Eloquent Steps To Setup Zoho Mail In Outlook For Windows- IMAP

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Zoho Mail is a popular third-party email service provider that is known for its minimalistic and ad-free user interface. But to use it first every person needs to do a Zoho mail setup process. If you want a continuous service and a reliable external email server to use alongside your domain, then get the set up of Zoho right now. In this article, you will learn the steps dictating the easy steps for Zoho mail setup and configuration in Outlook for windows.

However, you need to set up the Zoho mail account first, so let us learn about that.

How to Create a Free Zoho Mail Account?

Free Zoho mail account supports up to five users, with a 5GB storage space limit for each one. But it allows only one user to use a single domain name with the current version of the Zoho mail. It comes with features such as Calendars, Docs, and sheets, which is a good tradeoff for a small project. It contains all the needful tools that you might have required while working.

To start using the Zoho mail, first, you need to sign up and it is a fairly straightforward process. Since all you need is a valid number that you use regularly and need to have your domain. Follow the below steps to get the Forever free Plan of Zoho Mail.

  • First land on the Zoho Mail Pricing page and scroll down. There you will see Forever Free Plan, sign up using the domain that you already have.
  • Fill in the sign-up form. You will be asked to create an admin email using your email and domain. The one that you have used for contact details should not be similar to the one used for administration.
  • After you complete with successful sign-up, check your phone as you will receive a message with a verification code.
  • Now enter the verification code in the given box on your screen and click on Verify My Mobile.

Congratulation! You are done with the free account Zoho Mail setup process.


Steps to Configure Zoho Mail Setup in Outlook for Windows

Now after creating the Zoho mail account you are registered. Hence, move forward to the next step which is configuring in Outlook for Windows. Before you try using it, you need to configure it, so follow the below steps:

  • To enable IMAP access, first log in to your Zoho Mail account.
  • Log in to Zoho mail, go to Settings >> Mail Accounts >> IMAP Access, and then click on Enable IMAP Access.
  • Now you have to launch the Microsoft Outlook application in your Windows system
  • Click on File and choose Add Account
  • Next, locate and click on ‘Manual setup or additional server types and then click on Next.
  • Select POPor IMAP, on the Choose Service page.
  • Click on Next. On the Add Account page, you have to provide a few details.


  • User Information:

  1. Your Name: Enter the name that you want to display, this will be used in the emails that you send using Outlook.
  2. Email Address: Here type your Zoho email account address in the format: user@dmain.com, for organizations. Or for personal accounts: username@zoho.com


  • Server Information: While processing the setup Zoho mail procedure in Outlook configuration, check this section.

  1. In Account Type, choose IMAP
  2. Incoming Server: for organization accounts- imappro.zoho.in
  3. Incoming Server: for a personal account- imap.zoho.in
  4. Outgoing server: smtp.zoho.in


  • Login Information: 

  1. Username: Here enter the email address of your Zoho account (for Email Hosting users: user@yourdomain.com and for personal account users: username@zoho.com)
  2. Password: Enter your Zoho mail account password, but if you have secured your account with two-factor authentication then you need to develop- Application Specific Password.
  3. In the Add Account window, make sure you have marked tick on- Remember Password.
  4. Now click on More Settings and move further.
  5. Under the Outgoing Tab, you have to choose My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication, and then make sure that you have tick marked on- Use the same settings as my incoming server is checked.
  6. Next, select the Advanced tab and make changes as mentioned below:
    • Incoming Server (IMAP): 993
    • Select SSL from the drop-down menu to set the encrypted connection.
    • In Outgoing Server, Select SSL from the drop-down to set the encrypted connection.
    • Outgoing Server (SMTP): 465
    • And, click OK
    • Then you will land back to the Add New Email Account window.
    • Select Test Account Settings
    • When the tests are completed, Outlook will show a popup message on the screen. Now click Close, if you see any error after this, you can check for troubleshooting solutions.

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Above mentioned steps will make you able to easily set up the Zoho. And you can also configure Outlook mail with Zoho using IMAP in windows. Configuring IMAP settings to access two or more emails in one place makes it easy for the user to handle all mail folders in one place. Hence this guide will teach you Zoho mail setup without any hassle. You can contact Zoho support for more information and solutions.

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