Mediacom Email Settings for Outlook, iPhone & Android

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Mediacom Email Settings

Mediacom is one of the US-based top-rated emailing services providing amazing numerous features to users. Users who are having a Mediacom email account will be able to access for sending/receiving emails not only through web-browser but also they can frequently access it on their Microsoft Outlook, iPhone & Android phone. For using this email through Outlook or on your iPhone as well as Android phone, it is highly required to configure Mediacom Email Settings in a very appropriate manner. To set up your account with no hassle on any of your devices, read the blog-post and follow the provided step-by-step instructions. Let’s take a brief look!


Mediacom Email Settings


Steps To Setup Mediacom Email Settings For Outlook

If you wish to set up your Mediacom Email Settings for Outlook, then you land on the right place. In the below, given instructed lines will let you to complete the configuration process in a very short period of time. Let’s begin to do so:

  • First and foremost, you need to launch Outlook Application on your Windows Desktop
  • Click on “File” tab
  • Thereafter, go to the category information and choose “Account Settings” option
  • Now, open the email tab and give single click on “New”
  • Tap “Server Settings” and then click “Next” button
  • Now, input the following information:-
    1. Your full name
    2. Your correct Mediacom email address
  • In the next step, move to the type account option and select “POP3” from there
  • Enter the following information:-
    1. For Incoming Email, type “” and enter the value of Incoming Mail Server as “950”
    2. For Outgoing Email, mention “” and enter the value of Outgoing Mail Server as “465”
  • Enter your login credential such as username and password correctly and choose “SSL” as the security type.
  • Test the Settings section
  • If everything checks out properly and all are okay, then you will be start using Mediacom Email on your Outlook in no time.
  • At the end, simply click “Finish” button.


Always remember that the Configuration setting process of Mediacom Email might be a little bit different for all other versions of Outlook.


Mediacom Email Settings Procedures For iPhone

If you are using iPhone and wish to use a Mediacom email account on it, then firstly you have to configure Mediacom Email Settings on your iPhone in a suitable manner. Here is how to set up this email on iPhone, so let’s have a glimpse of the beneath noted instructions:

  • Open your apple mobile phone
  • Go to Settings from home screen
  • Navigate to Mail and Contacts options
  • Select the “Add Account” option and then click on it
  • Afterward, enter the following information in the ‘Add mail account’ option:-
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Accurate Mediacom Email address
    3. Correct Password for such account
  • Now, Make sure you have without any mistake entered the desired description related to your account
  • Now, For Incoming Mail Server, give following information:
    1. Type “” in the Hostname field
    2. Type your actual email address in the Username field
    3. And, type your correct password in the Password field
  • Now, For Outgoing Mail Server give the following detail:-
    1. Type “” in the Hostname field
    2. Enter your Mediacom email address in the required field
    3. Enter your login password for the same
  • Click “Save” button to save the changes
  • Now, come to the next page where you have to choose your email id
  • For outgoing mail, choose SMTP
  • Inside the main server option, select “”. Make sure that SSL: SSL and the server port value of 465 are mentioned.
  • Go to “Advance Settings” tab and make sure that SSL: SSL and is already entered in the given field.
  • Get back to the home screen
  • And Restart your iPhone


Now you are free to use your Mediacom email account on your iPhone. You only need to open the Mediacom email app on your iPhone and enter your login credentials like your username and password. You will now be able to access your account for sending and receiving any emails or any other office works.


Process To Setup Mediacom Email Settings on Android

If you are an Android user and looking for Mediacom Email Settings Setup For Android, then you have come up on the right post. In below, the step-by-step guidelines are mentioned. So, let’ go through the provided instructions accordingly:

  • In the beginning step, you have to open the Mail app on your Android Phone
  • Next, go to the Settings panel
  • Then, select the “Add A New Email” option
  • Choose POP3 from the given list
  • Enter sign-in details in the given field
    1. Your email address
    2. Your password
  • Thereafter, give a click on “Manual Setup”
  • Once you have appropriately gone through the afore-mentioned instructed lines, then afterward you just need to follow below step for Mediacom Email Server Settings for android.
  • When the “Incoming Setting Screen” opens up on the screen, enter the following information:-
    1. Your Email-id as the username
    2. Your password
  • The next step is –  ‘Incoming Mail Server’, enter the following
    1. Type “” as IMAP server
    2. Select Security Type as SSL
    3. Choose the Port Value as 995
  • Then, click Next to move to the next page
  • For outgoing server enter the following details:-
    1. Type “” for SMTP server.
    2. The Port Value should be 465
    3. SSL should be the security type
    4. Enter your correct username and password in the given field
  • Thereafter, press “Next” button
  • Under the Account Options panel, enter your preferences and then press “Next” button
  • In the next screen, Name your account
  • Enter your name
  • And then click “Done” button
  • You are done with the setup.


Congratulations! Your Mediacom Email account is successfully set up on your Android phone and now you are ready to send and receive emails.



Hopefully! The above written-information will be helpful for you in a way to setting up Mediacom Email Settings on Outlook, iPhone, or Android. We are 100% sure that you won’t face any technical glitches while performing the given steps. But in case you are yet unable to configure your Mediacom email account settings for either of your any of these devices (MS Outlook, iPhone, Android), don’t feel blue! Email support team are here to assist you. You only are suggested to give a ring at 24/7 opened helpline number. One of our well-educated and highly experienced techies will instantly lend you a hand with satisfaction.


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