Yahoo Emails Disappeared From Inbox? – Use These Fixes

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Yahoo Emails Disappeared From Inbox

Yahoo Mail is the preferred email service of many people. It offers certain impressive security features, which are crucial when you are exchanging messages on the web. However, email issues aren’t uncommon while using this renowned service. One of the widely experienced ones pertains to emails disappearing. People often report that their Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox, which leaves them bewildered. This problem is always an outcome of various reasons. But you can troubleshoot it by knowing about the suitable fixes. Through this article, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to retrieve your lost emails. You will thus be able to access the information you thought was lost.


Why Have Your Emails Disappeared from Yahoo?

As mentioned earlier, the problem is an outcome of various causes. Here’s a list of probable reasons that lead to it. 

  • Your internet signal strength isn’t strong.
  • The missing emails have gone into the spam folder or trash. 
  • You have wrongly configured Yahoo’s email account on third-party mail clients.
  • It’s also likely that your account may have been hacked by a hacker, and they have deleted your emails. 
  • The emails have been forwarded to an additional email account you’ve set up to receive emails. 
  • Sometimes, you may accidentally delete your emails yourself. 


Things to Do When You Find Yahoo Emails Disappeared from Inbox

After learning about the reasons, you can hop on to the solutions to the issue. Here are the effective fixes to implement.


1. Retrieve Emails from the Spam Folder

The first measure is to look into your spam folder for missing emails. Follow these easy steps and restore your messages.

  • Sign into your mail account.
  • Find the spam folder. It will have the emails you cannot see in your inbox.
  • Select them and tap ‘Not Spam.’
  • If you don’t find messages in the spam folder, head to the trash folder.
  • Choose the messages you want back in your inbox.
  • To get them back, tap ‘Restore to inbox.’


2. Update Your Account Settings

You can also recover missing Yahoo emails by making changes to your email account settings. Ensure that your IMAP and POP server settings match the following:

  • IMAP server settings
    1. The IMAP server name is
    2. 993 is the server port number.
    3. SSL is essential.
  • SMTP server settings
    1. The SMTP server name is
    2. Its port number is 587 or 465.
    3. SSL is required. 
    4. It also requires authentication.
  • Login information
    1. Your Yahoo email is your email address.
    2. In the password field, you must input the app-generated password.
    3. Authentication must be Yes.
    4. Now, check if you can find your emails.


3. Use Yahoo Help Centre to Restore Deleted Emails

Another way to retrieve deleted emails is to take advantage of the Yahoo Help center. Here’s what you can do to restore deleted emails.

  • Head to the Yahoo Help Center. 
  • Once there, tap the ‘Mail‘ option. 
  • You can click it from the top bar. 
  • After that, tap the option ‘Recover lost or deleted emails.’
  • Now tap the option ‘Send or restore request.’
  • Give accurate details as asked you. Here’s the data you need to supply. 
    1. Explain how your emails got deleted. 
    2. When exactly was the last time you faced the Yahoo emails disappeared issue?
    3. Type in your Yahoo email ID. 
    4. Give another email address where Yahoo can connect with you. 


4. Resolve the Internet Connection Problem

A weak internet connection will hinder Yahoo email from loading properly. As a result, you may not receive or see expected messages. So, it’s important to fix internet connection problems in your system. If you use Windows 10, use these measures to fix network connection problems. 

  • Head to the Windows start button. 
  • From here, choose ‘Settings‘ followed by ‘Network & Internet.’
  • Now, choose ‘Status.’ 
  • Below the ‘Change your network settings‘ option, choose ‘Network Troubleshooter.’
  • From here, you can open ‘Status settings.’
  • You must also check whether the Wi-Fi is on or not. Choose ‘Start‘ followed by ‘Settings.’
  • After that, navigate to the ‘Network & Internet option. 
  • From here, choose ‘Wi-Fi.’
  • After that, choose ‘Show available networks.’
  • If you see your network on the list, select it and choose ‘Connect.’
  • Now, launch Wi-Fi settings. 


5. Determine If Your Yahoo Mail Account is Hacked

If none of the methods till now have allowed you to recover lost Yahoo emails, it points to a hacking attempt on your Yahoo account. A major sign of a compromised Yahoo email account is the inability to receive emails and your Yahoo Mail sending spam messages to your email contacts. You can recover your email account on desktop and mobile by using these instructions.

  • Recover account on desktop
    1. To recover your account, head to in your browser.
    2. Tap ‘Sign in‘ on the main page.
    3. Now, click ‘Trouble signing in?’
    4. Input the phone number or recovery email ID.
    5. Tap ‘Continue.’
    6. Now, you’ll get a verification code.
    7. You can either opt for getting a text message for your phone number or get an account key for your recovery email ID.
    8. Input the verification code and tap ‘Verify.’
    9. Now, you can change your password and recover your account.
  • Recover account on mobile
    1. Open the Yahoo app on your mobile.
    2. Touch ‘Yahoo Mail.’
    3. After that, tap ‘Trouble signing in?’
    4. Input your contact number or your recovery mail address.
    5. Hit ‘Continue.’
    6. You’ll get a verification code.
    7. You can choose to get a text or SMS message with the account key for your contact number.
    8. Input the 8-character verification code and touch ‘Continue.’
    9. Now, you can recover your account and log into it.


Can You Recover Emails That Have Been Deleted?

Technically you can retrieve deleted emails. However, note that Yahoo email allows you to retrieve messages within a week of you deleting them. So, if seven days have passed and you haven’t tried to retrieve the messages, they will be permanently deleted.

 A wise measure is to take a backup of disappeared messages from your inbox. If you are using Yahoo email on a third-party client such as Outlook, you must add your Yahoo account to it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take the backup.


Wrapping Up

The best places to look when you find your Yahoo emails disappeared from your inbox are spam and trash. You can also send a message to restore emails to the Yahoo Help Center. If you need more assistance regarding any aspect of Yahoo Mail, connect with a Yahoo support professional.

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John is a Technical Writer at Email Support, has 10 years of experience, and is an expert in Email and Cloud Computing. His specialty is writing about the Email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo, Verizon, SBCGlobal, Gmail, Apple Mail, AOL, WildBlue, and others.

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