How to Download Emails from Outlook to Computer Quickly?

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How To Download Emails From Outlook


The Outlook email client from Microsoft has a great intuitive interface and efficient security features. You can add email accounts from several email servers in it. It’s also easy to learn how to download emails from Outlook and keep them safe or transfer them to a different computer. You can download emails from MS Outlook to a computer and save or export them as Word files or PDFs. Not only that, but users can also export the emails to Gmail or export all emails from the Outlook web app. In this article, you’ll find stepwise instructions for downloading emails and saving them. 

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How to Download Outlook Emails and Folders?

You can download emails from Outlook to your computer and also Outlook folders to your computer. The steps for carrying out this process are enumerated below.


Download Emails from Outlook to the Computer

To download Outlook inbox messages to the computer, start by opening the email client. Then stick to these points.

  • Pick ‘Email Messages.’ If you need to choose more than a single message, press and hold the ‘Ctrl‘ key and choose ‘Emails.’
  • Tap ‘File‘ in the top-left part.
  • Now click ‘Save As.’
  • You can save the message or messages to either the ‘Downloads‘ folder or the desktop.
  • Give a name to the file and hit ‘Save.’ Your message will be downloaded to your computer.


Save Outlook Mailbox Folders to Your Computer

The process of saving Outlook folders to your PC varies a bit from downloading emails from the email client to your computer. First, launch Outlook and then follow these points.

  • Hit the ‘File‘ tab.
  • Next, tap ‘Open & Export.’
  • Choose ‘Import/Export.’
  • Select the option, ‘Export to a file.’
  • Click ‘Next.’
  • Under ‘Select file type to import from‘ choose ‘Comma Separated Values.’
  • Hit ‘Next‘ and choose a definite mailbox folder.
  • Now tap ‘Next.’
  • Give a name to the file. Then save it to your desired destination. Then click ‘Next.’
  • Now click ‘Finish.’

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How to Download Emails from Outlook and Save It in Different Formats?

You can download emails from Outlook and save them in a Word file format or a PDF. Here’s how you can save emails in the format of your choice. 


Save Outlook Message as a Microsoft Word File

The first step to saving the email as a Word file is to change the Outlook item to an HTML file. Then, you can open this file with Microsoft Word and save it as a Word file. 

  • Launch Outlook and choose email messages. 
  • Tap the ‘File‘ tab and choose ‘Save As.’
  • From the ‘Save As‘ list, choose ‘HTML‘ and tap ‘Save.’
  • Right-tap the HTML file, and tap ‘Open with.’
  • Now, choose ‘Word 2016/2019.’
  • Tap the ‘File‘ tab and choose ‘Save As‘, followed by choosing your Word document. 
  • Lastly, click ‘Save.’


Download Outlook Message as a PDF File

To save emails as PDF, you need to follow the same steps of saving the email in a PDF file and saving the file as PDF. 

  • Launch Outlook and pick email messages. 
  • Hit the ‘File‘ tab followed by the ‘Save As‘ option. 
  • From the ‘Save As‘ list, opt for ‘HTML‘ and click ‘Save.’
  • Right-tap the HTML file, and choose ‘Open with‘ followed by ‘Word 2016/2019.’
  • Tap the ‘File‘ tab. 
  • Tap ‘Print‘ and choose ‘Microsoft Print to PDF.’
  • Give this file a name. After that, save it in a convenient location. 

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How to Export Emails from Outlook?

You can export all emails from the MS Outlook web app and Outlook to Excel. The detailed instructions to export emails are mentioned below.


How to Export Emails from MS Outlook Web App 

If you use the web version of Outlook, you must want to know how to download emails from the Outlook web app. You can export emails from the web app by following these points.

  • Firstly, sign in to your account by accessing this link.
  • Now choose ‘Files‘ and then ‘Import & Export.’
  • Now choose ‘Export to a file‘ followed by ‘Outlook data file.’
  • The messages will be shifted to a PST file.


How to Export Emails from Outlook to an Excel Workbook?

You must sign in to your Outlook account to export Outlook emails to Excel. Now follow these steps.

  • Choose ‘File.’ Then select ‘Open & Export.’
  • Tap ‘Import/Export.’ 
  • Now highlight the option ‘Export to a file from the Import and Export Wizard window.
  • Tap ‘Next.’ 
  • A dialog box of ‘Export to a file‘ will appear. 
  • Here, highlight ‘Comma Separated Values.’
  • Now click ‘Next.’
  • Highlight the Mail folder in the ‘Export to a file dialog box to export your emails.
  • Now tap ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘Browse‘ in the subsequent ‘Export to a file dialog box.
  • Now define the folder where the exported file will go to.
  • Input the file name and tap ‘OK.’
  • All your emails will get exported in the .CSV file format.


How to Save Emails from Microsoft Outlook to Hard Drive?

You can export and backup email messages from Outlook on a hard drive via the Outlook Import/Export wizard. Save the emails in an OST file to a PST file. Here are the steps to do so. 

  • Launch MS Outlook. 
  • Navigate to ‘File‘ and tap ‘Import and Export.’
  • Now, choose ‘Import/Export.’
  • In the window of ‘Import and Export Wizard,’ tap ‘Export to a file.’
  • Then, tap ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘Outlook data file (.pst)‘ and then choose ‘Next.’
  • If you wish to save the Outlook file on the external hard drive, link the hard drive to your system. 
  • Tap ‘Browse‘ to choose the location for an external drive. 
  • Give a name for the Microsoft Outlook file and tap ‘OK.’
  • Now, all your Outlook messages will get saved on the hard drive in a PST file. But remember that this process only works if you can access Outlook and its link to the Exchange server. 


Concluding Words

Knowing how to download emails from Outlook gives Outlook users much-needed peace of mind. As mentioned above, there are many methods to download and save emails from Outlook. Use them as per your needs. If you require more help exporting emails from Outlook, feel free to connect with Outlook email professionals of dedicated technical support service. 

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