Gmail Won’t Load? – Top 3 Solutions To Fix This Problem

Gmail won’t load- how to deal with it? As suppose your boss sends you an important mail but when you try to access it, you find the same message “Gmail not loading”, and that will surely give you a free headache. 

To avoid these problems or save yourself from these types of Gmail issues, you can learn and apply some of the basic tricks which we are going to share in this online journal. 

So let’s dig through all the answers to the questions and queries which may stop you from accessing your emails from Gmail anytime. 


Why Won’t Gmail Load- Find the Suitable Solutions

Before exploring the best possible solutions regarding Gmail not loading trouble, we should need to talk about a few reasons behind these blunders so let’s check out: 


Reasons Behind Gmail Not Loading Issue

An error or technical glitch may appear due to various conditions, some can be treated by simple tricks while for another, and you need an expert level of guidance and support. Here we are going to share only basic ones which can be performed on your own, so check out all these: 

  1. Due to poor network connectivity or bad Internet speed, users can meet with Gmail not loading problems. Cache memory and cookies of your web browser easily welcome some of the issues and that’s why these both can be a reason possibly. 
  2. If you have changed any of Gmail settings while clicking on the Menu option, then you will get several problems in the middle of the working for sure. 
  3. Sometimes the Host server of particular software or program goes down and this becomes one of the causes which allow an error code to attack your system or application.  
  4. When you use an outdated version of Gmail, you most probably open all the doors for various errors and online issues. 
  5. When users make any changes with add-on extensions, they allow problems to hit them at that particular point in time. 


Valuable Solutions to Fix Gmail Won’t Load Problem


1- For iPhone Users 

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account entering credentials including email and password. 
  2. Now go to Gmail account profile picture and click to open Google Account 
  3. Now make a click on the Device activity & security events option 
  4. Go to Sub Menu and Choose Recently Used Devices then tap Review Devices. 
  5. Now try to open Gmail and connect to the Internet to access your emails.


2- Install PC Repair & Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista)

  1. First of all download the PC repair & optimizer tool from the Store 
  2. Run the downloaded file and install the tool
  3. Open the program and check for the issue
  4. Let the tool work and wait for the process to be done
  5. Restart your PC then Gmail and ensure all the issues have been resolved, if not then go to the next step.


 3- Check All the Gmail Labs

  1. Enabling Labs can be a good decision to take while removing all kinds of mess related to Gmail, know how to arrange this task;
  2. Open Gmail application then go to Settings
  3. Click on it then the Labs tab
  4. Click on Activated Labs then unmark or click on Disable
  5. Now scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes 
  6. Check if it works or not


Add-on Solution Options

When you operate various mail applications and service providers programs, you often meet kinds of situations that aren’t good for you as a user. So we advise you to stay away from these problems by following these points in your mind.  

  • In the first step, reboot your device and use a different browser instead of the default one, if it works then do it every time in the future whenever you get an issue. 
  • Erasing or removing cache memory and cookies of your last used browser saves you from Gmail won’t load bug. So try this method.
    1. Go to Window then click on clear browsing data. 
    2. Now select a time range then erase all the browsing history. 
    3. Check for all kinds of data and cached images 
    4. Tap the Clear Data button and finish the process
  • Check for network blunders and ensure you have great high-speed Internet connectivity so that you easily access your Gmail. 
  • You also need to disable or turn off Windows Antivirus or Firewall programs. To do so, follow the steps: 
    1. Go to Control Panel then click on System and Security 
    2. Click on Windows Firewall 
    3. Click on Turn Windows Firewall and mark turn off or on
    4. Mark on Turn Off then click on OK to save all the changes. 
  • Uninstall all the latest updated extensions and restart your system. This is not a time-consuming process so you can easily manage the entire task in no time. 
  • Check for server gateway as is it working properly or not, change it in the case of finding any minor or major problems. 


The Bottom Lines

Hopefully, now if someone ever asks you in the future why won’t Gmail load? So, you can easily share all the suitable possible solutions to the same trouble with that particular Gmail user. As we have already listed all the necessary things and steps you can take to resolve Gmail won’t load error. 

Users may or may not be able to resolve all types of technical blunders, that’s is why there is a 24*7 Gmail support system is available here where you can directly meet a number of well-trained and well-trusted technicians to guide you as per your concerns and problems. Connect to them by dialing a toll-free digit and get fixed all your troubles within the least expected time.  


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