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centurylink login prob

Centurylink Email Services is offered by the firm named CenturyLink which is headquartered in Louisiana and is a Global Technological MNC. Deals in multiple types of Products and Services such as communication services, network services, security services, cloud solutions services, voice services, etc. has truly unique features. Webmail Services are also part of Centurylink products and service lines. Being a very old registered firm, it has upgraded its product and services account to present market needs. Anyone can have Centurylink email login problems and account and then can have access to its multiple services.

This is not just an ordinary email service-providing platform. It is a secure and reliable business email solution service provider having tailor-made services according to a business and organization’s needs. It is not just an email option out of many. It is much more than an inbox. This Email service provider has not only changed the way Email service providers used to work but also came up with new and innovative ideas to make the Email service much more fun and easy to use. This email is an excellent internet-based email service that is far quicker as compared to other service providers in the market. But, what to do in the case where you are facing trouble logging in to your CenturyLink Email Account? Don’t Worry…!!! Not working issue is just indicative of CenturyLink Email server setting requiring a check-up and minor fixes.

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Benefits of Using CenturyLink Email Services are as follows 

  • Email Size Limit of 20 MB otherwise total storage of 15 GB.
  • Sending Limit to Contacts up to 100 Contacts at the same time.
  • Webmail Send Limit of up to 100 / hour.
  • SMTP Send Limit of up to 500 / hour.
  • IP Based Send Limit of up to 50 / 5 Minutes.
  • The user can track the messages sent using the conversation filter
  • The user can also create various folders and subfolders to organize the mail inbox and then directly can route similar messages to the designated folder.
  • The CenturyLink Email service user can also create a tasks list, and to-do lists, and can also set the priority reminder over important emails.
  • The user of CenturyLink Email service can also configure the system settings through its own efforts.
  • The user of CenturyLink Email service can also create events like meetings and business appointments.


Various ways to solve the CenturyLink Email Login Problems are mentioned below 


Method 1 – Incorrect CenturyLink Email Configuration Settings

Do check that whether the CenturyLink Email Configuration Settings for both Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server is correct or not. The CenturyLink Webmail won’t be able to work properly until and unless the user does not do the correct incoming mail server and outgoing mail server settings resulting in misbehave of the CenturyLink Webmail server. If they are incorrect, then correct them as per the below-mentioned inputs 

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For Incoming Mail Server Settings

  • Username – In the username column, the user is required to mention his/her correct Email ID with the correct domain.
  • Password – In the next column, the user is required to provide the Login Password attached with his CenturyLink Webmail Account Email ID.
  • Server – pop.centurylink.net
  • PORT – 993
  • Security – SSL / TLS


For Outgoing Mail Server Settings

  • Username – In the username column, the user is required to mention his/her correct Email ID with the correct domain.
  • Password – In the next column, the user is required to provide the Login Password attached with his CenturyLink Webmail Account Email ID.
  • Server – smtp.centurylink.net
  • PORT – 587 / 465 ( anyone out of them both according to the availability )
  • Security – SSL / TLS


Method 2 – Clear/Delete Unnecessary Junk and Spam Mail

Delete the unnecessary and junk mail from your CenturyLink Email Account as the reason behind your CenturyLink Email not logging in can be the exhaustion of the Maximum Storage Limit of the CenturyLink Email Account which is 15 GB / Per User / Per Account. Junk and Spam mail must be completely avoided and can also be routed in a separate folder for them. Keep regular track of them and delete them on a timely basis.


Method 3 – Update Password/Login Credentials

Try to change its password and try to log in to your CenturyLink email account through credentials. The reason behind the CenturyLink Email Account Login problem can majorly be the issue with the user’s login account login password. Change your password and then re-login to your account. Keep the password safe with you and write the same in your personal note for future reference. For easy navigation, write the password on a blank worksheet of WordPad or MS Word File, copy the same using CTRL + C and then paste it using CTRL + V on the designated password column in the login window of CenturyLink Email Account.


Method 4 – CenturyLink Email Application Update / Re-Install

The CenturyLink Email Application / Software might be having a new update available for its users but you haven’t downloaded the same and installed it on your system. Check the CenturyLink Email software site for the updates available and click on them one by one to download them and then follow the basic installation process. Download them from a trusted source only. The updates will be available on all devices whether PC, Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile Phones ( Android, or iOS users ). After installing the updates over your device, reboot the system and re-launch the CenturyLink Email Application and again log in to your email account.


Method 5 – Contact the CenturyLink Email Help Team

If any of the above-mentioned methods don’t work for you or you want to avail the of professional expert help then do contact the Centurylink email support help team which is available 24 * 7 / 365 Days for customer help and grievance redressal. Write to them at support@centurylink.com

After following any of the above-mentioned, re-launch the CenturyLink Email Service Application and then re-login to your email account and your problem will be resolved.


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