How To Switch From Outlook Working Offline To Online?

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Outlook Working Offline

Microsoft Outlook is a feature-rich desktop application used for sending and receiving emails. The software is used by millions of people globally to have a desirable emailing experience. Microsoft Outlook delivers great performance, however, sometimes, the functionality can be hindered due to issues like outlook working offline error. If you are also facing trouble because outlook is stuck in offline mode, this post can help you to resolve the issue.

Here,  we are sharing some easy steps that can help you to fix the “outlook working offline” error on your device. So, keep reading and find the simple method to disable the offline mode in MS Outlook.

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Why is Outlook Working Offline?

There can be a number of reasons why your Microsoft Outlook may start working in offline mode. The most common reasons are:

  1. You may have accidentally enabled the offline mode for Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Microsoft Outlook is not properly configured or not connected to a reliable internet connection.
  3. Incorrect login details.
  4. Corrupted Outlook profile.
  5. Third-party add-ins causing trouble.

These are the most common reasons why you may encounter Outlook working offline issues on your device. Now that you know the reasons, let’s proceed next and follow the simple troubleshooting steps to bring Microsoft Outlook back to online mode.


Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook Working Offline Issue


1. Disable the Offline Mode

Microsoft Outlook comes with a feature that allows users to work offline and online. Thus, you need to disable the working offline mode to bring it online. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click the “Send/Receive”  menu.
  • Check the “Work offline” option. You can find this option under the “preference” group. Make sure that you do not click on this option accidentally.
  • The offline button will be displayed in grey color, and show normal for the online mode.
  • Many users make the mistake of clicking the “Work offline” button that disconnects Microsoft Outlook from the exchange server.


2. Open Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode

If you have not enabled the offline mode for Microsoft Outlook, then you must try to open Outlook in Safe Mode. This can help you in disabling the conflicted settings and add-ins. Here are the step-by-step guidelines you can follow:

  1. Click the “Windows + R” key.  The Run box will open.
  2. Here, type “Outlook/Safe”  and hit the enter button.
  3. Your Microsoft Outlook will now open in safe mode.
  4. When you are prompted to provide the password, select the profile.
  5. Check whether you are able to get connected to the exchange server in safe mode or not.

You can also manually disable the add-ins for Outlook working offline fix. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the “File” section in MS Outlook.
  • Click “options“. Go to “add-ins” and choose “COM add-ins“.
  • Hit the “Go” button.
  • When you see the popup, you need to disable the add-ins.


3. Check for the Problematic Add-ins

  • Go to the “file” section.
  • Click “info“.
  • Hit the “manage com add-ins” button.
  • After this, you would be able to see the list of the add-ins that might be causing you trouble in working in online mode.
  • Here, click to disable the add-ins.
  • Restart your device and check whether you are connected to the exchange server or not.


4. Check the Internet Connection

If your Outlook working offline problem is not resolved yet, you need to check the internet connection. Check if there is a notification saying “disconnected” appearing in the status bar. Try to open any webpage on the browser to make sure that your internet is working fine.

If something is wrong with the internet, you need to restart the router or reset it to fix the issue. Once the problem is resolved you can continue to use Microsoft Outlook services without any trouble.


5. Repair Office Installation

Although we do not recommend this if nothing helps you out to fix Outlook working offline error repair office installation. You need to make sure that the original installation file has the product key. Here are the step-by-step instructions you can follow.

  • Press Windows + I key together from the keyboard.
  • This will open the settings application.
  • Go to the “Apps” section, and hit “Apps and features“.
  • Here, type “Office” in the search bar and filter the office installation package.
  • Hit the “App” and Tap on the “modify” button.

Proceed with on-screen guidelines to repair the installation.


6. Create a New Profile

A faulty Microsoft Outlook profile can also result in this problem. So, to fix it, you can create a fresh profile. 

  • In your Outlook application choose ‘File’ followed by ‘Account Settings’ and then ‘Manage Profiles.’
  • Select ‘Show Profiles’ followed by ‘Add.’
  • Now enter a name for your profile in the ‘Profile Name box.
  • Lastly, select ‘OK.’

If you get repeatedly disconnected, you need to update your system. It may also be that there’s an issue with your account settings. So, it’s best to check them first. There can be a problem with the email server if you find an Outlook working offline error even after implementing the measures mentioned above.


Wrapping Up

Now, you know how to switch easily from offline to online in Microsoft Outlook. Disabling the offline mode using Outlook in Safe mode and inspecting for problematic add-ins are some easy ways to troubleshoot the Outlook working offline problem. You can implement them all and find the reason for the offline problem.

However, if the problem continues and none of the resolutions proves helpful, connect with Outlook support services. The experts are glad to help you out with any glitches you may face working with your email service.

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