What are the steps to fix MS Outlook folders not showing problems?

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MS Outlook folders not showing

Many users come across the issue of “Outlook folders not showing” while using the MS Outlook services. This experience can be quite daunting, however, some simple troubleshooting steps can help you to fix the problem.  But, before we move on and find a troubleshooting solution to fix the issue, you need to know the common reasons that can cause this trouble. 

Once you have a proper understanding of the issue, you can implement the steps to get rid of it. In this post, we are going to learn how to find the “folders missing from Outlook” when MS Outlook is not showing them, and what are the steps to retrieve the folder in MS Outlook 2013, MS Outlook 2016, MS Outlook 2010, and Microsoft Outlook 365.  To know more, keep reading!


MS Outlook folders not showing


Possible reasons behind MS Outlook folder missing issues

MS Outlook is intuitive and easy to use the software. But,  the user can encounter technical troubles anytime with their MS Outlook just like any other software service. There could be several possible reasons due to which  MS Outlook may not show the folders in the user’s mailbox. The most common reasons are:

  • Users have accidentally deleted the MS Outlook folders.
  • Poor internet connectivity.
  • Trouble in the synchronization with the server.
  • The personal file folder has been damaged.
  • The hidden Outlook folders are not showing.


We know that not finding the important folders in your MS Outlook can be an annoying experience for any user. But there is no need to panic, here we are sharing some important and working solutions with you that will help you to fix the issue and get your folder path in MS Outlook. To find the troubleshooting steps, carry on with the upcoming section.


Troubleshooting methods to find the missing folder in MS Outlook

If you see that your MS Outlook folder used to be there but now it has disappeared, then you can simply proceed with the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps and find it again.


Restart MS Outlook

Sometimes a simple restart is all you need to get the missing MS Outlook folders back in your MS Outlook account. This is a quite simple task to do;  all you need is to turn it off and turn it on again. Here are the step by step instructions to follow:

  • Get disconnected from your MS Outlook mailbox (do it only once).
  • Connect to your mailbox again (you should only do it once).
  • After this, create a new folder with a different name in the same folder as the ” missing folder”.
  • Both folders will now be shown on the screen.


Repair the MS Outlook

If the first troubleshooting solution does not help you to fix the problem, you need to repair the MS Outlook. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Important:  the solution is also applicable for the issue when Windows is unable to find the outlook.exe file.

  • Click on the “Start”  button.
  • Choose “Apps and features” in the “Menu”.
  • Choose ” Microsoft Outlook”.
  • Click on “Modify”.
  • Now,  the system will guide you about the steps you must follow to fix the MS Outlook folder missing problem on your device.


Here you will get two options, if you click on ” online repair”, then you will get everything fixed. And, if you click on ” quick repair”, it will scan for the applications and files, also, repair the corrupted ones. Follow these steps and see if the solution works for you.


Disable the add-ins

You can try disabling the add-ins to see if it helps to fix the ” folder missing from outlook” issue. Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow.

  • Open the run box by pressing the ” Windows + R” key together.
  • After that, type ” outlook.exe/safe”  in the run box and hit the Ok button.
  • Your MS Outlook will now be in the safe mode, and following the next steps, you would be able to disable the add-ins.
  • Click on the “Go to file”   section.
  • Select the option and then ” add-ins”.
  • From the manage section, choose “com add-ins”.
  • Click on the Go button.
  • At last, you have to clear the add-in to disable it.
  • You are ready to use the MS Outlook services again. 


Some other quick and basic fixes that can help you to fix folder not showing on MS Outlook problem:

  • Check and make sure that you haven’t missed any folder behind the ” small triangle icon”  used for minimizing the folder pane.  MS Outlook keeps the folders nested to one another, so it may hide some folders. You can simply click on the small Triangle to find the missing folders.
  • You may have deleted the missing folders accidentally, to find them, check your trash folder or delete the items folder and you can retrieve them from there.
  • You can also retrieve the deleted folder from the server.
  • It is advised to create the backup of your email files and folders safely on the server, so, if you sometimes lose any information accidentally, you can easily recover it.


The Final Words 

Hopefully, with the help of the aforementioned steps, you would be able to fix the “outlook folders not showing”  problem on your device.  The mentioned guidelines are simple and easy to execute. But, if you are still unable to find the missing folders on your MS Outlook account, do not hesitate to contact the MS Outlook experts.

The professionals are available round the clock to provide you the required assistance, and you can contact them anytime through call, email, and live support service. So, get in touch with the team now and discover the best possible solution to fix the problem. Once the problem is fixed, you can easily retrieve the MS Outlook folder and start using the outlook services again.

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