Outlook not Showing All Emails? – Here is the Solution

Outlook not Showing All Emails? – Here is the Solution

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email service providers worldwide. Outlook is a reliable platform for sending and receiving emails using many quintessential features. Although, with time, many users encounter technical troubles while using the Outlook mail services. One of the common issues faced by the users is Outlook not showing all emails error. 

Sometimes Outlook fails to show emails that users have received on their account, the problem becomes worse when the users are unable to find the important emails for which they need to revert instantly. If your Outlook does not show all emails, this post can help you to figure out the best possible solution to the problem.

In this guide, we are going to share some effective methods that can help you to troubleshoot Outlook inbox not showing all email errors on the device. So let’s proceed with easy steps and get rid of the error.

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Possible Reasons Behind Outlook not Showing Emails Error

Before we proceed next with the troubleshooting solutions, it is important for you to know the possible reasons behind Outlook not showing emails error. 

  • Poor internet connection.
  • Unsynchronised Email settings.
  • Oversized PST files.
  • Use of filters in the outlook folder view settings.

Now that you are aware of the possible reasons, let’s proceed next and find easy solutions to fix Outlook not showing all emails in inbox error.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Outlook not Showing All Emails Issues


1. Check Your Synchronization Settings

If the user has set their Outlook emails to appear after a specific time, then it might explain why they are unable to access all the emails in their inbox. Here is how you can fix the error.

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Select your account.
  • Click on “change mailbox sync settings“.
  • Now allow Outlook to synchronize and download the email messages as soon as you receive them.
  • Restart your application, and check the inbox again.


2. Check Your Email Settings

When you apply the specific filters to the inbox, you get Outlook inbox not showing all emails error on the device. To troubleshoot the problem, you need to disable or clear those filters. There are chances that you may have set up certain rules for deleting the incoming emails automatically, so proceed with the steps below to get rid of the problem.

If you are using the Outlook personal account

  • Go to the Outlook live, and open the Outlook settings.
  • Now click on the “mail” option.
  • Click on the “rules“.
  • From here check the rules. You need to discard the rules that might be creating the potential threat to prevent new emails from landing in your inbox.

Also, if you have added the Outlook mail account to some other Mail application, you need to check the POP settings. Check and make sure that you are using the correct IMAP and POP settings for your account. You need to make sure that you have not set up any settings to delete the new emails automatically. To get details about the IMAP, POP and SMTP settings, you can visit the support page.

If you are using the professional Outlook account

  • On the “ribbon“, click on the “view” tab.
  • Go to the “view settings” section.
  • Click on the “filters“.
  • Check the filters, and disable them.

In case you are unable to access or disable the filters, you need to contact support team.

So this is how you can resolve Outlook not showing all email errors for your personal and professional account.

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3. Check Internet Connection

Sometimes, all emails not showing in Outlook error occurs due to poor or unstable internet connectivity. Your email account may not be able to properly synchronize with the Outlook server due to which you are unable to receive the emails.

To fix the problem, you need to check your connection and make sure that everything is working fine.

  • First of all, log out from the Outlook account.
  • Close the Outlook application.
  • Relaunch the application.
  • Turn off your computer and disconnect. 
  • Repeat same for your wifi.
  • Keep your system and router unplugged for about 2 minutes.
  • After that, Replug the devices into their respective power connections.
  • If there are some other devices using the connection, you need to do it.
  • If possible, try to connect to some different networks. You can use the mobile hotspot connection to see if it works out for you.


4. Clear Deleted Emails

When you delete any email from your Outlook account, it gets stored in the deleted email folder for 30 days before the permanent deletion. Sometimes your email box is full due to which you are unable to receive the new emails. So if your Outlook is not showing all emails in inbox , you need to delete the items from the deleted items folder permanently.

  • You can proceed further and remove all the items from the deleted items folder.
  • Connect to Outlook live.
  • Click on the ‘empty folder‘ button.
  • Close MS Outlook.
  • Open the inbox again.
  • See if you are able to access the emails now.

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In Case the Older Emails are Missing 

If you are unable to see the emails older than one year on your Outlook account, you need to check the “Cached exchange mode settings“. You need to move the flight is from 12 months to all, and you would able to access all the emails. To do this:

  • Open the account settings.
  • Hit the change button.
  • Shift “cached exchange mode” slider.
  • Restart MS Outlook.

Note: The method is only applicable for the Outlook exchange accounts.



With these easy instructions, you can resolve Outlook not showing all email errors on your device. We hope that, after following these steps, you would be able to access all the Outlook emails on your account without trouble. 

But, if you are still unable to access the outlook emails, and need help, do not hesitate to contact the Outlook support team and get a piece of expert advice. The professionals can always help you to figure out the best possible solution to the problem, and make sure that nothing compromises your experience with Outlook.



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