Can’t Attach Files On AOL Mail | How To Fix?

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AOL Mail Attachment Problems

AOL mail is the most popular email service, and the greatest thing is that it is entirely free to use. It also has a slew of sophisticated capabilities that make it a stand-alone email client. All of this, however, does not guarantee that AOL will function smoothly. Certain difficulties may occur from time to time, but they are not serious issues if the proper troubleshooting methods are followed. In this lesson, we’ll go through a similar problem that you can have while dealing with AOL, namely, AOL mail attachment problems.

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Causes of AOL Mail Attachment Problems

If you try to connect a file to your account but are unable to do so, it might be because of the following reasons:

  1. Exceeding the Attachment Limit – Attaching a big file to AOL Mail might cause issues because each client is given 25MB of attachment capacity. Check the file size and make sure it’s under this limit.
  2. Browser Error – Are you using an outdated browser version? You might have trouble opening the file if you’re using an older version of your browser.
  3. Incorrect Internet Connection – If the Internet connection is not operating properly, the user will access the attachment.
  4. The File Attachment Link Isn’t Working – You will not be able to attach to the file if you click the file attachment, and the link has been corrupted somehow.


Solutions for AOL Email Attachment Problems

Before taking into account, the major steps of fixing this issue, one should try to troubleshoot this error by trying to fix basic loopholes in your system that can resolve the issue without any serious trouble:


Troubleshoot for AOL Attachment Problems

  1. Any installed third-party security or antivirus settings on your device should be disabled since they may obstruct the connection path.
  2. Change the IMAP settings if necessary. “Cannot Attach File to AOL Email ” is also the root reason.
  3. Pop-up blockers can be inconvenient. So, start a browser window and select the Disable Popup option from the drop-down menu.
  4. If the Email Scan Program is still operating on the device, turn it off for the time being.
  5. You may also try resetting your browser’s settings.
  6. Finally, on your device, clear all history, cookies, and footprints. A lack of storage space might also be an issue.

But if the above steps are not able to fix the issue, you can turn to the next segment of the blog for much more serious weapons in our arsenal that can fix the AOL mail attachment problems:


Resolve the Image Challenge Issue

In order to add attachments and send emails to others, AOL mail may require you to complete an image challenge or answer a captcha. This might happen if your AOL mail account is used by numerous clients at the same time or if your IP address changes often. Once you’ve input the code correctly in the appropriate field, the challenge tab will disappear. Following that, you will be able to attach files to your email and send it to others without difficulty.

If the picture challenge persists and refreshes even after you’ve solved it successfully, it’s a sign that you need to protect your account.


Manually Fixing Of AOL Mail Attachment Problems

  1. If you can’t attach a file to an AOL email, try a different browser. Scan the Gold Desktop program for AOL Gold first.
  2. Next, go to your AOL account’s Settings >> General page and select AOL Desktop as your default browser.
  3. If not, enter the Start menu, right-click on the AOL Gold tab, and select Turn Off Live Tiles from the menu that appears. Then reconnect to AOL with the file.
  4. If nothing else seems to be working, try attaching the file to AOL’s original version.

Know here how to fix the problem of being unable to download attachments from AOL mail. We’ve already covered the free and automatic options for resolving this problem. Keep in mind, however, that the manual technique has significant restrictions. In this case, it is preferable to use the above-mentioned automated strategy. As a result, the final decision is yours. For any assistance, you can contact the AOL desktop support team.

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