or antivirus software. There are many free antivirus software tools in the market. So, you can easily discover one that doesn’t block Windows Live Mail on your system.

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Solution 7. Restore Your System to an Earlier Working Time

If you find the fixes above not resolving Windows Live Mail errors, try restoring your system to an earlier working time. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Hit the Windows key and R, and input ‘sysdm.cpl.‘ Then tap ‘OK.’
  • Navigate to the ‘System Protection tab, and choose ‘System Restore.’
  • Tap ‘Next’ and select the ‘System Restore point you want.
  • Adhere to the guidelines you see on the screen to finish the system restore.
  • When your computer reboots, you’ll not encounter this issue anymore. Not only that, but this measure will also take care of Windows 10 Random Restart problem that you may encounter.

Final Words

These are some proven methods to help users fix the Windows Live Mail not working problem. Note that this problem is a result of various reasons. But these fixes cover all the causes. If you still find your Windows Live Mail not working properly, feel free to connect with expert technical support services. The service technicians are available to help you 247.

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John is a Technical Writer at Email Support, has 10 years of experience, and is an expert in Email and Cloud Computing. His specialty is writing about the Email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, Verizon, SBCGlobal, Gmail, Apple Mail, AOL, WildBlue, and others.

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