Why Is Roadrunner Email So Slow? [Reasons & Solutions]

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Why Is Roadrunner Email So Slow

The Roadrunner email service is being chosen by many people today. Its because the email service provides a variety of features that make important communication extremely convenient. The email service includes email filtering and blocking, top-notch security, parental control, and an organized online address book. However, despite being feature-rich, people often complain of various problems. Do they often wonder why is Roadrunner email so slow?

If you are facing this issue, there’s no need to panic. Yes, it can cause you much frustration, but you can troubleshoot it when you know the causes behind this issue. This post will highlight why the email service works slowly sometimes and what you can do about it.

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Why Is Roadrunner Email So Slow? Problems Related to It

When the speed of Roadrunner email slows, people face various problems. Some of the issues you can face are given below.

  1. Emails take several minutes to load on your browser.
  2. Users have to wait for around 5 minutes after they enter the username and password.
  3. The received and unread emails open very slowly. 
  4. A file that is received in the mail takes a lot of time to download.
  5. Roadrunner sends emails with a delay of two minutes.
  6. The process to attach any size of file takes over ten minutes. 
  7. It takes a lot of time to delete old emails. 


Why Is Roadrunner Email So Slow? Reasons Behind the Problem

There are many factors behind Roadrunner email working slowly. Go through the significant reasons which lead to the email service functioning in this way. 

1. Low internet speed – Low internet speed or a bad connection can be the primary cause of this problem. At times, the internet service provider’s server can be down, or there is the possibility of some other issue. The email may be very slow. So, it’s advised that you launch other tabs in the browser and try to load other pages like YouTube and Yahoo to check if your internet is functioning properly. 

2. Problems related to the browser – Problems related to the browser can also make you encounter this issue. A browser that’s corrupt or infected with viruses will drastically slow the functioning of the Roadrunner email.

3. Problems related to cache, cookies, and browsing history – If your device is filled with cookies and cache, then you may wonder why Roadrunner email is working slowly. Cookies and cache impact the Roadrunner email service’s speed. Although they are essential for the optimal functioning of the browser, if not cleared timely, they can create a pile of cookies and slow down the web pages. 

4. Virus problem on your device – If your device has a virus, it will negatively impact the browser speed and slow the email service. 

5. The email server of Roadrunner is down – The server of Roadrunner email can be down because of incorrect server settings, technical glitches, or maintenance from the back-end. All this can result in the Roadrunner email service being slow. 


What to Do When the Roadrunner Email is Working Slowly?

You don’t have to wonder about the Roadrunner email so slow when you know what you can do in such a situation. Implement the various methods listed below.

1. Inspect your net connection – You should fix your internet connection whenever you find the mail service working slowly. Usually, a slow internet connection is a major reason behind it.

2. Check the POP/IMAP email settings – If you have not configured your POP/IMAP settings, your Roadrunner email will be very slow in a third-party client like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac Mail. So, ensure that you have the requisite POP/IMAP settings.

3. Use a different browser – Using another browser can also resolve this issue. So, whenever you find the email service working slowly, try to access your mail account from a different browser like Firefox or Edge.

4. Disable browser enhancements – If you have installed many third-party add-ons, it will inevitably make your email service slow. Access your email after removing or deleting third-party plugins.

5. Remove your anti-virus programs – Apart from uninstalling unwanted plugins, you should also temporarily disable your anti-virus programs. Usually, Firewall and antivirus programs cause the email service to work slowly. After turning them off, check if you can receive and send emails from your account.


Final Words

Now you know the answer to why is Roadrunner email so slow? Use the various methods given above one by one and see if your email service functions speedily or not. Most probably, it will work well like before. But if it’s still not working properly or is slow, then get in touch with Roadrunner customer service.


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