Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing? Try These Effective Solutions

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Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing

Most people use an email service like Yahoo to communicate personal and work messages. Right from the time it was launched, Yahoo Mail has been enjoying widespread popularity. Students and people working in a variety of professions make use of Yahoo, and currently, it has a user base comprising 225 million people. However, it cannot be said that this email service is glitch-free. While working, people commonly find that their Yahoo mail attachments not showing.

The email service provides users with the ability to download and open mail attachments. But if these attachments don’t show, then it can become a very problematic situation. In this guide, you’ll find out the various issues associated with this problem, its causes, and how you can troubleshoot it. 

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What Issues are Associated with Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing Problem

Users can face a number of issues with their Yahoo mail attachments. They include the following.

  1. The mail attachments won’t work.
  2. Yahoo mail app not showing attachments.
  3. Difficulty in opening attachments in the Yahoo email.
  4. Unavailability of the attachment preview.
  5. Missing attachments in Yahoo email. 
  6. Attachments vanishing from the Yahoo mail.
  7. Inability to download email attachments in the Yahoo email.


Causes Behind Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing

When people find Yahoo mail not showing attachments they immediately want to know about the ways they can troubleshoot it. But before that, it’s essential to find out the reasons behind such a situation. These reasons are explained below.

  1. The email attachments you get are a particular file type. For instance, .txt or .doc files are mainly word processing documents. On the other hand, .gif or .jpg files are images. You can’t see attachments in Yahoo mail if your browser is not configured appropriately for viewing that specific file type. 
  2. Many people also find it difficult to read an Adobe PDF file. In such a case, it’s important to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. Poor internet connection or connectivity issues can also prevent you from viewing attachments. You cannot preview them if the internet connection is not good.
  4. Incorrect security settings can also be a reason behind this issue.

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What to Do to Resolve the Yahoo Mail Attachments Issue

The issue of attachment not appearing in Yahoo Mail can get resolved when you implement certain simple measures. They are mentioned below.


Update the Web Browser

The very first step to fix this issue is to inspect your browser version. If you are using a web browser that is obsolete or not updated, you’ll find it very difficult to open the mail attachments in Yahoo. So, it’s highly recommended that you update the browser to the most current version. Depending on your web browser, you can download the latest version of either Google Chrome or Firefox.


Disable the Antivirus Program

If you have updated the browser, but are still not able to open the attachments, then you can try to disable your antivirus and Firewall. Many times, the antivirus software interrupts you from opening the attachment. Disabling or uninstalling this program may be just what you need to start viewing the mail attachments again.

You can disable third-party antivirus on your Windows temporarily by right-clicking its icon on the taskbar. After that, select ‘Exit’ or ‘Disable’ to turn it off temporarily. Apart from that, you can also start your Windows in Safe Mode. You can turn off the Windows Defender antivirus protection through Windows Security settings. The steps for it are as follows.

  1. Launch Windows Settings by pressing Windows, and I key.
  2. Tap ‘Update & Security’ and then select ‘Windows Security.’
  3. After that, select ‘Virus & threat protection.’
  4. Search for the settings of ‘Virus & threat protection.’ It will be in the right window.
  5. Tap ‘Manage Settings.’
  6. Turn off the option’ Real-time protection if off, leaving your device vulnerable.’

This process will allow you to disable antivirus on Windows 10 temporarily. Restart your system or adhere to the instructions above to turn on the option when you want to enable it again.


Install the Adobe Reader

If you find it challenging to view PDF file attachments in Yahoo Mail, you should think of downloading and installing the Adobe Reader program. It is completely free of cost and may resolve your problem. 


Disable Plugins 

If you still find attachment not appearing in Yahoo Mail, consider disabling extensions and browser plugins. Often, they hinder the user from opening or viewing the attachments. After you disable the plugin, start your browser again and see if the problem has been resolved. 


Restart Your Device

Many times, restarting your system again solves the attachment problem. Restarting your device will fix the problem of connecting the internet connection messages. After restarting, you’ll find yourself being able to view the attachments properly. 


Save the Attachment to the Hard Drive

Do you want to see an attachment from its present location but find that it’s not showing correctly? In such a case, you can consider saving the particular attachment to the hard drive. Many people facing this problem are able to open the attachment successfully after saving it in their device first. 


Download the Attachment in a Different Browser and Turn On the Compatibility Mode

You can also open the email attachment in a different browser in compatibility mode. To turn or enable the compatibility mode on, navigate to the option of ‘Tools’ in the browser. Now, tap ‘Select Compatibility View’ and then choose ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View.’

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Final Words

You can now quickly resolve the problem of Yahoo mail attachments not showing. The various troubleshooting measures like updating the web browser, disabling the antivirus programs, plugins, and downloading attachments in a different browser are very easy to follow. You can also save a particular attachment to the hard drive. If you find the problem persisting, connect with expert Yahoo customer support staff.


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