How to Archive Emails in Gmail?

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How to Archive Emails In Gmail

Archiving emails in your Gmail account can help you to keep the inbox clean, and also boost the performance of your system. When you archive emails in your Gmail, you are not actually deleting them, but removing them from your inbox and putting them in the “All mail” folder. And, later if you want to access the archived emails, you can easily access them by searching in your Gmail account. To know How to archive emails in Gmail, keep reading the post. Here, you will find easy instructions to do the task.

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How to Archive Emails in Gmail on the Computer?

If you are using your computer to access the Gmail account and want to archive emails in Gmail, follow the steps we have mentioned below:

Now, you can archive emails in Gmail on a computer following three different ways:

  1. You can put a tick mark on the checkbox of messages you would like to archive. You will see a row of icons appearing at the top, from here click on the “archive icon” and it will move all your emails to the “All Mail” folder. 
  2. And, you can also open your email in question. Once your email is loaded, you will see the rows of icons appearing. From the given options, click on the “Archive” button, it will take you to the “Primary inbox”. Once you have archived the message, you will get a notification saying “conversation archived”.  Give the confirmation.
  3. The third way to archive emails in Gmail is “removing inbox labels”. For this,  you have to click the “x” over the label, and All the emails in your inbox will be moved to the “All Mail” section. Once the email has been moved from your inbox, you will receive a confirmation message saying that “conversation removed”. 


So, this is how to archive emails in Gmail on your computer and move them to the “All Mail” folder from where you can access them anytime you want.


Archive Emails in Gmail on a Smartphone

If you are using an Android or iOS device, you can easily archive emails in a Gmail account following some simple steps.

  • Open the Gmail application on your smartphone.
  • Slide the message to the left that you would like to archive.


That’s all! Your message will be archived in your Gmail account on your smartphone.

As an alternate,

  • You can open the email on your Gmail account.
  • From the upper right menu, click the “Archive” button.
  • Once you click the button, your email will be archived and you will receive the notification at the bottom of your application.
  • Tap the “label” section.
  • The “label as” window will appear on your screen.
  • Uncheck the “inbox”  label.
  • Hit the OK button.
  • This will remove the emails from your inbox, and show you the “changed label”  notification at the bottom. 


How to Archive Old Emails in Gmail?

If you want to keep your inbox in a clean state and archive every email present in the Gmail messages, you can use the “Filter” feature to do the task. Here is how to archive old emails in Gmail. Do it by using the command for refining the filter function.

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • In the search bar, type “in: inbox”. This will show you all the emails present in your inbox.
  • In case you want to refine the search and add a filter, type “before:yyyy/mm/dd” this will include all the emails you have received before the particular date you have mentioned. Also, you can type “after:yyyy/mm/dd” to archive the emails you received in a specific period. 
  • When you see the search results, put a tick mark on the upper menu.
  • The notification will say that ” All 100 conversations on this page are selected”. Select all the conversations that match this search” option will show up on the screen.
  • Click on this option.
  • Hit the “Archive” button.
  • The “confirm bulk action” window will show up.
  • Hit the OK button.


Depending upon the number of emails present in your inbox, Gmail may take some time to apply the changes. Once the changes are done, all your emails will be archived and disappear from the inbox. Your inbox will return to zero once the emails are archived.

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What are the Benefits of Archive Emails in Gmail?

There are numerous benefits the user can have by archiving emails in their Gmail account. To get a clear understanding of the benefits, read the point below:

  • The archive works like a vault, from where emails are not deleted automatically like a trash folder after 30 days. This means you can access the emails later if you want.
  • You can easily search the archive emails in your Gmail account by using “in :inbox” before the search term.
  • Archiving emails can help you to keep your inbox clean, and also improve the performance of your system.
  • Having a bulk of emails in the inbox can slow the performance of your Gmail account, so archiving the emails is a good option.


Have you accidentally archived an important email? Here is how to return an email: 

Many times, users accidentally “archive emails in Gmail” accounts. Fortunately, you can undo the action with a click on the “Undo” button from the notification.

  • Go to the “All Mail” section.
  • Select the email you would like to un-archive.
  • From the open menu, choose the “move to inbox” option.


This will help you to return the archived email to your inbox. 


Wrapping Up

Having a bulk of emails in your inbox fill your Gmail account with unnecessary items. It will add a burden to your mind, and slow the performance of your application. Thus, you must archive emails in your Gmail account to free up the space of your inbox, and boost the application performance. In the post above, they have discussed how to archive emails in Gmail.

So, follow the instructions and learn to archive emails in your Gmail account. The provided guidelines are easy, but if you still find trouble in archiving the emails in your Gmail account do not hesitate to contact the Gmail support experts and get professional assistance to do the task. 

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