Losing all your AOL contacts is a nightmare for any active AOL user. But, worry not! Our guide AOL contacts missing will help you restore them in a few steps. 

One of the popular email service providers, AOL, still provides email services to many users. It is dear to many users for its excellent services. However, technical issues pave the way to the user’s account. 

Today, in this guide, we will discuss one of the most crucial contacts missing in AOL mail. Read the manual thoroughly to apply methods appropriately.

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Methods To Restore Missing AOL Contacts 

One of the significant features of AOL is that it stores the email addresses of the connections you have sent mail to. It makes the process of restoring contacts smooth. 

Here, we bring you three best solutions to resolve the issue of AOL email contacts missing.

Without losing much time, let’s get started!


Method 1: Restore Directly From Email Settings

AOL is kind to its users and so has an option to restore contacts directly. This is the easiest method to restore the lost, deleted and missing contacts. 

Follow these steps to restore AOL mail contacts missing:

  1. Open your browser and visit AOL official website aol.com
  2. Login into your account using user ID and password
  3. Your account mail page will open
  4. On the left side of your panel, select Contact
  5. Now, select the More option from the window and click on Restore
  6. To proceed, select the date to restore the contacts 
  7. Click on Restore

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Method 2: Restore AOL Contacts on Third-Party Application

Often, all third-party applications like Outlook or others provide an option to backup the contact file. 

Using this method, you can restore missing AOL mail contacts, saved on third-party applications such as Outlook or others. 

Note: If you have not backup your Contact on their party application, it is suggested to create a backup file. It will make the process easier, and you can restore the contacts anytime.  

Future, if you don’t want to create a file or have not done it yet, you can use the alternate webmail.

Here are the steps to restore the AOL contacts. 

  1. Launch Outlook on your system.
  2. Select files and then select import and export.
  3. Choose import.pst files.
  4. An option to upload the backup file will appear. 
  5. Click and select option backup file.
  6. Click Finish to end the process. 

As soon as you upload the file, your missing AOL contacts will be restored. 


Method 3: Backup AOL Contacts Using Gmail

Gmail is one of the most trusted webmail platforms. So you can back up your AOL contact to your Gmail account without giving a second thought. 

To proceed with this method, you need to export the AOL contacts first. Follow the steps mentioned here: 

  1. Log in to your AOL email account 
  2. On the left side of the panel, choose the option “select all”
  3. Now, click the option “Export”
  4. From here, in the options file type, select CSV as the file format. 
  5. Click option Export

Once you are done exporting the Contact from the AOL account, follow the steps to import AOL contacts on your Gmail account: 

  1. Log in to your Gmail email account 
  2. On the left side corner of the window, click on the six dots
  3. Now, click the option “contacts”
  4. From here, click option More 
  5. Click option Import and select CSV file 
  6. Move to old google contacts and from there click More
  7. Select Import
  8. Select the location you want to save your file and then click the Import option

We hope the issue of AOL contacts missing is resolved by now. However, if you still come up with the problem, here are the basic recovery methods that may help you. 


Basic Recovery Methods: 

1. Internet Connection:

You may find AOL contact missing or disappeared if you have an internet connection issue. To cross-check that the internet is working fine, try accessing any random website. If the page does not open, check your internet connection.


2. Reinstall the AOL Setup:

Sometimes the issue is within the software or setup installation. Hence, to reinstall the AOL setup, you need to remove existing software. Also, clear the cache, history, and related system files. Finally, reinstall the software afresh. 



We hope that the methods mentioned above have helped you troubleshoot the issue of AOL contacts missing and resolve. If you encounter the problem even now, you can contact AOL desk support. Or, contact us to get technical AOL support. We provide AOL and other email support services. To know more, connect with us through the mail, chat or call.


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