Attachments Aren’t Showing in Outlook? – Apply These 5 Fixes

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Outlook Not Showing Attachments

While using the MS Outlook services, many times, users encounter trouble in finding the attachments sent by their clients or co-workers. You may even find difficulty in recognizing whether you have uploaded the attachment correctly in MS Outlook or not. Most of the time the Outlook Not Showing Attachments error occurs due to numerous reasons; like Outlook synchronization errors or wrong application settings.

Fortunately, with the help of some easy steps, you can easily fix the problem and continue using Outlook services without any hassle.

In this guide, we are sharing some easy steps that can help you to fix Outlook Not Showing Attachments errors on your device. So, keep reading and find the simple instructions to do the task.


Why is My Outlook Not Showing Attachments?

There can be various reasons why you may get Outlook not showing attachment errors on your device. The most common reasons are categorized below:

  1. You have disabled the preview option for MS Outlook.
  2. Application synchronization and settings error.
  3. Software limitation or file compatibility issues.
  4. Overloaded or weak internet connectivity.
  5. Downloading multiple files simultaneously can be the reason.
  6. Use of other internet-intensive apps may cause Outlook not to show attachments error on your device.
  7. Antivirus or the firewall can be the reason.

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Now that you know the possible reasons behind the “Attachments Are Not Showing in Outlook” error, let’s proceed next and follow the simple instructions to fix the issue. Here is what you need to do:

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Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Outlook Attachments Not Showing Error

The above-mentioned are some of the major reasons why you may get the Outlook attachments not showing an error on your device. Thus, you have to fix these problems in order to continue using the Outlook services.  Below we have shared some troubleshooting steps that you can follow to get rid of the error:


1. Check the Sender

The sender may have forgotten to attach the file to an email. Thus,  you have to ask the sender for confirmation whether the file attachment has been attached in an email or not. In case the sender has not attached the file, you need to ask him to attach it again.


2. Update the Outlook Program

The outdated Outlook program is the major reason that users encounter Outlook attachments not showing errors on their devices. Thus, you have to update the older version of MS Outlook to the latest one. The older version by creating compatibility is not letting you send the attachment. Here are the step-by-step guidelines you can follow to update the Outlook:

  • Open the MS Outlook.
  • Go to the “File” section.
  • Click the “Office account” option.
  • Hit the update button.
  • Once you click on the update button, the update program available for the software will start installing.

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3. Disable the Antivirus Program

Many times, the third-party antivirus software and Firewall programs installed on the device prevent users from loading the attachments to MS Outlook in a proper manner. Most of the time the email attachments that contain online threats are blocked from uploading, but, there can be an instance when the normal attachment also gets blocked from uploading.

So, if you believe that you are uploading the legitimate file attachment, but are unable to do so, you need to disable the antivirus and Firewall program installed on your device. This will help you to fix the Outlook Not Showing Attachments error.


4. Clear the Cache Memory

Every application has a history or cache memory, and so does MS Outlook. This cache memory may involve some files or add-ins that cause trouble to the user. So, if you are having trouble uploading the file attachments in MS Outlook, you need to clear the cache memory to fix the error. Here are the step-by-step instructions you can follow to do so:

  • Open MS Outlook on your device.
  • Go to the “File” menu.
  • Click “options“. From here you have to click on the mail tab. Scroll to see the “send message” section.
  • Select and hit the “empty autocomplete list” button. Click on the yes button to complete the process


5. Reset MS Outlook

If none of the above-mentioned solutions help you to fix the Outlook Not Showing Attachments error on your device, then something is wrong with the account configuration. In such a situation, you need to reset the MS Outlook account to continue using its services. Here are the step-by-step instructions you can follow to do so:

  • Open MS Outlook on your device.
  • Click the “Tool” option using the Ribbon menu.
  • From here, choose the “account” that you would like to Reset.
  • Hit the “Delete” button. Tap on the yes option for confirmation.
  • Open the MS Outlook again, and complete the account configuration to continue using the services.


Still Outlook Not Showing Attachments? Here is what you can do:

If you have applied all the solutions or methods and are still unable to fix the problem, you need to download the attachment from the email. However, you can download only a single attachment from an email which can be a time-consuming task.


Wrapping Up

So, these are some simple things that can help you to fix the Outlook Not Showing Attachments error on the device. All the mentioned steps are simple and surely help you to get rid of the issue. If you still have a doubt or there is any other technical error not letting you use the MS outlook services, you must contact the Outlook professionals and get their advice to get rid of the error.

The experts are available around the clock and can help you to find the best possible solution to the problem. You can get in touch with the team by calling the experts or you can send an email or message. The professional will help you to find the root cause of the issue and share the best solution to fix the error. 


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