Way to fix Bellsouth Email Login Problems

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Bellsouth Email Login Problems

Bellsouth Email Login Problems can also be an issue the user might encounter while using Bellsouth Email Services. Just like any other service provider, the Bellsouth Internet-based Email service provider is also one of the main communication providers to the global audience.

Bellsouth is a renowned email service provider that is based in the USA but it is serving a global audience. It was developed by keeping in mind that it will come into use for personal conversations but, timely progress and business requirements have turned this software into professional software.


Bellsouth Email Login Problems


Bellsouth basically is known for its wireless internet services, cable, and digital television services, short and long-distance communication services, internet-based free of cost email services, and much more and is a very popular and one of the most prominent companies in the world, it is catering to the needs of the worldwide audience in the most effective and efficient manner. 

But, what to do in the case where you are facing Bellsouth Email Login Problems? Don’t Worry…!!! Not working issue is just indicative of Bellsouth Email server setting requires a check-up and minor fixes.


Here are some reasons why Bellsouth Email Creates Login Problems

The reasons behind Bellsouth Email Login Problems can be many. We are discussing the few major ones in the below-laid bullet points –

  • The reason for facing Bellsouth Email Login Problems over the Bellsouth Email Platform can be the exhaustion of that storage capacity also. The total email storage limit offered by the Bellsouth Platform is 15 GB / Per User / Per Account.
  • Bellsouth Email Website server might be down or crashed for the time being. The reason behind this can be too many users are present at the same time and the server of the Bellsouth Email site is to that much competent to take that sort of load.
  • Anti – Virus installed in the PC/ Desktop / Laptop might be creating a firewall and thus, resulting in that you are not been able to login to your Bellsouth Email Account.
  • Frequent Use of an Un-updated web browser or search engine for using Bellsouth Email Services can also create a hindrance. Web Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. are some of the top considered web browsers that must be used to avail of any internet service, whether mail or anything else.
  • The web browser installed in the system, the one user is using for connecting with the Bellsouth Email Services is filled with cache and cookies.
  • Web Browser’s add-on and plug-in are either become obsolete or irrelevant, thus, creating hindrances in between.
  • Slow Internet Speed offered or Improper Internet Connection provided. Bellsouth Email Service sever requires a decent internet connection to work.
  • Wrong Time and Date of your PC / Desktop / Laptop / Device. The location update is also included in this.
  • Wrong Email configuration settings can be one of the few reasons for Email Login Problems
  • Wrong Login credentials of the email account can also create a Login Problem.


5 Easy Methods to Fix Bellsouth Email Login Problems


Method 1 – Bellsouth Email Account Password Reset 

To do so, follow the below mentioned quick easy steps –

  • Open your web browser and open the given AT & T Website Homepage Link – http://start.att.net/
  • Then, click on the Account Sign-In Option available on the homepage.
  • Click on the Forgot Password Option available and you will reach the Account Recovery Page.
  • Now, enter the asked inputs in the prompt fields. All the fields are mandatory to be filled.
  • Enter Captcha and click on the Continue button and you will reach the identity verification page.
  • You will now have 2 options – Send Me a Temporary Password / I’ll answer the security questions.
  • Select any of the 2 options and follow the further step and your password will be recovered.


Method 2 – Bellsouth Email Configuration Settings

Bellsouth Email won’t be able to work properly until and unless the user does not do the correct incoming mail server and outgoing mail server settings resulting in Bellsouth Email Login Problems. If they are incorrect, then correct them as per the below-mentioned inputs

For Incoming Mail Server Settings

  • Username – In the username column, the user is required to mention his/her correct Email ID with the correct domain.
  • Password – In the next column, the user is required to provide the Login Password attached with his BellSouth Account Email ID.
  • Server – imap.mail.att.net
  • PORT – 993
  • Security – SSL / TLS

For Outgoing Mail Server Settings

  • Username – In the username column, the user is required to mention his/her correct Email ID with the correct domain.
  • Password – In the next column, the user is required to provide the Login Password attached with his CenturyLink Webmail Account Email ID.
  • Server – smtp.mail.att.net
  • PORT – 587 / 465
  • Security – SSL / TLS


Method 3 – Bellsouth Email Service Site Crashed/Server Down 

There is a huge possibility that the Bellsouth Email services site is down or crashed for the time being. The reasons can be many. Maybe too much website load or update is being done from Bellsouth’s end regarding adding or removing any feature in it.

To identify whether the site is crashed or not, click on the given link on Google and the following screen will appear https://downdetector.com/status/att/


Method 4 – Anti-Virus Firewall 

Temporarily disable the Anti – Virus installed in the system. There might be a huge chance that the Anti – Virus installed is creating a sort of firewall leading to improper functioning and working of the Bellsouth Email account services and you are facing Bellsouth Email Login Problems.


Method 5 – Update/Reinstall/Change the Web Browser and BellSouth Email Application 

Re-install / Update / Change the Web Browser that is being used as a platform for availing the Bellsouth Email services. The same should be done over mobile phone devices also, whether Android or iOS.

Timely updates are been provided by Bellsouth to its users and the same should be installed on a timely basis by the user and this will ensure that you won’t face Bellsouth Email Login Problems.


The Final Words

If any of the above-mentioned methods won’t work for you, then contact the Bellsouth email support team which is available 24*7 for your help. You will get a reliable solution to your problem that you can easily apply to solve your Bellsouth Login Problem through your own efforts.

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