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zoho email not working

Are among the Zoho users who stuck in between while using it? Is your Zoho email not working? If, yes, then all you need to do is to go through this entire blog and find the solutions according to the Zoho errors. Zoho is a well-known email service provider, it has an awesome user-experience feature and advances quality that makes it a favorite of most people. However, this isn’t enough to keep this away from any error.

This also doesn’t make it worse or a bad service to use, because everything once in life fails to perform normally. And behind this, there can be any reason. Similarly, when users are unable to log in properly or fail to access their Zoho mail, this can also have various reasons behind it. Sometimes, due to unexpected network hazards that held could strike any email client, Zoho is not alone. But, Zoho has a support team that helps Zoho users to rectify such errors.

Here in this blog as well, you will find such solutions to some common problems, that will help you in rectifying the errors in Zoho mail. Thus, let us move towards the solution section and resolve some common Zoho email not working problems.


Common Zoho Email Not Working Issue And Their Solutions


Error 1: Zoho Mail not sending emails

Due to this error, Zoho users become unable to access their accounts properly. They cannot send any email or reply to any message. And when they try to send the message they get an error message as- “problem in sending email while doing IO operation“.

The issue is daunting and cannot be solved by deleting the cache and restarting the browser. It can only be resolved when your Zoho mail gets its complete solution. Hence, we have mentioned the solution below, let’s have a look.

Solution: This issue happens when the sending line at the server level slows down or stops because of an interior slack at the server. Accordingly, the message sent by the client is denied by the server and this comment appears on the client screen. You can take the help of the expert at Zoho Mail support to resolve this issue to get the instant solution. This error could be due to failure in mail sync, hence this can be only solved by the help of a professional.


Error 2: Invalid Certificate Issue

This error can make you unable to send mail and you will get an invalid SSL certificate. We have given an example below, have a look at that:

I’ve placed in emergency tickets, however, I’m frantic for certain answers as soon as possible. I was getting an invalid SSL Certificate, so I had the option to recover two or three post boxes online by changing approaching ports to 110.

In any case, my Zoho Mail is declining to send any email. I’m getting:

Reason: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKSIX way constructing fizzled: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunDownCertPathBuilderException: unfit to locate a substantial accreditation way to the mentioned target

I’ve done nearly all that I could do with my insight. I did the investigating myself and it expressed that the SSL Certificate has been changed on my Zoho account. I can no longer utilize my Hostgator server as my SMTP. How would I fix this Zoho mail issue?

Solution: Whenever you face this issue and your Zoho SSL certificate shows an invalid error, to resolve it you just need to change some settings in your Zoho Mail Settings. This kind of error doesn’t allow you to send an email, Zoho mail stop working, and you see an error pop-up again and again. To resolve the error you need to enable the POP account configured in Zoho Mail, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Zoho mail
  2. Go to Settings >> Mail >>Mail Accounts
  3. Enable your email account (account of Hostgator server).

Through this, the error will get resolved and you don’t need to face it anymore.

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Error 3: Zoho Mail is not receiving emails

The error can cause failure in receiving mail, and this situation can make you so much loss. Image when you are waiting for an important reply, a recruiter’s reply, or the answer of your client of a deal, but then you stop receiving emails. This can make you lose the deal, or make that sender angry if you don’t reply to them back. But when you are not getting the mail then how you can reply, right. Therefore, to solve this horrible error you have to read its solution below.

Solution: Emails not being received in Zoho mail can be the result of various causes. A few times the Zoho Mail moves the approaching mail to the spam folder in such cases users miss the mail and consider it a bit suspicious, in different cases the MX records may be causing the issue.

Since you have mentioned that you adjusted the MX records, simply check the DNS page again for any MX entry apart from Zoho. If you find that the address is not quite the same as Zoho, at that point the messages won’t be received from that account.

Note: The mail exchanger (MX) just gets messages from areas that are in the MX records of your DNS page having varieties of mx.zoho.com entered for every MX section. Whenever found thus, update your DNS page with the right subtleties of the space name having the MX passage with Zoho.


Error 4: When Zoho Mail not sending through outlook 2016

This is an error, your Zoho mail fails to send the messages through Outlook 2016. Maybe you have checked all the settings or tried sending mail multiple times, but the error can only be solved by applying the expert’s directed method. You have to do is- use the below solution and solve this kind of Zoho email not working error.

Solution: When you configure your Zoho mail in Outlook, but it is receiving the mail and not sending the mail then the problem is in the Outgoing server. Hence you have to look again for the outgoing server configuration settings. To check the settings of Zoho Mail configuration, follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Outlook mail.
  2. Go to Account Settings.
  3. And select Email.
  4. Now choose the correct email address and click on More Settings.
  5. Choose the Outgoing Server and Advances Tab.
  6. In the Outgoing Server tab, choose the option of ‘use the same settings as of incoming server’.
  7. In the Advanced tab, provide the correct port number for an outgoing server with an SSL encryption tag.
  8. Test the modified configuration.

After this, Outlook 2016 will send you emails to the other domains with Zoho account in the sender address.

Hence, through these steps, you can resolve this error as well. However, while processing Zoho mail login activity or while using it, if you face any error, then you can contact the Zoho support team to get the solution for Zoho email not working errors.

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