Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Do you want to remove duplicate emails in outlook? Here are the methods for you.

Outlook is a widely used and popular email application among other email services. It is a prominent application that requires various resources for smooth performance and functioning. 

However, duplication of emails in the outlook mailbox is common in all versions. Sometimes it hops on all productivity which is frustrating. 

Therefore we bring you the most useful solutions that will help you to get rid of the issue.

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How do Duplicate Emails in Outlook Affect the Overall Performance?

At first, you may not find it a serious issue. But as soon as you experience its consequences, ensure to resolve the issue in outlook and remove duplicate emails.

It can affect both your and the system’s productivity, performance and may lead to confusion among your clients. You may be responding to the same email and replying repeatedly to a client. 

Likewise, there are other factors that will be affected as well:

  • Duplicate emails are as confusing as having the same shirts in your wardrobe. All you will have is confusion about choosing which email to forward or which to reply to.
  • It will also maximize the outlook data files for no good reason and will slow down the outlook’s performance. Eventually, your productivity and focus on work would be degraded.
  • Further, if you sync outlook emails with the Exchange server or Office 365, again, it will maximize the size.
  • While creating an outlook backup, you will require more space. Hence, you will end up paying more for cloud storage if you create a backup online.


What Causes Outlook Emails Duplication?

To treat a disease, get through the causes. In Outlook emails, duplication can occur for several reasons. Here are listed the major and most common reasons.

  • Multiple accounts: If you are synchronizing or using the same account on multiple devices then, it may end up creating a clone of the emails for each device. 
  • Incorrectly configured rules: If by chance you have configured incorrect rules, it will create confusion for receiving emails. It will result in duplication of email.
  • Short frequency in send and receive mail: In case you have set a short frequency, suppose 5 minutes or less for each email to send/receive, the problem of duplicate mails will occur. 
  • Fault in mailbox setting: If you have faulty settings in outlook, it will cause a duplication problem. Thus, each mail or message will be received multiple times.
  • Accessing third-party antivirus scanner: Since antivirus and outlook run on the same system, chances are there that they miscommunicate and create duplicate emails in the outlook mailbox. 
  • Technical issue: If you set a “move a copy to” command for each mail sent and received or any of these, as a result, duplicate email may hamper your outlook mailbox.


Let’s Check The Duplicity Of Emails First

For a small number of emails, you can filter out the mails which have clones in the mailbox. To do so, filter the emails manually through searching fields like Text, Sender, Receiver, and Attachment. 

However, if there are many, it will be a tough job for you. Not only will it consume your precious time but you may get stuck and end up removing some important emails. 


How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook?

You are ready to get rid of the issue by removing duplicate emails in outlook. Well, first find the cause of the error.

Nonetheless, if you can’t, that also is not an issue. You still have the guide with which you can solve the problem of email duplicity in outlook.


Method 1: Set Rules Correct

First, check the setting and see if you have configured the rules correctly. In case there is a misconfiguration, set it correct. 

In addition, make sure only a single instance of outlook email is running. Close if any surplus instance of outlook is running through Task Manager.


Method 2: Checkmark “Do Not Import Duplicate Items” in the Outlook Setting

Whenever you import Outlook PST file items like contacts or mailbox folders, checkmark “Do not import duplicate items” to escape duplication of mails in the mailbox.


Method 3: Set Inbox Update Frequency

Improve the inbox update frequency using the steps below:

  • Launch Outlook, and click Send or Receive.
  • Now, select Define Send or Receive Groups.
  • Improve  ‘Schedule an automatic send/receive every’ between 15 to 30 minutes.


Method 4: Run Inbox Clean Up

  • Launch MS Outlook and select the Inbox folder that has duplicate emails.
  • Under the Home menu > select Cleanup and configure the below options:
    • Clean up Conversation: To delete and move the duplicate emails in the conversation.
    • Clean Up Folder: To remove the duplicate emails from any specific folder.
    • And, clean Up Folders and Subfolders: It will clean up the duplicate folders and subfolders.
  • Right-click the Deleted Items folder and click Empty Folder to permanently delete the emails.


Method 5: Disable Antivirus Scanner:

As mentioned above, the antivirus can be the culprit behind causing duplicate emails. Hence, you should disable it and see if the issue is resolved.

To disable search for the antivirus in the search bar and launch it. Go through the anti-virus instruction manual and disable the email protection. 

Note: That method should be the last resort to deal with the issue. Because disabling antivirus may lead to virus attacks on your system.

Wrapping up: We hope you are able to resolve the issue. The methods mentioned above are simple and easy to perform. Nonetheless, if you cannot remove duplicate emails in outlook, we will help you. Our technical team has Outlook support experts who have years of experience in resolving simple and complex issues. You can connect us via toll-free number, email, or live chat and take advantage of our service 24*7 across the globe.


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