Way to fix Roadrunner Email Login Problems

Way to fix Roadrunner Email Login Problems

Roadrunner email is the one popular emailing service among others preferable by millions of users. Such an email service offers a stable and highly secure communication to its users. It has amazing existing features that allow users to manage their multiple accounts easily and smoothly. However, there is no special technical skill required for the creation of a Roadrunner email account as the process is the same as the ways of other email accounts. Using this account, you can frequently send, receive, store, organize, and manage the account from your computer. But a time may come when you encounter Roadrunner Email Login Problems while trying to login with your RR email account. This problem may arise due to several causes and on the basis of its actual reason, you will be able to sort out the log-in issue in a pinch. To learn why this happens and how to fix it, walk through the blog posts here. It will help you out for sure!


roadrunner login problems


Distinct Exciting Features Of Roadrunner Webmail Services

  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Providing an Online Address Book
  • Message sorting facility
  • Dynamic webmail capabilities
  • Highly secured communication
  • Fast and quick email processing
  • Having an increased attachment limit of up to 30 MB with the incoming and sending emails


Several Possible Reasons For Roadrunner Email Login Problems

  • Incorrect login credentials (username or password)
  • Poor internet connection
  • Web browser incompatibility issue
  • Computer system infected with virus or malware threats
  • RR email account is locked or blocked
  • Problems with IMAP or POP server settings
  • When the server is not responding or server down error


Different Fruitful Way to Fix Roadrunner Email Login Problems

In this post, we have compiled the most relevant troubleshooting tricks to Fix Roadrunner Email Login Problems. So, despite wandering for help, give a glimpse on the below-noted instructions:


Solution 1: Reset RR Email Account Password

Whenever you attempt to login to your RR email account, you have to be ensured that you enter the correct credentials otherwise your single mistake may prevent your account to be logged in. Make sure the caps lock key is turned-off while entering the password. And in case if you don’t remember your current password, then don’t worry! There is a “Reset Password” option by which you can set a new password for your account. Here are the steps you need to follow to reset your new RR email password:

  • First, you are required to visit the official website of Roadrunner Email
  • Next, you have to click on the “I don’t know my email password” option
  • Afterward, mention your email address
  • By doing this, you will be prompted to enter your cable modem ID (Mac address)
  • Type your cable modem ID after omitting the dashes and then click on the “Submit” button
  • Now, opt for the security verification Question from the drop-down list and answer the question in the text box
  • After answering the security question, you have to click on the “Reset Password” button
  • A random 8-digit password will be generated by you
  • In the end, save the new password by note it down on paper or your notepad

During the creation of the Roadrunner email account, the following points you should keep in mind:

  • Password must be at least a minimum of 8 characters
  • There should be at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one numeric digit
  • You must insert at least one special character like symbols, punctuation marks and etc.
  • New password must be a little bit different from the previous one

If after creating a new strong password doesn’t help for eliminating Roadrunner Email Login Problems, proceed to the next tricks.


Solution 2: Configure Server Settings on Android And iPhone

Here are the desired steps you need to go through:

Android Setup
  • Launch the Email app on your Android phone
  • Enter your Roadrunner email address or username and then press “Next”
  • Select “POP3”, hit “Next”, and then enter your Roadrunner Password before hitting the “Next” button again
  • Under the Incoming server settings, the following fields need to be fulfilled

Ø  Username: mention your email address

Ø  Password: type correct RR email password

Ø Server: pop-server.maine.rr.com (This may differ according to the locations

Ø  Port: 110 (you may decide to use 110)

Ø  Security type: None

  • Now, click “Next” and provide the following details for the Outgoing Server Setting:  

Ø Server: smtp-server.maine.rr.com. It can be different depending on the location

Ø  Port: 587 (It may also be 25 if 587 fails to work)

Ø  Security type: None

Ø  Require sign-in: Check

Ø  Username: username@maine.rr.com (based on location)

Ø  Password: Use your Roadrunner email password

  • Now, click “OK” and then move to Other Settings
  • Select the duration that you want your messages to remain on the phone until you delete it
  • And then click “OK”, tap “OK” again to submit the setup


iPhone Setup

To configure the server settings on your iPhone or iPad, follow the below points:

  • Go to “Settings” on your operating device
  • Next, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other
  • Select Add Mail Account and then mention the following details

Ø  Enter a name

Ø  Address: yourusername@ec.rr.com

Ø  Password

Ø  Description: Road Runner Mail (Name that shows in your Account list on the iPhone)

  • Now, click “Next” and then for Incoming Mail Server, fill the following details:

Ø  Incoming Mail Server Host: pop-server.ec.rr.com

Ø  User Name: yourusername@ec.rr.com (You must enter your complete Email address)

Ø  Password: Your password

Ø  If needed, enter port 110 and set Secure Server to off

  • For the Outgoing Mail Server, fill the following:

Ø  Outgoing Mail Server Host: mobile-smtp.roadrunner.com

Ø  User Name: yourusername@ec.rr.com (You must enter your complete Email address)

Ø  Password: Your password

Ø  For the port 587 and set Secure Server to off

  • Now, click “Save” to complete the changes in Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings


Solution 3: Wait a Couple Of Time

There are instances when your Roadrunner email account gets locked or blocked from the server-side due to privacy protection. So, have the patience for a while and then try back to attempting login to your RR email account as after a specific period of time the account will get unlocked automatically from the server end.


Grab More Beneficial Info Via Helpline Number

Even though, after applying the afore-mentioned guides your Roadrunner Email Login Problems is still unsolved. What you should actually do next is to place a call at the 24×7 helpline number without any delay and associate with the top-most roadrunner email support experts. They are experienced and well-educated so in a limited time, you will be able to successfully log in to your Roadrunner email account and achieve all its features to manage your account freely. You will grateful to them as in your budget your problem gets exterminated from the root.


Summary: Roadrunner Email Login Problems can be caused by the inappropriate configuration of SMTP settings, incorrect password or username, server down, and many. In order to efficiently deal with such an issue, simply read the blog-post.

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