Way to fix Protonmail Login Issue

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proton mail login issue

Protonmail is a secured mailing service platform that has end-to-end encryption. It’s open-source and also has an app. It has been developed with proper research about the requirements of the people for their email platform. It has amazing features and functions that have been developed in accordance with the demand of what people require. Make it user-friendly the company has also created the application for it. If by chance the user comes across the Protonmail login issue then they can try to login via the application. But, at professional work, it’s necessary for the web service of Protonmail to run. Thus walk through this article to know the solution and fix it.

proton mail login issue

Overview of the Causes behind Proton Email Login issue

Here are some causes that have been calculated via research. Take a look:

  1. Incompatibility with Private Mode
  2. The current browser does not support
  3. Availability of cache and cookies
  4. Incorrect domain
  5. New Version proper download complex
  6. JavaScript disabled
  7. 2 Factor Authentication problem

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How to Fix the Protonmail Email Login Issue?

Here are some solutions that you must go through and apply accordingly:

Disable Private Mode

At times, the browser is set to Private mode. This mode is already set as default in some devices. Protonmail fails to work with Safari’s Private mode as there are certain browser technologies that are required to be disabled by Safari in private mode.

Choose Different Browser

There might be a browser issue. It can also be the reason for the Proton email login issue. For this, first, check that your browser is updated to the latest version. Now, if it’s the latest version, then try to log in on different browsers and check if this fixes the log in issue. If this works, then try to inform us by reporting a bug to make Protonmail compatible with the original browser

Delete cache and Restart Browser

Many times there arises the problem caused due to corrupt browser cache. Thus, you need to clear the browser’s cache. Thereafter, restart the browser.

Disable Browser Extensions

In case, there is still the issue of logging in then try logging in through Private or Incognito mode of your browser. Also, try to deactivate all the extensions. If you see any positive result then remove other extensions on by one and test login to verify which extensions cause problems.

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Incorrect or Duplicate Domain

There might be chances that the domain you have is not compatible with the Protonmail services. This might restrict the users to log in to their account.

Use an Older Version of ProtonMail Platform

In case, all the above is not working then try to work on an older version of Protonmail. The older version still works and is simpler to handle. Furthermore, it takes less space and not has many complications.

Access another Platform

If ProtonMail is not working through the web browser, you can also try accessing via free applications of Ios and Android

Ensure Javascript is enabled

Protonmail in your browser will not work at all unless the Javascript Cookies and Session storage is enabled. Occasionally, plugins try to disable these features.

Two Factor Authentications Problem

If the 2-factor authentication is allowed, it can be trouble with your 2FA code generating device. In this situation, try to log in using one emergency recovery code, that was provided at the time of the 2FA setup.

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Reset your password

There were various solutions but you can also go for resetting your password. However, remember that if you change the password you will not be able to read the previous messages.

Contact the Experts

If all of the above methods fail there is only there is one way out, to contact the protonmail email support experts. Well, this option can be best because you will get to know the accurate solution for the Protonmail login issue. They will guide you and help you fix the bug. And, are available all round the clock, 24*7

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