Fix: Error 0x8004010F – Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed

Fix: Error 0x8004010F – Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed

Struggling with Outlook error 0x8004010F: ‘Outlook data file cannot be accessed’?

The error 0x8004010F comes up on the screen whenever the user tries to send or receive any Outlook email from a corrupt Outlook profile. Also, when the Outlook data files (OST or PST) are inaccessible. That’s why this error is also referred to as ‘Outlook send/receive the error’.

Outlook errors obstruct the normal flow of emails coming in and going out which frustrate the users. Besides, the Outlook data file cannot be found errors can pop up anytime while using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Luckily, fixing the error isn’t as difficult as it seems.

This blog will shed light on this Outlook data file error 0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed. Furthermore, we will be discussing possible solutions to fix the problem easily in detail.


Introduction to 0x8004010F: Outlook Data File cannot be Accessed

There are two ways to configure an MS Outlook account-

  1. Firstly, using an Exchange or IMAP-based email account that creates an OST (Offline Storage File) File.
  2. Secondly, using a POP account which creates a PST (Personal Storage Table) file.

These files enable an Outlook mail to function properly even if they are not in continuous or proper communication with the mailing server by creating a replica of the user’s mailbox locally.

When these files corrupt, Outlook starts to function improperly and creates issues in sending or receiving emails. Therefore, the need to fix the error the earliest arises.

Note: If your Outlook account is configured with a POP account, use advanced PST repair software to repair the corrupt PST file and recover all its data.


Reasons, Why Outlook Data File cannot be Accessed

This error comes under the category of Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) error. MAPI errors restrict sending/receiving operation of the email causing failed communication between the sender and the receiver. Some of the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this error are-

  • Corrupt OST or PST File
  • Improperly configured Outlook profile
  • Poor network connection
  • Change in location of the data files
  • Corrupt Outlook program files
  • Insufficient read/write permissions
  • The Outlook account is not set with the right Outlook account OST File
  • Improper Firewall settings


Fixes for Outlook Data File cannot be Accessed Error

There are multiple ways to fix the error in no time, depending on the cause of the Outlook data file cannot be opened error. Check out the solutions given below one by one. You can also connect with our 24*7 available Outlook support team to get the issue fixed in no time.


1. Get Started With a New Outlook Profile

  1. Press Windows + X keys simultaneously and click on ‘Settings
  2. Go to Accounts > Email & accounts
  3. Click on the + button
  4. On the next screen, click on ‘Email account’ and enter the required details
  5. Click Next > Finish and this will configure your account using IMAP config by default

To configure your account manually, find the Outlook data file first. Follow the steps given below-

  • In your ‘Control Panel’, click on User account > Mail
  • Next, click on Show profiles 
  • Select your Outlook profile and go to ‘Properties
  • Next, click on the ‘Data Files’ button

Now, you will see the account settings on your screen. Go to data files and note down its location for future reference.

Steps to Configure Outlook Account Manually

  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ 
  • Click on User accounts > Mail
  • Next, click on the + button and add your profile name and click OK
  • Select ‘Manually configure server settings’ and click ‘Next
  • Under Choose service dialog box, click on Internet E-mail > Next
  • In the next window, enter your email account details
  • Under the ‘Deliver new messages to’ section, locate the existing Data files using the ‘Browse’ button
  • Click ‘Next’ to create your account successfully.

Note: It is suggested that you create a backup of your data file and delete the old Outlook profile before creating a new one. Later on, the new account can be linked with the data file.


2. Check the Location of the Data File

It is witnessed that users change the default location of the data file which causes the Outlook data file cannot be found error. To get the issue fixed, you can try to bring the data file back to its original position. Now, restart your PC. 

Hope this simple solution helps you fix the issue easily.


3. Repair Outlook

Another simple solution to fix the issue is to use the Repair option. 

  • Go to Control Panel > Mail
  • Select the ‘Repair’ option.

This will repair your Outlook account and hopefully, your error will get resolved.


4. Verify Delivery Location

At times, the delivery location isn’t set by default or is set to an incorrect location. You can change it manually by following the steps given below.

  • Go to Account Settings > Email accounts 
  • Click on the Change location 

Enter the correct delivery location to fix the error.


5. Set the Inbox Folder 

Outlook data files can not be accessed when the inbox folder is not specified. Change the account settings as given below.

  • Click on File
  • Go to Account Settings > Account Settings > Change folder
  • Click on + next to inbox and click OK
  • Close Account Settings
  • Click on Send and Receive 

Hope this helps you fix the issue. If the issue persists, move to the next possible solution.


6. Create a New PST File

A corrupt PST file is a common cause of this problem. You can delete the old PST file and create a new file to fix the issue on your own. Follow the steps given below to create a new file.

  • Click on the ‘File’ menu
  • Go to ‘Account Settings’ to choose the desired account
  • Next, click on ‘Change Folder’ and select ‘Create new Outlook data file’.
  • Now, click on + and select ‘Inbox

Now you will see a new path added below the Change folder. Hope this helps you to fix the issue.

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7. Enter the Accurate Location of the Data File Manually

If you have created a new PST file and are unable to check its location use a repair tool to quickly fix the error. On the other hand, you can try entering the location manually if the ‘Browse’ button isn’t working properly.


8. Try Repairing Outlook Data Files

As we already know that corrupt data files are the main reason behind Outlook data files cannot be opened. Therefore, you must try to repair these files at once. 

If you are using Microsoft Exchange Server, then to repair the file simply remove it and a new PST file will get automatically created.

Else, follow the steps given below to start repairing the data files.

  • First, go to the Outlook installation directory 
  • Run scanpst.exe file.
  • Next, enter the file name that you want to scan or browse the file
  • Click on ‘Start’ to begin scanning
  • Click on ‘Repair’ if any issue is identified

This will repair the corrupt data file. Restart your system and check if the error is resolved or not.


9. Check Ownership of Data File

Without having ownership of the Outlook data file one can not access the file which leads to the error Outlook data file cannot be opened. Check the ownership and follow the steps given below to own the data file.

  • Select the data file and right-click on it.
  • Go to ‘Properties’ 
  • Go to Security Tab > Advanced
  • Next, go to the Owner section and check if an unknown user is set
    1. Click on ‘Change’ and enter your name in the section ‘Enter the object name’ and click on ‘Check names
    2. Press OK to save your correct user name
    • Click Apply and OK to save the changes you made to the ownership and make sure you get all the rights.

    Hopefully, changing the ownership will give you rights to access and open the Outlook data file.


    10. Disable Cached Exchange Mode

    When you use an Exchange account, the Cached exchange mode can offer a better user experience to users. However, at times it is also found that it obstructs the normal functioning of Outlook causing Outlook data file cannot be found the problem.

    To fix the issue, follow the steps given below and try disabling the Cached exchange mode. 

    • Go to Control Panel > Mail > Email Accounts > Email tab
    • Select your email account and uncheck the Use Cached Exchange Mode option
    • Finally, click Next > Finish > Restart Outlook 

    Hope by this time you have successfully resolved the issue and continued using Outlook without errors.

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    Wrapping Up

    Troubleshooting the error Outlook data file cannot be accessed isn’t difficult even if you don’t have a strong technical background. After understanding the causes behind the problem and using the solution stated above one can easily get the issue fixed. Still, if you are stuck with the issue, try using a smart repair tool to fix the corrupt Outlook data file.



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