How to Quickly Fix Unable to attach files in Gmail Error?

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Unable To Attach Files In Gmail

Gmail is one of the oldest and most popular email service providers which can help its users to maintain access, send or receive each kind of mail anytime, anywhere. But as with other email programs, even Gmail comes up with various bugs and errors, which may appear when you work on the application or your account. Unable to attach files in Gmail, is one of the basic blunders which takes place and doesn’t allow users to attach or add any kind of file into your compose mail feature. 

There are multiple alternatives to overcome these kinds of Gmail attachment issues but you always need a blend of perfect guidance and advice to fix any technical problem related to your mail account.

For more detailed information about the same, you should need to create a proper search or try to apply the steps which we are going to share in this article. 

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What to do If You are unable to Attach Files in Gmail

Follow these prompts:


1. Update the Flash Player 

  • Open Adobe Flash Player 
  • Mark all the boxes which you don’t want to download 
  • Click on Install Now button then download the Flash Player installer file on your system
  • Open the Installer window then click on the downloaded file and install Adobe Flash Player Installer 
  • Check whether the Flash is enabled or not, if not then do follow the following steps; 
    1. Click on Customize Google Chrome then choose the Settings option. 
    2. Click on the Advanced option under the settings page
    3. Choose the Site Settings and click on Flash to enable this option 
  • Now you just installed the latest version and enable the Flash. 
  • If still it doesn’t work and you face Gmail attachment issues, follow the next approach. 


2. By Turning off Proxy Server

The same ‘Unable to attach files in Gmail’ error can occur due to the proxy server. This option you can find in LAN settings. 

All you need is to open the LAN settings then check web browser proxy is on or not. You have to disable this and you can use these steps to turn it off. 

  1. Go to the menu option then click on the Cortana button on the window taskbar. 
  2. Now open the Internet Properties option 
  3. Tab the Connections, and then open LAN Settings by pressing this option. 
  4. Unmark ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN setting’ and click OK 
  5. Now you have successfully turned off your proxy server
  6. Check for the same issue or follow another method to fix the bug. 


3. Update your Browser 

  1. Open the browser and go to Menu, then click on Customize Google Chrome
  2. Choose the Help option and click on About Google Chrome and open it
  3. The browser will install the latest updated version. 
  4. Now restart your browser by clicking on the Relaunch button. 
  5. After finishing the reboot process, you will find that your browser has been updated. 


4. Turn off Windows and Antivirus Firewalls 

If you are still getting Gmail won’t attach files problem on your screen, you may have a problem with your firewall, and these step-by-step actions surely can help: 

  1. First of all press Windows+R and open Run Box.
  2. Type firewall.cpl and press OK
  3. Now open Customize Settings tab and click on Turn off Windows Firewall and hit OK, then close all the tabs. 
  4. You should also need to check your third-party antivirus program as the application may be using its firewall. So, turn it off too by clicking on the Disable or Turn off option. 
  5. Open Gmail and check for the same kind of blunders, if still, you are unable to recover them, scroll down here. 


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Additional Method to Overcome Gmail Attachment Issues

As a Gmail user, you can also go through numerous solutions and fix the unable to attach files in Gmail error which are mentioned below in this part of the content; 

  • Users need to change some more settings and disabling HTTPS is one of its options. Although this is not the mandatory step to perform if you are just fed up with using all methods then you can try this one. 

Just go to the General tab then click on the Gmail account’s Settings. Select Browser Connection and disable HTTPS by clicking on the Don’t always use HTTPS option. 

  • You can change the attachment uploader to fix the ‘Gmail won’t attach files’ technical glitch directly. Just switch to Basic Attachment Uploader from Advanced Attachment Uploader, which directly allows you to share only one file at a time instead of sharing multiple file attachments. 

You need to log in to Gmail in the first step. Then choose to See All Settings and click on the Mail Settings option. Go to the General tab and search for Attachments and switch from Advanced Attachment to Basic Attachment features. 


In Conclusion 

These were a few of the best possible ways to remove Gmail attachment issues, you need to read and apply all these carefully. As we crafted this online journal, we have already shared all the vital information about Gmail and various solutions.

So from the next time, whenever these kinds of bugs or blunders appear, try to get rid of them on your own. There are several options to identify and recover any kind of technical glitches, contact the Gmail support experts and resolve the Unable to Attach Files in Gmail trouble anytime. 

You directly can contact our team of well-trusted and well-trained support service providers too. Dial a toll-free number and find a reliable and instant response while sitting on your couch so call us right now. 


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