How to Stop Spam Emails on Yahoo Effectively?

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How to Stop Spam Emails on Yahoo

Everyone who has an email account is familiar with the presence of spam emails in it. These messages are unsolicited emails that you may receive now and then. They may ask you for some donations or notify you about your account security. You can also find numerous spam emails promoting products and services you haven’t even signed up for before. Naturally, for everyone, these kinds of unwanted emails are annoying. If you have got a Yahoo email address and are bombarded by these kinds of emails, then know that there’s a way you can block them. In this post, you’ll learn How to stop spam emails on yahoo.

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How to Stop Spam Emails on Yahoo – Different Steps to Implement 

Apart from being unwanted and frustrating, spam emails can also be harmful. It is so when they contain malware that attacks your PC and makes you lose your private data. Also, there’s no use in simply deleting them, as they will come to your inbox again. Follow the different methods given below to know how to block spam emails on yahoo and permanently get rid of them.


⏩ Train the Spam Filter to Recognize Spam Emails

Many people want to delete away spam emails right when they reach their inbox. However, deleting them does not guarantee that you will never receive them again. Several email hosting services comprise built-in filters. They function to filter out spam emails automatically. But you can further enhance your email protection by training the spam filter to identify these emails. 

The process includes filtering spam manually inside the inbox. It will help in preventing spam as well as reporting these kinds of messages to the email client you have. For reporting a spam email in Yahoo, tap on the ‘X’ icon in your inbox’s toolbar. It is labeled as spam and can be seen beside the ‘Trash’ button. To report numerous mails simultaneously, execute this procedure from the main inbox page and choose all mails that you wish to report prior to tapping the spam button.


⏩ Block All Spam Email Addresses

If the above step did not work out for you for some reason, you can still stop spam emails yahoo. Just follow these steps.

  1. Choose all the messages from a specific sender you wish to block by tapping the check box to the message’s left. 
  2. Tap on the three horizontal dots beside the ‘Spam’ button in the Toolbar.
  3. Choose the option of ‘Block senders.’
  4. Review those senders you want to block and select the settings you want for current and future emails. Tap ‘OK.’


⏩ Block Email Addresses from Where You Get a Majority of Spam Emails

Yahoo provides a blocking option that enables users to block those email addresses from where they get a massive number of spam emails. To know how to block spam on yahoo mail using this option, follow these points.

  1. Sign in to your mail account.
  2. Click the cog icon. It is present in the top right part below the home button.
  3. Select ‘More Settings.’ 
  4. Tap ‘Security and Privacy’, which is on the left-side menu.
  5. Select ‘Add.’ It will be beside blocked addresses. 
  6. Input the email address to block and tap ‘Save.’


⏩ Unsubscribe from the Mailing List

Not every spam email is malicious. Often, users receive loads of promotional or marketing emails from a particular brand they signed up for at a specific time. But these emails can clutter the inbox. If you don’t read them or are not interested in receiving them, an easy option for you is to unsubscribe from their mailing list. It will prevent the emails from entering your mailbox. 

The procedure for this is very simple. Just open one of those mails, and go down to the message’s bottom. Locate the ‘Unsubscribe’ button and tap it. After clicking this button, you’ll be directed to another page, which asks you to confirm your action. Adhere to the steps you see on the screen to unsubscribe. 


⏩ Make a Secondary Email Address

Many promotional or marketing messages come into your inbox when you purchase a product online. In such a case, registering or signing up with these websites with your secondary mail will prevent your business or personal mail from being cluttered by spam messages. Make a secondary email that you use only for particular activities like online shopping and subscriptions. It will keep your other important mail addresses free from such messages. 


How to Stop Spam Emails on Yahoo Mobile 

You can block spam emails on Yahoo mobile on Android and iOS devices. Download the Yahoo Mail app and adhere to the instructions given below for them.


⏩ Android

You can easily block spam emails on an Android mobile. Take these steps.

  • Open the Yahoo Mail app.
  • Now, open a mail from that sender you want to block.
  • Tap the option of ‘More.’ Click ‘Block.’
  • Choose ‘Send all future emails to spam.’ Then choose ‘Delete all existing emails.’
  • Click ‘OK.’

This process can be performed if you have at least one email from the sender you want to block. If you don’t have any email and wish to block a specific sender, follow this process.

  • Open the Yahoo Mail app and go to ‘Settings.’
  • Now, tap ‘Banned addresses.’
  • Tap ‘Add.’ Input the email address to block. Tap ‘Ban.’


⏩ iOS

Like Android, you can quickly block spam emails on your iOS device too. To know how to stop spam emails Yahoo on iPhone, follow these points.

  1. Navigate to the Yahoo Mail app.
  2. Open the message from the individual you want to block.
  3. Select the option of ‘More.’ Tap ‘Block.’
  4. Check the ‘Send all future emails to spam’ and ‘Delete all existing mails.’
  5. Tap ‘OK.’


Summing Up 

Now you know how to stop spam emails on yahoo through various methods. You can train the spam filter to recognize these emails. Another effective method is to block all spam messages by choosing the option of ‘Block sender.’ Alternatively, you can also choose to block those email addresses from where you receive a majority of spam emails. In case of extra assistance in this process, connect with Yahoo customer care professionals. 


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