When sending an email, there are times where we’d preferably not answer right away. In case you’re arranging, for instance, you might not have any desire to appear or to answer the client immediately. Or maybe you would prefer not to give customers the idea that you’re reachable for the entire hours of the day and evening. There are various reasons that you can have to delay a message and guess what makes it Outlook as simple as applying butter on bread. When you can schedule an email in Outlook in advance to send it later, then why replying immediately.


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Sometimes email teams or business developers use this service to generate and schedule promotional emails for their customers. Hence, this makes sure that you won’t forget after five days that you have thought of an idea for emailing customers on Monday. This service also saves you a lot of time, schedule in advance and set the time according to you, and save yourself from forgetting about it.

No matter what excuse you have to create an email in advance and schedule it, setting up a message to send it later, is very basic in Outlook. With a tad of work, Outlook can spare you the difficulty of remembering to answer messages later. You just need to enable the delay or schedule setting in Outlook. Here in this blog, you will get to know-how, therefore let’s start with the steps.


Schedule an Email In Outlook For Delayed Delivering


For Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007:

Microsoft Outlook supports the scheduling of the emails, hence, using this feature in your Outlook you can delay the delivery of the messages and can schedule a reply or mail that you need to send in the near future. Follow the below instructions to do the task:

  1. Select New Email, or close an existing mail and choose Reply or Reply All or Forward.
  2. In the message window, compose and address the message.
  3. Now go to the Options tab, and select Delay Delivery.
  4. Then, In the Properties dialog box, you need to choose the Delivery options sections and then select the “Do not deliver before” checkbox.
  5. Set the date and time when you want to send the email.
  6. Select Close.
  7. After that, in the message window, select Send.
  8. Go to the Outbox folder to find the email messages that are scheduled. But you have not been sent yet.
  9. Now change the delivery time or date, open the email in a separate window.
  10. Select Options >> Delay Delivery and reschedule the different send times.
  11. Now, to send a scheduled email immediately, open the message in a separate window and select Send.


Steps for Outlook 2003 and 2000:

  1. In the email message window, select Options >> Options.
  2. Under the Deliver options, you need to select the “Do not deliver before” checkbox.
  3. Then, In the drop-down list set the desired delivery date and time.
  4. Choose Close.
  5. Select Send.
  6. Now go to the Outbox folder to locate the scheduled emails.

When you change your mind and want to send the emails immediately or before the scheduled time, then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Outbox folder and select the schedule email.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Now, in the More Options group, select Delay Delivery.
  4. Clear the Do not deliver before checkbox.
  5. After that, select Close.
  6. Then choose to Send.

And this is how you can send your scheduled email immediately in Outlook. In Outlook you can schedule not only one but all your emails. You must be thinking- how, right? Then let’s move to the next section.


Schedule All Your Mails In Outlook:

You can create an email message template that automatically includes a send delay for all messages you create and send. This trick is handy and works well in those situations that you want to change or cancel that you just sent or you have sent and then regretting sending hastily.

You can schedule an email in outlook by adding a default delay to all the mails and prevent them from being sent immediately. This gives you an opportunity to do corrections, or cancel them if it’s within the delay you create.

Hence, to create a delay in all your email of Outlook, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the File tab.
  2. Select the Info tab and click Rules and Alerts.
  3. In the Rules and Alerts dialog box, you need to go to the Email Rules tab, select New Rule.
  4. Now, In the Rules Wizard, you need to go to the Start from a blank rule section, click Apply rule on the message I send, then select Next.
  5. Then, In the Select Condition(s) list, select the checkboxes for options that you want to apply to sent messages.
  6. To apply a delay send to all messages, clean all the checkboxes, and click Next.
  7. When you clear all the checkboxes, a confirmation box will appear on the screen. Here select Yes to apply the rule to all sent messages.
  8. Then, In the Select action(s) list, select the defer delivery by a number of minutes checkbox.
  9. In the Edit the rule description list, now choose the number of.
  10. In the Deferred Delivery dialog box, now enter the number of minutes you want to delay emails before you deliver them. The maximum is 120 minutes, then click OK.
  11. After that, In the Rules Wizard, choose Next.
  12. Now in the Specify a name for this rule, text box, type a descriptive name.
  13. Next, choose the Turn on this rule checkbox.
  14. Select Finish.
  15. In the Rules and Alerts dialog box, choose OK to apply the changes.
  16. When you select the Send for any email, it is stored in the Outbox or Drafts folder. Then it waits the specified amount of time that you have set, and then automatically delivers to the receiver.


After this, your message will move from Outbox to Send items. And this is how you can delay or schedule your emails in Outlook. However, if you face any issue during the process, or if any error troubles you, then you can immediately contact the Outlook support experts for help.


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