Fix Outlook Server Connection Error – 4 Methods

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Outlook Server Connection Error

MS Outlook is a free personal email application available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It has distinct features including a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taking, journal, and web browsing. It is the best emailing service for making communication from anywhere out of the globe via sending/receiving mail process.

But if the server is down or experiencing an Outlook Server Connection Error, you won’t be applicable to perform any task like sending or receiving emails on an Outlook account. Do you know this server connectivity problem can be resolved within a pinch? Yes, my friend! It will be easily eradicated but only when you read the blog post here.

This blog is accumulated with several methods that you can freely implement to deal with such a server connection problematic error issue. Therefore, despite wandering here and there keep your eyes feast over here for door-step guidance.

Method To Fix Outlook Server Connection Error

There are some fruitful methods you should give try each one accordingly to annihilate Outlook Server Connection Errors. After applying these methods, you can surely reconnect Outlook to the server and can frequently access your Outlook account to send/receive emails or messages. Let’s begin the process!

Method 1: Disable Offline Mode

Couple of times, many users love to work on MS Outlook in offline mode. Therefore, if you are using Outlook in Offline Mode, then it is highly recommended to first disable it and then try to connect Outlook to the server. Here are the ways to do so:

  1. First of all, you have to launch “MS Outlook” on your Windows
  2. Then, navigate to the “Send/Receive” section
  3. Afterward, on the top right corner tap on the “Work Offline” button to disable it

Once you perform these steps, you can start using MS Outlook in Online mode. I think you can now connect it to the server. If this trick fails, then try another method.

Method 2: Create Data File

There are basically two different files of MS Outlook, i.e., OST and PST files. Therefore, any glitches that arise in these files might lead to a connectivity problem. Try to re-connect by creating the data file with the help of the below-noted instructions:

  1. First, you have to close MS Outlook Application
  2. Now, Go to the “Start” menu and click on the “Control Panel” option
  3. After that, tap on the “Mail” icon
  4. In the next window, you have to click on the “Data Files” button
  5. And then search for the file with the same email address
  6. And give click on the “Open File” option
  7. If your data file is an OST file, then rename the extension to “.OLD” and if it is PST, then leave it as it is
  8. In the end, close all the windows and reopen MS Outlook

MS Outlook will start recreating the files and the time depends on the number of files on which the work is done. Once the process gets done a confirmation message “All Folders Are Up to Date” will be displayed on the screen and hence you can see the “Connected To Microsoft Exchange” message. Finally, your Outlook Server Connection Error has been resolved.

Note: Don’t close MS Outlook in the middle of the process otherwise you might lose your data.

But what if you don’t have an OST file? In that case, you just have to use the Inbox Repair Tool. Here are the steps for this:

  1. First, open C Drive and then click on Program Files (X86)
  2. In the search box type “scanpst.exe” and press “Enter”
  3. Once you find the tool tap on it and Run it
  4. Browse the OST or PST file from the saved location
  5. Click on the “Start” button to start the process

Once you complete these steps, the file with the errors will popped-up on the display screen where you just have to repair those files and then try to connect to the server. If yet the same error persists, proceed further guide.

Method 3: Check Exchange Server Connection

What you require to do in this procedure is to turn on logging on in MS Outlook. The steps are mentioned below, so follow them stepwise:

  1. Open MS Outlook on your PC
  2. Go to the “File” tab and click on “Options”
  3. Choose the “Advanced” tab
  4. Check the “Enable Troubleshooting Logging” option
  5. Click on the “OK” Button to Confirm
  6. Restart MS Outlook Application

I hope MS Outlook will now be connected to the server. But, if yet fails, then try the last method.

Method 4: Repair MS Office Install

Go through the underneath points to do it:

  1. First, click on the “Start” menu and then open “Control Panel”
  2. Go to the “Programs and Features” section
  3. Find the “Microsoft Installation” program
  4. Once you search it, give right-click on it and then select “Change”
  5. In the next Window, Choose “Repair” and click “Continue”
  6. Once the procedures are complete, restart your computer

Finally, you might be able to connect MS Outlook to Exchange Server and fix Outlook Server Connection Error.

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