Email Sent by Mistake? Here’s How to Recall an Outlook Email!

Email Sent by Mistake? Here’s How to Recall an Outlook Email!

Have you ever regretted sending a wrong or incorrect email from your Outlook account and wish to hold it back before it reaches the recipient?  This can be done with “Recall an Email in Outlook”. Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling of sending an email accidentally to the wrong person or email address.  

And what do we do next? Call the recipient and ask them to delete the email. However, if you are using the Outlook email services, you do not need to worry about this thing anymore. Outlook comes with the “recall” feature that allows users to get back their email before anyone sees it. 

So, how exactly do we Recall an Email in Outlook? To know the process, keep reading!  In this post, we are sharing simple and useful guidelines that can help you to recall the email.

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Requirements to Recall Outlook Emails

Although, there are certain requirements to recall the emails. Email sent from Outlook can be deleted from the recipient email or replaced with the new one if the following conditions are met: 

  • The sender and recipient email program must be connected to the Microsoft exchange server.
  • The recipient hasn’t opened the email yet.
  • The email is sent within the same organization using Microsoft 365 or MS Outlook desktop.

If all these requirements are met, you can proceed next to recall the email without trouble. To know How to Recall an Email in Outlook, proceed with the points mentioned below.


Steps to Recall an Email in Outlook

MS Outlook comes with a recall feature that allows users to delete an email from the recipient email box. Let’s proceed further and find the directions to recall an email in Outlook. Steps to follow are: 

  • On your Outlook, go to the “send items”  folder.

Recall an Email in Outlook - 1

  • From here, double click on the email you would like to recall.
  • Choose the “Action” from the “Move” folder present at the top under the “Message”  tab.
  • Now,  click on the “Recall this message”  option.

Recall an Email in Outlook - 2

Important: The process will only work for you if you have the “exchange” account. Or, if this feature is available within your organization.

  • When you click the option, a pop-up message will appear on your screen.
  • Now, you need to click on the “delete unread copies of this message” options.

Recall an Email in Outlook - 3

  • For creating a replacement message, you can click on the “delete unread copies and replace with the new message” option.  This will replace the previous message with the new one.
  • If you want to know whether the “recall an email in Outlook” feature has worked, you can click on the “tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient”  option. 
  • Hit the “Ok” button.
  • If you have created the email, you can click on the “send” button. 

These are some simple instructions that can help you to recall an Outlook email and send the correct one. 

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Recall not working? Here is What You Need to Do

The recall feature in Outlook does not always work.  There are certain factors responsible for the failure of a recall attempt. Here are some of the common reasons due to which the recall process may fail: 

  1. If the recipient has opened the original email, you cannot recall it.
  2. If the email activated a filter, and MS Outlook re-routed it to some other folder, the recall process will fail.
  3. The recall function only works with Outlook. If you have sent an email to someone using some other email service like Gmail, the recall will not work.

If you are attempting to recall email, but it’s not working, consider the following troubleshooting steps to fix the issue:

  1. Type an apologetic email to the recipient. Make sure that you send the email to the correct people. An honest apology always works and lets you build the trust of the recipient again.
  2. You can delay the emails. When the user is constantly sending or receiving emails, they are prone to make mistakes. So, you can delay the emails and handle the situation. Here are the steps to delay email.
    • On the MS Outlook account, click the “File”  section.
    • Click the “Manage rules and alerts” option, you will see a popup window appearing. Now, choose the “new rule” option.
    • From another popup appearing, choose the “Apply rule on message I send” option. Continue with the tap on the Next button.
    • Click on yes to confirm. 

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Wrapping Up 

So, these are some simple steps that can help you to “Recall an email in Outlook”. Although it is simple to recall the email, there are certain conditions that you must meet to use the Recall option. Every mentioned step is simple and easy to follow, however, if you are still having trouble recalling the email, do not hesitate to contact the Outlook experts and get professional advice. 

There might be something else wrong with your email account not letting you use the recall feature. So, you can contact the professional and get instant help from experienced tech professionals to find and fix the issue.  


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