Office 365 Couldn’t Verify Subscription? Fix It Here

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Office 365 Couldn't Verify Subscription

Microsoft Office 365 is undoubtedly invaluable for everyone who uses it for their work-related tasks. Applications like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and the like facilitate seamless collaboration and consistent productivity. However, it doesn’t feel very nice when one day you open any of these applications and see a notice to purchase, reactivate or renew your Office 365 subscription. On launching an application like Word, users can see a yellow bar under a ribbon with an error message that indicates Office 365 couldn’t verify subscription.

It can be an unpleasant surprise for anyone who wants to use an Office application for urgent work. But there are ways to fix this problem. This article will outline all the troubleshooting methods for you. 

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Subscription Notices That Signal Office 365 Couldn’t Verify Subscription

There’s a high probability that the warning, Couldn’t Verify Office 365 Subscription will appear across every Office program. These programs include Excel, Outlook, and Word. The Office suite will continue to function normally irrespective of the warning. But the message can be quite irritating. Moreover, the program will initially continue to operate, but the software will stop functioning after a specific time. Thus, you need to fix this issue. 


Error 1:- ‘Renew your subscription’

According to the program, you can view either of the two caution bars. You will either be prompted to ‘Renew your subscription’ or notice ‘Your subscription has expired.’ This message is the result of the expiration of the period of subscription.

It may be that either your Microsoft Office 365 subscription has expired or is about to be. Its necessary for you then to renew your membership to continue working with Office. Follow these steps.

  1. If the caution bar displays ‘Renew your membership’, tap on ‘Buy.’
  2. Now adhere to the prompts on the screen to get your subscription renewed online. 
  3. If the warning box displays’ Subscription expired,’ select to reactivate and then ‘Buy.’ 
  4. Exit all Office apps after you get the subscription renewed to eliminate the renewal notification. 


Error 2:- ‘<App> has not been activated. To use the <app> uninterruptedly, activate it before <expiry date>.’

This error notice comes in the form of a red or yellow warning bar. You will notice it at the top part of the app. You can also find a ‘Let’s get started’ screen, giving you the choices to try, buy, or activate Office 365 through the product key. 

If Office 365 was already installed on your device, you should begin a Microsoft 365 Family Trial or buy Office so that you can use it. To active Office on your device, you should visit the ‘Activate Office’ page.


Error 3:- Most functions are disabled because the Office product is inactivated. To receive the free version, sign in for using the web version.’

This notice comes across as a yellow or red warning bar. You will also notice a screen that provides you varied options to try, buy, or activate your Office via a product key. 

Suppose your device had Office pre-installed in it. In that case, it’s important for you to start a Microsoft 365 family trial or buy Office for using it daily. But if you don’t desire to buy it, you can decide to use Office on the web. Use it for free at If you want to get more assistance for activating Office on your system, check the ‘Activate Office’ page.


Error 4:- The product has been disabled or deactivated.’

In this error, you can see a yellow cation bar at the application’s top. You can also see a dialog window. The Office was deactivated from your system or signed out using the steps to deactivate a Microsoft Office 365 setup. It is typically done to facilitate sign-in to a different Office device.  

For fixing this form of Microsoft Office 365 Couldn’t Verify Subscription message, follow the given steps.

  1. Select ‘Sign in.’ Sign in through your Microsoft 365 email and password. 
  2. It will start the Office installation.
  3. If you have gone above the limit of your sign-in or there are no Office installations remaining, you can sign out.
  4. You can also disable different Office installations by adhering to the steps to deactivate a Microsoft Office 365 installation. 


Error 5:- ‘Unable to verify subscription in Office.’

In this, you can see a yellow bar at the top of the program saying ‘Can’t Verify Subscription in Office.’ It’s important to know that to keep your subscription current, you should connect to the internet frequently. If Office isn’t able to verify your subscription status for an extended time, you will definitely get a Couldn’t Verify Subscription Office 365 notice. Your Office will enter into the limited capability mode. Resolve this by connecting to the internet and select to ‘Retry.’


Error 6:- ACCOUNT NOTICE: Your MS 365 subscription has a change that’s pending’

You can view a caution bar in yellow color on the top of your program that displays the warning message mentioned above. The reason behind it is that your company may have upgraded to another Microsoft 365 for the business plan. You need to install the version of Office that comes with this plan. 

If you use Office 2016, you are required to upgrade it. But if you use MS Office 2013, you need to remove it and install Office again completely. For reinstalling, adhere to the steps in the ‘Account Notice’ displays in MS Office after turning MS Office 365 subscription.


Error 7:- ACCOUNT NOTICE: We have run into an issue with your MS 365 subscription and need your help to resolve it

This notification comes as a yellow warning bar. It is triggered by an issue with your MS 365 subscription payment. 

If the payment was declined due to a canceled credit card, then the subscription will likely expire.


Error 8:- ‘Unlicensed Product’

If you don’t give any action on this warning, MS Office will start to function in the restricted functionality mode. It will showcase alerts about unlicensed products. The program will permit you to launch and print your papers. But you should not change or generate new ones. You can work on Office online on your browser free of cost.


How to Prevent Yourself from Not Encountering Microsoft Office 365 Couldn’t Verify Subscription Errors?

You can do various things to ensure that the warning messages do not appear. Verify MS Office 365 subscription guidelines. They are as follows.

  1. Verify your Office subscription status.
  2. Determine if you are utilizing the right account.
  3. Troubleshoot MS Office activation through the Activation Troubleshooters.
  4. Make use of an appropriate key.
  5. Set up an Office in two separate nations.


Summing up

Now you know the reasons and resolutions for Office 365 couldn’t verify subscription error messages. Implement the solutions mentioned above for each error and ensure that you follow the guidelines given at the end. But if you find these messages repeatedly, it’s best to get in touch with Microsoft Office 365 customer support professionals.

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