Outlook App Not Syncing with Android or iOS – Fix It Here

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Outlook App Not Syncing

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email software that systematizes all of your email accounts from a single location. However, one vexing error with Outlook is that the Outlook app not syncing. That is, it does not always sync with operating systems, sometimes. As a consequence, incoming messages either take an excessive amount of time to arrive in the inbox or do not display at all. 


Why is Outlook Regular Syncing Necessary?

Using Outlook has multiple advantages. Outlook can access any account, whether it’s an Outlook account or something else like Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, or anything else. Additionally, you can use Outlook to manage both your calendar and your files. Thus if you don’t sync Outlook regularly on time, all your information may be lost – all the essential files and emails. Hence, syncing is necessary.


Should Outlook Android App Not Syncing be Considered a Major Cause of Concern?

Outlook Android app not syncing is a cause of concern. What if your mail is not delivered on time? What if your boss has sent you some important emails but you lose them? However, this does not mean that you move onto the highly alarming state. The reason being, the problem can be rectified. There are a few simple methods you may attempt to resolve the problem. This post will go through each of these options in-depth.


What are the Best Ways to Sync My Android with Outlook?

When you create and set up your account in Outlook, this is typically done automatically. However, since we are clearly dealing with an issue, it is recommended that you verify your connection, reset your account, or, in the worst-case scenario, restore the program to an earlier, bug-free version.


Solution #1: The First Solution is to double-check the Connection.

The first step is to make sure your device is linked to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Determine whether other apps have problems connecting to the network by examining the connection. If the issue is limited to Outlook, you may proceed to the next step.

On the other side, if you’re having general connection problems, try these steps:

  • Restart your smartphone or tablet, as well as your wireless router.
  • Turn on Airplane mode for a few minutes. Disable it, connect to a network, and try again to sync your emails.
  • Set the network settings to default.
  • For additional information, see our articles on Wi-Fi and data problems on Android.


Solution #2: Resetting the Account is the Second Option.

If your emails aren’t synchronizing, the Outlook app has a built-in reset option. It may be found in the app’s individual account settings. When you reactivate your account, the synchronization procedure will begin again, perhaps resolving the issue permanently.

To reset your Outlook account, follow these steps.

  • Start Outlook.
  • Click the menu bar, then the Settings symbol, which looks like a cog.
  • Activate the Microsoft account that isn’t syncing.
  • Reset Account may be found at the bottom of the page 


Solution #3: Delete the Account and Re-add It.

Taking the next step. Of course, if you’re still having trouble with the sync, you may try deleting the account. You may also use a web browser to access Outlook and delete the Android device from the Sync list.

The same steps as the previous solution need to be repeated – instead of tapping Reset, hit Delete Account. Check if improvements have been made after adding the account again.


Solution #4: Reinstall Outlook Reinstallation Option

Let’s reinstall the app if the outlook android app not syncing. Normally, Microsoft takes care of its Play Store applications. However, the present version may have a problem. If that’s the case, reinstalling should solve the problem permanently.

To install Outlook again on Android, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Explore the Microsoft Outlook: Manage Your Email & Calendar app by searching for Outlook.
  • After selecting Uninstall, reboot your device.
  • Outlook isn’t synchronizing with my Android device.
  • Now, open any browser, go to this page, and sign in using the Outlook/Hotmail account that is impacted.
  • Under Mobile device, select your device and click the minus symbol (-) to remove it.
  • After that, just reinstall Outlook, add your account, and check for changes.


Solution #5: Download an Earlier Outlook APK Version.

Furthermore, if Outlook is still not syncing, you may revert to an earlier version of the program by downloading an APK from APK Mirror. Because there’s a problem in the current version, Outlook must be able to sync emails properly if you install an earlier version.

What do you need to know about installing the Outlook APK on your phone or tablet?

Here is how you can download and install the Outlook APK on your phone or tablet:

  • As previously said, uninstall Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to APK Mirror or any other APK hub on the internet.
  • Download an earlier APK that isn’t more than two months old.
  • Permission to install applications from untrusted sources should be granted.
  • Install the APK and play around with it.


Solution #6: Double-check your Synchronization Settings

Contacts and calendars can be synced with Outlook. You can access these features through the native Contacts and Calendar apps on your Android device.  Check Outlook’s sync settings if that doesn’t work.

  1. Navigate to the Mail tab in Outlook.
  2. Open the sidebar column in Outlook.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. In the Email Accounts section, choose the email account you want to use.
  5. Toggle the switches next to the Sync contacts and Sync calendars options. 


Solution #7: Provide Permissions

When setting up Outlook, contacts, and calendars aren’t always automatically synced and saved to local space. This happens until you give it the necessary system rights.

On Android, grant the privilege of permission.

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Select Apps & Notifications from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose Permissions from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose your contacts.
  5. To enable Outlook, select and turn it on.
  6. Return to the previous screen and choose Calendar from the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the switch next to Outlook and turn it on.


Solution #8: Clear Outlook Cache 

If your Outlook app not syncing on Android, try emptying the Outlook cache. That should clear any unnecessary data that’s keeping the program from working properly.

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Select Apps & Notifications from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the apps you want to use.
  4. Select Outlook from the list at the bottom of the page.
  5. Pick a storage option.
  6. Press the Clear Cache button.


What to do When the Outlook App Not Syncing with iOS? 

The techniques described above are also applicable to iOS settings. Outlook app syncing issues, however, should be treated differently in specific situations. The methods for doing so are listed below.


Solution 1: Performing iOS Network Settings Reset

  • To access the Settings app on your iPhone, launch it.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • Press the Reset button.
  • Reset the network settings and to verify, tap Reset Network Settings.

Use cellular data or Wi-Fi once the network settings have been reset to see whether Outlook syncs your data correctly.


Solution 2: Turn off the iPhone’s Low Power Mode.

  • Launch the Settings application.
  • Go to the Battery tab.
  • Flip the switch adjacent to Low Power Mode to the off position.


Solution 3: Make Sure your iPad or iPhone is Up-to-date with the Latest Version of Outlook.

  1. Press the App Store icon long enough to select Updates and it would work.
  2. By swiping down on the Account page, you can check if any new updates have been made. 
  3. Click on the Update button.


Conclusion: Outlook app not syncing is a common problem and it can be resolved. For the same, you need to understand what is causing the problem. Accordingly, diagnose and fix it using the steps described above. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can feel free to contact our Outlook Support experts. They would assist you to sort out the problem. 


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